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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Felix TCV-086-C05_4
Name: Quintus Spurius (Goes by Felix)
Country Affiliation: Wanderer.
Ethnicity: Reim and Kou
Race: Human
Tier: D
Specialization: Dominance
Age + Birthdate: 19, May 15th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Felix was such a nice child.  Always running around getting into things he shouldn't.  Your standard kid, he always enjoyed spending time with his adoptive father, and the animals he trained.  His boundless energy was mirrored by the little ball of fluff that was always running at his heels.  However, after the day when his siblings found him, he has changed.  Now he remains stoic, trying to draw as little attention as possible, lest his "family" find him.

He is extremely distrustful of strangers, but for some reason he is still naive enough to believe that he should help those in need.  This has gotten him into trouble more times he can count, but he still helps others when he can.  When he is drawn out of his shell, he becomes vibrant, and quite charismatic, an image of the man he might have been if he had stayed with his family.  Unfortunately, these times are few and far between.  The only person that he felt safe enough around to relax, has left, and he has not met someone that he is willing to let his guard down around yet.

Originally Felix had no desire to take his father's place, or to take part in the sibling rivalry.  However after the constant attempts at fratricide aimed at him, he has changed his mind.  Now he has made it his quest to become an only child.  An undertaking that becomes more and more pleasant with each passing assassination attempt.

• Animals: Of all kinds, but mostly they furry ones.
• Food: As someone who has spent a large portion of his life traveling, he is always looking for his next meal.
• Cold: While cold can be painful, especially when you are without shelter, he always prefers it to the stifling heat.  After all, you can always bundle up more, but you can only take so much off.

• Heat: Hot weather is awful, you end up sweaty and sticky.  He can manage it, but he doesn't like it.
• His siblings: One tends not to like people who make it their life's journey to end yours.
• Fruit tarts: It's a long story, but he will never look at a fruit tart in the same way again.

Aspirations: He wishes to end the conflict within his family once and for all.  One way, or another, this will stop, and his father will pay for the carnage he's brought about for his own sick amusement.  He does not want to kill the other "contestants", but he does not expect them to feel the same.  As a side note, he also wants to find his sister again, and make sure that she is safe.  On this journey he expects to raise his companion to be stronger than ever, as well as find more members to join his new family.

Phobias/fears: He is in near constant fear of the people who are after him.  It always lies in the back of his mind, a constant reminder that at any moment, he could die.  He also is afraid of fire.  Not so much that he can't cook his food, but enough that he has a healthy respect for it, and avoids large conflagrations.  Mostly however, he is afraid of being alone.  Who can you turn to when your own family is out to get you?

Face-Claim: Izaya Orihara (Durarara)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark brown, with hints of gold

Height: 179

Weight: 58 kg

Appearance: Compared to some of the people he's seen on his travels, Felix is rather short.  It seems as if most people top two meters nowadays.  As it stands he's of average height.  Slender, but not skinny.  You could say he's of a wire build; all lean curves of hard muscle.  At the moment he is in a hot desert, so he mostly wears loose white clothing with a head covering and a cloak.  Wherever he goes, he tends to dress as nondescript as possible.  In general, when he's not in the scorching heat, this means simple dark pants and shirt with a heavier coat on top.  His dark hair is often rather spiky, not from styling it, that's just how it naturally falls.

As for body language, he isn't necessarily withdrawn, but he is defensive. He sits with his back against the wall in a corner.  His eyes always move, shifting to everything, but never fully settling.  He also has a habit of fiddling with anything he can get his hands on.  Whether that's a scrap of paper, a splinter of wood, or a knife that he had hidden away somewhere, he's almost always working something through his fingers.  Anytime he can, he'll have a hand on his companion as well.  The reassuring presence calms him, as well as allows him to subtly signal them with his touch.

Rukh Alignment: White

Special Traits: None, he tries not to bring attention to himself.

History: Felix is one of many bastard children sired by a particularly virile Noble of the Reim Empire.  Some say that said virility is due to a particularly vile fruit said to impart incredible prowess in "certain areas" of one's life.  Now after many years of hedonistic pleasure the Nobleman was faced with a dilemma. to put this tastefully, "Essence", was simply too potent, and he now had dozens of illegitimate children strewn about all parts of the globe.  Normally he would not care, other than to figure out who his daughters were in case he accidentally brought them into his quarters. However, now he was tasked with the issue of finding an heir.  After all, a legacy of the caliber that he had been crafting simply must be continued.  So he issued a challenge to his many, MANY, children.

"Fight, and drown yourselves at the blood of your kin sired from my loins! Desperately hang unto the very glimmer of great wealth and power promised beyond your imagining that I may so bestow upon whom amuses me most! That whom stands last and greatest among you bastards."

And thus the third bloodiest sibling rivalry in history was created.

