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Hard Labor Builds Character

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Hard Labor Builds Character:
Job Name: Hard labor builds character I/III [Repeatable][Job Chain]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Portsmouth
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview:
A new city is being built in Reim, funded by the Kou Empire. The city is called 'Portsmouth', and is a secondary port that is closer to the Imuchakk lands. This has created a large number of jobs, and a rush of construction and work is underway. Provide 3 days of your time as a hard laborer and help construct the new city. Many things are needed; hunters to get wild game, farmers to till land and create fields for crops, carpenters to create the docks and houses, blacksmiths to make the nails and repair tools, lumber jacks to cut down the trees and provide a clearing and raw materials for the city and many other things!

Keila's eye look over the job board, like time and time again. She is starting to get a decent amount of Huang but more is always better, especially because she needs to fund her little sweet eating habit. Keila smiles as she finds a job in construction. Oh! So that's what all that construction was about. Keila decided to take that job after some debating. She starts to head in the direction of the construction.

After some time, Keila made it to the town, where she decided to ask what they needed someone to do, "Hey! What did you need me to do?" Keila smiles as she asks this question. The head construction-man said, "Um, the lumberjacks need a extra person to cut some trees and the head chef isn't here to cook our dinner." Keila smiles and says, "I can do both! It won't be a problem." Keila decides to grab an axe and head off to the forest.

Keila was beginning to chop trees and find out it wasn't a easy job. This... is... a... lot of... work... Keila was panting and sweating as her fifth log was cut. She decided she was done when she cut her fifteenth log so she decided to go back to help with the cooking. Keila was happy once she got back to town and entered the outdoor kitchen.

Keila started to cut up some vegetables to put in a soup and was simmering it with some pork. Then, she added some soup base and mixed it in. She tasted it and decided to add some salt and pepper. Then, she made some noodles and added some sauce to it. Perfect... now all we need is some dessert. Keila made some brownies and plated everything. All the other chefs helped make several portions of what she made.

After dinner, they worked till midnight then everyone decided to go to sleep. Keila woke up early the next day because today she was helping with building the dock. But before that, they had an oatmeal breakfast. After that was done, Keila was helping deliver the wood planks from the construction site to the dock. This went on until after lunch. Then, she was on house building. She helped put down the foundation for the house and helped put up the walls inside the house. This lasted until midnight. Then, the second workday ended.

Keila was able to sleep in a little today because she was hunting the whole day and then helping set up the farms later. When she woke up, she set up snares and traps and when animals got trapped she killed them with Jigsaw. She killed 5 animals throughout her hunting. Then, she had to help the farms. Tilling the land was pretty simple which helped the farmers a lot. They also got the soil ready for planting.

Keila stayed for dinner then had to go. She waved to the whole crew as they saw her off. She finally turned around when they were out of site. These past 3 days have been a really amazing experience actually... Keila walked away with a smile on her face.


Magoi: 100/150

Abilities Used:
Name: Jigsaw
Tier: D-Tier
Cost: 10 Magoi
Element: Ice
Class: Offensive
Range: 10m
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 Posts
Description: Keila summons 5 bladed circles of ice, that are 1m in diameter and launches them at 10m/s, dealing D-Tier cutting damage. After traveling 10m in front of her, it melts.

Notes: Used 5 times on 5 different occasions.


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