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Azix's Opportunity: Truth and Reality

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Azix Niraj

Azix Niraj
'So this is a Djinn...' Azix thought to himself as he handed over the gems. He watched Cimeies with interest as the man ambled over to his chair and proceeded to draw the sprites from each gem in turn. The sprites each spoke at length with Cimeies before moving to the side to allow the next to talk with the Djinn. Once they were finished the Djinn turned spoke to both magicians about what they had said before addressing Azix.

Azix reflected on Cimeies words, interested to learn that it was possible to obtain multiple Djinn. He noted the Djinn's request not to be abandoned and nodded. "You have my word that your power will not be abandoned if I obtain another, though I have no plans to. Thank you."

Azix pondered over the selection of a metal vessel to hold the power. 'Something important to me. Hmm...' His hand came across one of the three necklaces he wore, one gifted to him by Ariella during a job. Azix smiled fondly as he reflected on the memory. Once Cimeies was done with Garret, Azix would remove the necklace from around his neck and hold it towards the Djinn. "Would this be acceptable?"

Azix's Opportunity: Truth and Reality - Page 3 JNR3kYu

When he was asked if they had any questions, Azix rubbed his chin in thought. "I can only think of a few. First, what is the purpose of the dungeons?  How are the dungeons formed? What do the little dudes signify? The last would be, what happened to the city in the previous room?"


Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
When Garret spoke up, Cimeies chuckled softly, slightly ruffling Antha’s hair as he looked at the magician.

“I am afraid her words had more to do with things not related to the trials and more along the lines of your… appeal. Though she found the actions of both of you incredible, your friend has a heart promised to another. Your innocence called to her. She is the most playful of my companions and I shall miss her dearly. She will serve you well, though, along with the others.”

Cimeies hummed at the magician’s choice, giving a nod of approval.

“You choose to be the shield against his opposition, to protect him when he is defenseless. An honorable choice from an honorable man. From your actions in this dungeon, I know you will use the power I grant you well in service to my Candidate. Ensure that others he chooses to keep by his side are just as dedicated as you, loyal companion.”

He would give a small bow to the water magician before turning to Azix once more, awaiting his decision.

When Azix held up the pendant, he gave a small smile and nodded. The pendant seemed to hold significance to the man and he was pleased with the decision. When Azix asked his question, he chuckled at the rapid fire questions.

“Loaded questions, with long answers, but I will tell you what I can in the time we have left. These dungeons are our homes, in the other realm. A world we create for ourselves, to test the mettle of those that would be king. We form them with magic, of course. An incomplete answer, I know, but I must keep this relatively short. The ‘little dudes’ as you call them... they are simply a means of company, a chance to create in my boredom. Each of the ones here I came to take special note of and they have been my companions, representing a part of me… playful but dedicated, loyal with an appreciation for carnal pleasures, and my loneliness but resolve to do what is necessary. The city? It is a reflection of what was once my home, Alma Torran. Now, I would love to answer more, but the magic holding this dungeon together is beginning to unravel, so I am afraid I must cut this short.”

He would turn to Garret once again, this time a sad smile playing on his face.

“To you, protector of my King Candidate, I grant you a portion of the power of my sprites and this dungeon, embedded into the shield you have chosen. Use it wisely and remember their sacrifice.”

He would then give each of the sprites a gentle kiss before waving a hand over then, murmuring words of a spell that had all three slowly dissolve into pure rukh that spun together, slowly forming a new gem in his hand, the emerald, onyx and glittering diamond swirled together perfectly before he laid it atop the shield, fusing the two together permanently. He would then hold the shield out to Garret with a small bow.

Azix's Opportunity: Truth and Reality - Page 3 XJ3wY6f

Name: Spritely Plague Shield
Tier: B
Type: Shield
Magic Type: Plague [Life+Poison]
Appearance: A sickly green shield 52cm across embedded with a tri-colored gem.

  • By paying 15 magoi, the user may summon 4 Plague Sprites approximately 10 centimeters tall, each equipped with a small thorn fashioned into a D-tier dagger that move at 20m/s to inflict anyone attacked with a plague that deals D-tier damage and halves movement and ability speeds by half for two posts to enemies within 20 meters of the user. This has a 5 post cool-down.
  • By paying 10 magoi, the user may summon Antha, Vix and/or Shel, each 1.6 meters tall and capable of moving at 15m/s, to cleanse up to 3 people of C-tier and lower plague or poison effects within 15 meters of the user. This has a cool down of 3 posts.
  • User may register two Plague magic abilities of B-tier or lower to the orb.

*This does not take up any of your item/weapon slots

He would then return to Azix, his face tinged with sadness, but a glimmer of hope and excitement in his eyes. Around him, shaking and crashing could be heard and felt as the dungeon began the process of falling.

“Use my power wisely, my King, and I shall not let you falter in your goals.”

With a final bow to the man, a brilliant light would fill the room before the light sped over to strike the pendant Azix held, a small magical circle appearing on the pendant and glowing briefly. The sounds of destruction became louder around them. The men would have a few minutes to gather any treasure they could grab before being teleported out of the dungeon in a brilliant flash of light, Garret landing at the cave entrance to the mountain while Azix would find himself in the middle of the Imuchakk village, surrounded by curious Imuchakk children staring down at him.

Azix's Opportunity: Truth and Reality - Page 3 1z42jO3

((You may now post an exit post to the dungeon))

Azix Niraj

Azix Niraj
The Djinn's response, while short, did give him some things to think about, as well as more questions. Azix looked at the shield Garret had been given and was fascinated by its intricate patterns. With Cimeies final words, the dungeon began to rock violently, parts of the room crumbled. A bright flash of light streaked over to the pendant and Azix noted the bright magical circle. He slipped the necklace over his head and hid it underneath his shirt.

Suddenly another bright flash of light washed over him and when he came to, Azix found himself in a village. The orange magician blinked in surprise to see children gazing at him. He waved at them and noticed a large bag sat nearby, bits of golden treasure spilling out of it. Azix pulled some jewelry out from the bag and handed it to the children. He laughed as they became awestruck by the glittering jewels.

The orange magician remembered Garret and looked around. Not seeing the blue magician, Azix grew worried and he looked to the children. "Can some of you watch this for me while one of you sends a message to Chief Asisiak? Tell her Azix sent you. I want to share this with her."

Without waiting for a reply, Azix pulled out his magic carpet, heading back to the dungeon's entrance in search of Garret.




Garret felt a small amount of heat go to his face as the Djinn confirmed what the man suspected; the Sprite's personal preferences had played a role in the actions of the first floor they were in. The Djinn said something curious, just a moment later as Garret choose the shield; that the sprites would serve him well. Before Garret had an opportunity to ask further, the Djinn began speaking to Azix.

Garret listened carefully to the words spoken between Azix and Cimeies. They were certainly words of importance, yet Garret didn't think too deeply on them. They did not seem to be something he would want to pursue

The question he was going to ask from before was answered by the actions of the Djinn and the sprites; they performed one final ritual, gathering together into rukh and attaching themselves to the shield. Garret looked in wonder as he lifted the shield; he would have to discover its abilities at a later time, however, as the Djinn had mentioned that they hadn't much more time. If this dungeon were anything like the last, he would be able to bring some of the gold with them. He gathered up a sizable amount, and the group was soon transported out of the dungeon.

Garret found himself alone, at the top of the mountain. Looking at the trip down, and then at the heavy sack of gold, Garret sighed. It was going to be a long trip down...



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