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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

   'Even men with the greatest intentions
   Start believing their own lies'
   "The War Still Rages Within," Metal Gear Rising OST



   Name - Heliad
   Country Affiliation -Reim
   Race - Fanalis
   Tier - D
   Specialization - Dexterity
   Age - 20 years old
     Birthdate - September 21st
   Gender - Male

     A pure-blooded Fanalis to the core, Heliad (as he calls himself) has both the distinctive red hair and eyes of his people and is a male specimen who is reaching the end of his physical maturation. Compared to most of his kinsmen though, he is comparatively slimmer with less broadened shoulders, a more compacted frame, and not quite overt musculature and tone. That said, he is still a solidly built young adult, and possesses the tremendous strength that Fanalis are renowned for.

   Moving away from his physique, one would rarely see this red-haired youth without a smile upon his face. Not once does he regret being alive, and his face shows it, with wide and bright eyes gazing upon the world, and the omnipresent joyous expression. It's not as if such a smile is permanently fixed on his face, as he can and does alter the expression depending on his mood, but whether it be a faint smirk or a beaming smile, his natural state of expression matches that of his personality, a relaxed and cheery one.

   Coupling with this affectionate behavior, his mannerisms and physical behavior tend to be quite measured (when he's in full command of his wits) and gentle by nature. Although he does have a more playfully mischievous side, Heliad goes to great lengths to remain conscious about his physical capability, and as such can be seen handling items gingerly, and interacting with others with a sense of tenderness. He also happens to be in a constant relaxed posture, more drawn inwards to appear to have less of a presence, as well as having his hands be idly roaming. Usually behind his head, rubbing the back of his neck apologetically.

   While the image painted here is of a docile soul, do not be completely taken in. He is, after all, still a pure-blooded Fanalis. When he is sufficiently riled, which admittedly takes a bit more effort than the average Fanalis, that joyful smile of his often morphs into a savage, gleeful expression. Those eyes shining with warm thoughtfulness now have a menacing glare. His entire carefree demeanor lost as he takes the primal stance, innately known to all Fanalis, with that wicked smile or perhaps a cocky grin. For all his complaints about his heritage and for all his efforts to be an approachable person, he is disturbingly efficient at alternating between these two states of being and adjusting his posture with minimal exertion. To fight, for him, is just as instinctive as breathing is to all creatures, and is befitting of a Fanalis.

   As coming from a land with more temperate climates, Heliad's attire tends to be sorted for non-arid environments. If anything, he seems constantly prepared to head further north, seeking colder climates. Still, there is no 'set' attire for this young Fanalis, though he seems incapable of not having an asymmetrical outfit, having some portion made out of fur, and favoring a darker color palette. Traveling between nations, in the midst of all the deserts, also has him make sure to cover up exposed skin. Otherwise, he's not much one to care about dressing conservatively.

   Hair Color - A rich Fanalis red
   Eye Color - As dark as the famed red-colored hair of Fanalis
   Height - 185.4 centimeters (or about 6' 1")
   Weight - 73 kilograms (or about 161 lbs.)

     In spite of his heritage or perhaps more because of it, Heliad is an awfully collected and cheerful young man for a Fanalis. Coupled with his physical behavior above, it's readily apparent how unimposing he makes his presence and all this to help accommodate others. A first encounter with this approachable Fanalis would give the impression that he is an airy, aimless youth with a powerful wanderlust driving him to go wherever he feels like. That not only are his mannerisms carefree (yet polite), but his life's goal is equally as unconcerned. This could be any further from the truth, as his relaxed behavior disguise a fiercely intelligent young man with a kind yet uncertain heart. As such, the persona he puts forth is a calculated front to put others at ease about him, given he is a distinct member of the Fanalis race. This is not to say that it is all a deception, merely a cautious expression of his nature, but what for? Not to deceive nor manipulate others, no, he wishes for both others and himself to be at ease, no matter who they are. It is a manifestation of his own self-conscious fear of himself and his identity.