Originally Felix lived a sheltered life.  Born to a commoner woman who was a home maker, and her husband who raised and trained animals for various buyers.  He never strayed too far from home in the lower quarter of the Remano.  He helped his mother and adoptive father who worked with animals, and spent time with the locals.  It was a tight knit community, everyone knew each other, one big happy family.  They followed the maxim of "it takes a village to raise a child," so Felix has numerous "cousins" and several aunts and uncles.  It was a nice life, until one of his older brother's came to visit.

It was a day when he decided to explore outside of his neighborhood.  He started his adventure at dawn, the sun on his back as he ventured forth into the city.  When he returned, instead of smiling parents and children in the streets, he only saw flames.  A man stood in the center, calling out for him.  

Role-Play Sample:

The smoke was suffocating, the cloying odor of burning wood, and flesh, sticking at the back of his throat.  In the center of it all was a man, dressed in black, loudly calling his name.

"Feeelix?  Feeeeeeeeeeeelix?  Where are you Felix?  Come out, come out, wherever you are.  Come on little brother, you're not dead yet, are you?"

A cold feeling spread through the young man's gut, as his heart lept up into his throat.  He could see the children he had played with just the other day, the bakery down the street where he was always sent to buy bread.  All of it was gone now, burned to ash.

The cold feeling grew, until finally he slowly walked into the street, ash and embers flying in his wake, as he approached the man in the street.

"Ahh, there you are little brother.  Done playing hide and seek?"


"What's that?"

"Why would you do this? WHY?"

"I had to find you little brother.  Can't have you growing up and trying to kill me for the big prize.  So, when you didn't come out to play, I had to find you."

The cold feeling peaked in his chest.  With a cry of rage he threw himself at the dark man, and was casually knocked to the side with a brutal backhand.

"Aww, that's cute, you think you're a threat.  You know, I think I might actually enjoy th-ARGH"

The man's apparent sadism was cut off by a ball of teeth, fur, and spite, sent straight at his face.  Felix quickly scooped up the angry ball of fluff, and held it to his chest as he ran through the street, the dark man now furiously chasing behind him.  Faster and faster he ran, ducking through the burning alleys that were still so familiar to him.  

As the dark man crept through the burning buildings, searching after his "little brother," Felix jumped down from a wall above him, a piece of timber from one of the roofs in hand, still smoldering from the fire.  He drove it down on the man's head, causing them both to fall to the ground.  As the man stirred, he brought the wood down, again, and again, and again, tears streaming down his face as he did.

Eventually, he stopped, the man underneath now unrecognizable from the timber that had now crushed his head.  Felix finally dropped the piece of wood and slowly backed away.  He turned around and ran, barely stopping to once again scoop up the angry ball of fur that was growling at the body.  He ran from the burning buildings, and the people that were trapped inside of them.  Ran far from the city itself, and didn't stop until he collapsed, as far away from that place as he could get.

After the event, Felix ran.  Far from the place he called home.  He spent the next several years making a living following caravans, moving from town to town.  He could never stay in one place, as his siblings would find him.  Yet despite his attempts at evasion, they still would eventually.  

The fights were bloody, and often the others would try and hold civilians hostage, or would try and capture him through subterfuge.  None have succeeded . . . yet.  He has always survived, using his wits, and the strength of his companion.  Managing to evade, or slay, the ones that were attempting to take his life.  As they continued, his began to change.  Growing colder, his heart hardening with each passing day.  Until, he found someone.  

Not a lover, but a family member.  A young girl, a sister, just as confused as he was about their situation.  They traveled for some time,  with him protecting his new little sister from their more ravenous family members.  Eventually, the danger became to great, and she left.  Late at night while they were sleeping, she slipped away, so her protector would not die for her sake.

And now, he travels on, with only his companion beside him.  His eyes towards the horizon, wondering what will happen next, for better or worse.

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

  • Primary - Dominance
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -


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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy


Coupon Booklet:
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Felix Hqdefault
Felix Whitewolf
[b]Name:[/b] Zhuli
[b]Tier:[/b] D
[b]Type:[/b] Brute
[b]Species:[/b] Canis Lupus Argentum (Argent Gray Wolf)
[b]Speed:[/b] 5 m/s
[b]Appearance:[/b] Zhuli is still an adolescent, and is thus still growing.  Currently she's approaching 2m in length, and about half that in height at the shoulder.  Her long, rather fluffy, grey fur still needs to be shed and often flies off in clouds when she shakes given the hot weather. Her coat is dappled light grey, though her face and ears are a bit darker.  And her eyes are a pale blueish grey, a trademark of Argent Wolves.
[b]Passive Traits:[/b]
[*]Argent armor: Zhuli has been trained and outfitted in traditional armor from the Argent division of the Reim Beast Corps.  (Standard Defense buff: The beast is able to take additional damage equivalent to one attack of the same tier.)
[b]Active Traits:[/b]
[*]Wild Focus: The beast blocks out distracting stimuli and focuses it's heightened senses on finding any hostiles in an area, (ergo could still find people through a smokescreen or some similar effect).
(Cost: 5 Stamina  Duration: 1-3 rounds  Cool down: 5-7 rounds respectively.)

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