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More Than That. (Training/Solo/Intelligence D->C)

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Keila couldn't find a job today so she decided to go to the library to discover more about her magical abilities and magic in general. Finding out about magic is going to very interesting... Once Keila entered the library, she took around 20 books, all about different topics regarding magic such as the history on Rukh, the history of Magoi, magicians and all other types. Once she was about to sign out the books, the librarian smiled kindly and asked, "Sweetie, this is a lot of books... Are you gonna read all of this?" Keila smiled awkwardly and muttered, "I have to get stronger..." The librarian looked at her and said, "There is more to magic then books." Keila looked at the librarian surprised as the librarian just smiled back. "There's more to it than just your book smarts, such as practicing your spells." Keila looked at her, then the books, then her, then the books, then she got rid of about 15 of her books and grabbed 1 extra one. The librarian started signing out her books and then she signed out the one Keila just brought, "Water Magic: Amplification and Practice, huh..?" She smiles as she mutters, "Not exactly what I meant but I guess it's fine in it's own right."

Keila went to a cafe and immediately ordered a coffee and started to read her Water Magic book. Water Magic tells Rukh to make the water vapour in the air turn into regular water making it deadly... Keila then paid for her coffee and headed to a training ground. She then started attacking a dummy. First, she used her staff and then she used Heart Kreuz I and started slashing, but also paying attention to how the water at the end of her staff came to be. It was amazing.. the water vapour cooled down slightly just to send it back in its liquid state.She deactivated Heart Kreuz I as it fell to the floor. She saw the water fall and the Rukh flew around Keila. So this is all because of them... They are basically helping me with all of this. Keila then reads the other books, reading them all until the next day, until she passed out in her bed.

Keila woke up the next day and immediately began training once again. Today, she decided to practice and identify Jigsaw once she casted it. She pointed her staff in the direction of the practice dummy and watched as Jigsaw materialized. I see the water vapour freezes quickly passed from being snow and into ice allowing it to fire in that direction. Keila heads back to the library to find a quiet place to read more books. The librarian waves to Keila and she waves back. The librarian smiles and says, "She really took me seriously. Intelligence is much more than studying." Keila began to ready and smile as she read about commands she could give the Rukh. Fascinating.. I have been only giving them about one command at a time. Keila falls asleep on her book, muttering about what she has learned, "Materialize vapour... freeze water..... launch shards...." The librarian comes over and leaves more books that she can read next to Keila. Once Keila wakes up, she immediately starts to read more and more about the magic in the world. She smiles as she continues until the library closes.

Keila goes to the librarian once the library is closing and she says, "Thank you for those book recommendations ma'am... You helped me a lot." The librarian gives her a smile and leaves. Keila goes back to her hotel and falls asleep, knowing much more and having a lot more knowledge on training and magic in general.



Magoi: 130/150


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