   All the way from his earliest years, he has known the pain of isolation, segregation and discrimination for existing as himself. However, with time, he has come to understand that much of this was not done out of malice, but instead fear and suspicion, and has worked to hold no resentment over the past. No, he's certainly a wise youth who has chosen to rise above past injuries, and now he does his best to maintain a pleasant identity. For now, his behavior serves both as a manifestation of the better parts of himself and his desire to be connected to others.

   What follows now is not just the face that Heliad puts forth, but truer traits of himself that slowly surface the longer he remains in the company of others. First is core of his 'face', an unerring compassion for all others. While he certainly does not care for everyone equally, and may even come to dislike others or despise their company, he is nonetheless of a kindly disposition to most individuals. Exceptions exist, but they would have to have personally earned his distaste, and that usually involves rather morally bankrupt activities and values. As such, he also possesses a strong sense of justice and morality, sharply aware and distinguishing right and wrong by a strict set of values. Chief among these values is the respect of others as individuals, which is also precisely why he forces himself to remain as aware of the perspectives, values and behaviors of others as best he can. This is also precisely why, unless angered, he is slow to form judgments in the fear that his own perception may be skewed.

   As he is a Fanalis, there is no escaping the hotblooded nature of his people. Though he has a handle on it for annoyances and irritations on a day to day basis, he can be still provoked. Normally being an unlikable confrontational person is a surefire way for him to cease being concerned about that individual's comfort and/or discomfort, and more driven to rearrange their face with his bare hands. Those who violate laws, endanger others or infringe upon their dignity, for base desires or goals (such as simple satisfaction rather than necessity) also quickly angers him. And amusingly enough, not once has he ever been ashamed of being a Fanalis (only more conscious of the differences that his lineage affords him), so insulting or slandering the name and identity of his people also drives him into a rage. Additionally, the allure of combat still affects him strongly, which is at odds with his values and desire for a peaceful coexistence, and yet another reason he strives to keep this part of his nature in check.

   After one spends enough time to dig deeper into his past, he too then begins to feel at ease in the presence of familiar company. Heliad is a jovial person, quick to celebrate even for the most mundane of things, and if one is not put off by his energy, they may find it infectious along with his humor. He's also in possession of a rather less stuck-up sense of fun and comedy, after testing boundaries with caustic wit he does not hesitate in engaging in (to his knowledge) harmless practical jokes. But even just living with boundless enthusiasm can wear him down, and he's not completely clueless about the feelings of others. When necessary, he moderates himself either for his own sake, or for those of others, still being his usual kindly self.

   Finally, he is unashamedly an intellectual. Flying against the common stereotype of Fanalis, he delights more in learning and experiencing new things, than to seek out a challenge in battle, or slake a lust for violence. Since for as far as he can remember, he has always craved knowledge, seeking the answers to the many 'whys' of his questions. History. Culture. Arts. Sciences. All subjects are equally accepted by him, even if he does not fully comprehend their meaning or even their true worth. His wanderlust from before is less a desire to travel aimlessly, and more a burning inclination to travel in search of answers. Yet, it seems it will drive him until his death, for every question he answers and reflects upon, more puzzling mysteries introduce themselves to him, and their distant answers glimmer, spurring him to move on.

   Sexuality - No preference/Pansexual

  • Books. Or really any texts, for these are often to be records of information. No matter the content, it is always a pleasure for him to read and acquire new knowledge. Damaging these or destroying them is a guaranteed method of angering him.
  • Charity. As he possesses a strong moral compass and is naturally compassionate, so he often finds his quest for answers waylaid helping others. To him it's a matter of necessity, not something trivial to be disregarded. Kindness received must be returned and shared in kind. Generosity to be repaid, perhaps with interest. Even something as simple as reassuring others that the world has not come to an end is an act he would find worthwhile.
  • Food. And he's not particularly choosy about it either, so long as it's edible. It is not an uncommon sight for him to inhale vast quantities of foodstuffs through the abyssal portal known as his gullet. Even portions that should not be edible without some effort to ease the digestion, such as bones, are rapidly consumed. No one is quite sure how it all fits in there. Needless to say, it is recommended that one offer him a meal (however small) to quickly win his friendship ... just be wary to set limits, lest he devour your savings, your mount and maybe your firstborn son (by accident). He will, however, try to make it up to you the best he can.
  • Combat. There is no escaping it. The sensation, the adrenaline rush, the thrill of battle is something that excites him. He's not sure if he should be proud that he has such a reaction, or ashamed he delights in it when it is often a source or cause of suffering. Still, no matter what he may think, he cannot deny that there is a need and it must be sated.


  • Violence. A battle is a more honorable sport to him. Though lives may be on the line, combatants are well aware of the stakes and fight for victory, not necessarily a kill. Violence to him, then, is unneeded aggression that can only beget more suffering. Those who fight for the sake of violence are inexcusable to him.
  • Cruelty. Much like violence, cruelty goes hand in hand with the former in excess. It is a needless trait to him, and only deepens the divide between individuals. Cruelty breeds both contempt and misery, which can only perpetuate suffering. Those who are excessively cruel will often find themselves facing Heliad fully enraged, and with every intention of doing grievous bodily harm to them.
  • Most canids. It's not that he dislikes them due to personal experience so much as it's an instinctual behavior. He doesn't happen to get along with all animals in this family of species. Wolves, however, he has a particular distaste for.
  • Philistines and anti-intellectuals. What more needs to be said? He has spent much of his life discovering questions and finding answers. Those who are indifferent to knowledge about the past, culture and arts, the history of all those who came before, annoy him. Those who are hostile earn his everlasting contempt.


  • To answer the most important question of them all: For what reason do I exist? Maybe he'll never find an answer as to what his destiny is. Maybe Fate will lead him straight to it. He does not know, and no one ever will. But, he's willing to do whatever it takes to finally find the meaning for his own life.
  • To solve the mysteries of the phenomena in this world. That is, the Nature of the Dungeons and Djinn. What sort of student would he be to not have learnt about the existence of dungeons? As they are a recent and bizarre occurrence, there's still so much to learn about them. So few know how they came to be, what purpose they serve, and what their presence means for the world. Perhaps they can also help him understand the world, and his place in it.


  • Himself. Or more accurately, he is afraid of the intrinsic anger and power within himself. He is not childish enough to reject it, for they are part of him and his life here. But he is afraid, for he is concerned for the sake of others, and this nature presses him to be ... wild. Unpredictable. Although he has come far in restraining himself, his self-control is not perfect, and never will be. It is precisely why he will push others away, severing bonds and connections in a rush of confusion, dread and unease.
  • Loss of agency or will. He has spent most of his life making decisions about his actions, mostly weighted and premeditated upon long before he would need to execute them. To be robbed of his ability to think and choose for himself terrifies him. Whether it be his mind being clouded, like in a fit of rage or an external force controlling him. Or his physical body reacting reflexively, much like his instinctive stances and strikes ... or something physically binding him and restraining him. Denying him the freedom to act for/by himself makes him snap and react violently, in full force.

     'Demons.' 'Monsters.' 'Inhuman.' Such terms are used to always slander the unfamiliar, and a Fanalis would not be exempt from such a treatment by others, fearing for their own safety. It all seemed so long ago, those days in which he was never referred to as a person.

   Or really, as a child.

   Then, his name was Albus. His parents were new immigrants who had fled further west in hopes of better treatment given the tales of the Fanalis Corps that served the Empire. But, while conditions were better, the mistrust was the same as always. Fear and a lack of understanding had always bred contempt and mistrust, and so Albus's youth was a rather awkward time. But, now he cannot deny that he had led a much more comfortable life than many of his Fanalis kin outside of Reim. For starters, he had not been captured by enterprising, avaricious slavers and sold to the highest bidder. And while he was sometimes singled out for being Fanalis, he was not alone: Within Remano, the capital of Reim, the Fanalis Corps, their families and others called it home, now it too was his.

   He grew up as normal as a child could in these circumstances, taught much about the history of the Fanalis and Reim Empire, and from that was instilled a deep love of study and antiquity. His parents, knowing that he would have to bear the future of living within Reim's borders (and most likely for the rest of his life), also ingrained into him his strong sense of justice and compassion for others. Well beyond his formative years, he would have a bright, noble head upon his shoulders, saddled with the instincts of his bloodline, as opposed to the other way around.

   However, his past is not filled only with idyllic times. While a great history existed for the Fanalis in Reim's memory, this did nothing to open opportunities for the future Fanalis with no intentions of hurrying into the service of the Corps. As such, of the few opportunities that were left to them, his parents opted to take the one that appealed most to their ancestry, the blood sports within the Colosseum. Albus himself did not become a regular in the gladiatorial events in the Colosseum, but he can recall having spent a few times once there. However, he was a mere appetizer to the interests of the crowd. A little preview fighting off smaller game, while the adult Fanalis champions would take center stage. The experience has been what has made him so hesitant to engage in combat directly now, for he understood the sensation in those moments of survival. He lost himself to the madness of his blood, and it frightened him ... but he could not quit the need to fight, either to keep the monstrous shadow of his mind at bay, or out of necessity. So, he would take up projectiles as a combat form, and maintain it to the present.

   After those experiences in his earlier teenaged years, his parents would pass away after grievous miscalculations against a Colosseum Beast. Though they defeated the creature, a massive snarling mutant of a wolf, the injuries they sustained proved to be fatal. It was here at the age of seventeen he would decide to depart from Reim, shaken by their deaths and also questioning the meaning of his own existence. Tomorrow in Reim would hold nothing but another day at the Colosseum, in which people, Fanalis or not, would be torn apart or tear each other apart for the amusement of onlookers. No, he didn't want this future. What he wanted, he wasn't sure ... but he knew he needed to leave Reim, if only for a little while.

   So, he would eventually find himself seeking employment in a caravan, in exchange for passage due South into Heliohapt. Here he took the name 'Heliad,' and began his journey. Over three years, he has come and gone across the lands, only not venturing far enough East to the Kou Empire. He has spent time studying the history and culture of the various people, accumulating life experiences and coming to awkward terms with both himself and his being a Fanalis. However, in the last week before his story truly begins, the caravan he traveled was brutally dismantled, initially by an overwhelming number of bandits just outside from ahead oasis settlement. What valuables and money they had were taken, but before anything else could be done ... a sudden sandstorm arose, scattering both merchants and bandits as they fled for shelter.

   Though he weathered through that, it seemed now that he was trapped in a settlement with few caravans passing through due to a host of problems in all cardinal directions. Bandits, slavers, desert monsters, unusual weather, cursed ruins, and even bickering among the wealthiest in the local merchant's guild. Such lack of opportunities, as well as the few passing by not at all interested in bringing on more hands or bodies ... as well as his lack of coin, meant he would now have to find another way out of here.

   Or perhaps, he would stick around for a little while to see what there is to learn here, before moving on.

   Rukh Alignment - White
   Face-Claim - Kagura Demuri from Aquarion Evol


Role-Play Sample

   It was not an unusual to face bandits on the journey. No, they were a merchant caravan after all, if no self-respecting bandit lurking along the trail didn't consider them a prize worth looting, they'd probably hold a record as world's most challenged outlaws.  SO, it was not unusual to be facing bandits ... it was unusual to be facing an entire legion of them however. Heliad couldn't help but blink and rub his eyes a bit, to make sure he wasn't hallucating. Nope! Scores of men surrounding them, just as the oasis was in sight and the sun beginning to set. And as if the Fate of the World realized how dreadful the situation was, it so happened the setting sun cast an ominous red light by the horizon, while the clearly armed and not-desperately-starving pack of bandits had finished encircling them, cutting off any avenue of escape.

   Heliad cursed to himself as the odds. While he was pretty confident in his skill, there just wasn't any way he could take on that horde of bandits, who easily outnumbered the caravan a good four to one. At least, there just wasn't a feasible way for him to take them on that wouldn't result in him being dogpiled, and the members of the caravan being torn to pieces. Certainly he could at least make a good distraction before making a death sprint as fast as he can to the oasis, but ... with the bandits cutting off the trail behind them, there was little chance of that working well.

   "Now, now, folks! We're not savages, so if you cooperate with us, and kindly hand over all your goods and money, you can head off with your heads still intact!" The apparent leader of the thieves spoke up. He was a bit of grizzled male, standing at a respectable height with a bulked, stocky build ... and wielding some sort of abomination of a sword as long as he was tall somehow. It seemed largely impractical, which was in sharp contrast to how reasonable he sounded with his demands. After all, when it came down to choosing between your life and your livelihood ... oh wait.

   Three things happened at this point, after the demands were made. First, the lead merchant who organized this expedition resigned himself to fate, as it was the only way to keep himself and his companions alive. Second, Heliad's neutral expression turned into an immensely displeased frown at the implied death threat from the bandit leader. Third, a massive wall of sand and dust arose as some deity of wind decided all this standing around and bantering bored it. The panic was just about palpable given how absurd this event was, but he didn't care. Right now, given the big bad had just revealed himself, he had a clean and easy shot to putting an end to this menace for future travelers.

   'Please don't notice me, please don't notice me, please don't ... went the mantra as he pressed forward, kicking up some of the loose sand below as he made a rush forward. One, the seconds tick on by. The distance between himself and the now swirling bandit leader as he tried to make sense of what was going on around him closed as he built up his running speed. Two, time from a standstill crawls ever forward. The sand in his path was cleanly pressed aside as he reached a good running speed, not even in another instant he would have closed the gap completely between the fat bastard.

   Three, in the briefest of moments, he can see the dawning realization in the eyes of the fat bastard bandit.

   At the last moment, his feet left the ground as he attempted to push upwards, which so happened to drive a knee of his forward ... and ramming straight into the chest of the would-be master bandit, who was promptly knocked backwards and no doubt winded by the red bullet of a Fanalis, who was now laughing a bit to himself. Honestly, he should have aimed for the face, given the threat had been decapitation, but this was good enough. Now, while he was stumbling a bit after landing from that impact, they needed to take shelter from this storm until it passed . . . hopefully as damn far away from the bandits' nest as possible.

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

  • Primary - Dexterity
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -


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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
D-tier Abilities

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Name - Αποστολος (Apostolos - 'Messenger')
Tier - D-Tier
Type - Recurve Bow
Material - As per a traditional composite bow, the core is wooden (this particular one comes from the Kou region, and as such is primarily bamboo) with animal proteins in the form of ground horns (keratin) and sinew layering the belly and back of the bow respectively, bound by animal glue (boiled collagen). The entire product is also wrapped in a fine layer of birch wood to ward against environmental damage and wear.
Appearance - A traditional weapon of the Kou Empire, said to have been favored by a clan of nomads who lived in the northern plains. This creation is larger than the ones found among the Kou infantry, being of about 175 centimeters or nearly 70 inches in total length. Whilst strung and held vertically, it stands at approximately 163 centimeters or 64 inches with a green bowstring of a slightly shorter length made of raw silk.
Ammunition Material - Birch wood comprises the shaft, and the arrowheads are steel.
Ammunition Appearance - Meeting the same specifications and standards by which the bow was made, these arrows (which were bought in bulk) are large 120 centimeter or approximately 47 inch long arrows, with sharpened steel broadheads with a width/thickness at the base being nearly 5 centimeters, which tapers to a fine point along a length of ten centimeters. This puts the total arrow length at 130 cm or 51 inches. The arrow shaft's thickness at most is a single centimeter in diameter.


Coupon Booklet:
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