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The Seventh Dungeon: Gremory

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy


The Seventh Dungeon: Gremory KilT2sv

~The Djinn of Strength and Manipulation~

The Gate

The Seventh Dungeon: Gremory I1dJlj7

Tower Guardian:

The mountains southwest of Remano have had some disturbances recently, forcing some of the creatures down to other areas within Reim. King Lagi El Nagi has recently encountered one such occurrence. The King believed this was taken care of when the El Nagi clan removed the creatures that had migrated to the rivers, as they had seemingly caused the issue in the first place.

The Gate can be found at the exit of an icy cavern. There are fifty meters of stairs to climb; a formation that seems far too precise to be a natural occurrence. Hidden from immediate view is the Tower Guardian, a mysterious man who claims some sort of connection to dungeons in general. His power is mysterious, yet palpable, and he only allows those whom he deems have the qualities to challenge the dungeon through.

The Main Hall

The Seventh Dungeon: Gremory VAwa0YC

The portal brings you to a strange cavern. The air seems heavier than usual, and it almost seems more difficult to walk. From within the cavern, there are stones that float in mid air. Echoes can be heard from within the dungeon, and sounds that seem like broken up speech reaches your ears as you move forward. The cavern seems naturally made, as if a byproduct of water rushing through over time. There are various dead ends to the splits within these caverns; make your choices wisely. Once you have found your way at the end of the dungeon, there seems to be a guardian awaiting your arrival. If you answer its question correctly, perhaps there is something good for you in it?


  • Lizardman
  • Lizard Foreman
  • Half-Dragon

The Midway

The Seventh Dungeon: Gremory GJnAybO

When the transportation from the cavern is complete, it would be noted that the 'room' you are in is not quite normal. It seems as if you've been transported to the skies, as the entirety of the area is surrounded by stars and swirling nebula. There is a strange sense of unease as those who are transported here gather their bearings. A sudden sense of vertigo and disorientation crashes against your senses as the entire world seems upsides down. The platform that they are transported onto leads to an open-sky staircase. At the end of the staircase is a single pathway that moves across a vast expanse of space. The doorway to the next 'room' seems to be just ahead, covered by a milky white cloud. The stars are bright, and it seems much easier to walk here than it did in the cavern.


  • Werewolf

The Necropolis

The Seventh Dungeon: Gremory KiulXxI

This place seems to be a ghost town, with no exit in sight. The windows, water and various mirrors found within the place give it an additional sense of eeriness. The depth of the water that this city sits on seems to have no end in sight, yet there is no sign of anything sinking within the water. The footsteps made upon this 'land' create ripples. The puzzle to move forward must be found before the Candidates and companions can move to the Chamber.


  • Shade

The Chamber

The Seventh Dungeon: Gremory 1zXNNTA

Upon entering The Chamber, the contenders for conquering the dungeon will find themselves in a vast expanse of space, standing on a lone rock that is floating and moving about at a slow rate. It is here where all hopes and dreams are laid in balance, and where the contenders must prove themselves worthy of the Djinn's powers...


  • Leongarddra

Dungeon Beast Transformations


  • Gain natural weapons (Teeth & Claws for each arm/leg) that act as a C-Tier weapon. 'Regrowing' natural weapons follows the same word count rules as 'repairing weapons'. Keep in mind that large sized claws will make it impossible to use weapons. Get these 'weapons' approved by Garret in Hakim's Smithy. If you have any questions about the natural weapons, PM Garret.
  • Gain the speed of a Fanalis
  • All prior racial disadvantages are removed.


  • Must make a faceclaim change to that of a werebeast. The type of werebeast is up to the player. There is no 'human form' on these, as the player will constantly be in the werebeast form.
  • Can not use the Intelligence specialization. This may force the player to change to a different specialization, in which they may switch out their abilities for equal-tier abilities under the new specialization training-free. This switch out will follow standard ability approval process.
  • All other racial advantages are reverted to default.


  • Gain a breath attack ability which may be registered as a C-Tier ability (using Intelligence guidelines. Must follow one of the following Magic Types: Heat, lightning or Wind).
  • Retain advantages of your original race.


  • Must make a faceclaim change to that of a Half-Dragon.
  • Maximum speed is brought down by 1 race tier (Fanalis->Human, Human->Imuchakk, Imuchakk->No change).
  • Retain disadvantages of your original race.

The Djinn


  • Will refuse to follow a King Candidate that already possesses a Djinn.
  • Desires an intelligent decision maker.
  • Demands conviction, as a King Candidate without the conviction to stand firm will never have the will to lead many men.


  • You must post within 48 hours from when it has become your turn. If you do not you are subject to getting hit directly by one of the enemies or some other form of punishment.
  • If an enemy does not post within 48 hours you are free to presume that your hit went through and dealt damage.
  • Only 4 groups can enter the dungeon at once. Groups can be no larger than 2 people. A large amount of people can join The Gate topic, and are able to attempt to stop those with the 'quality' (OOC: Dungeon ticket) to enter the dungeon. If they force those with the quality to submit, then the quality is passed onto them. Those who obtain the quality in this manner must enter the dungeon, or face the consequences...

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

The Raising of Gremory

Basil had traveled to the southwestern most portion of Reim, just northwest of the canyons that made up the southern portion of the continent; the Western Front. Why the southern tip of Reim was called the 'Western Front', Basil was unsure, yet there he was, in the mountains between the El Nagi clan and the canyons to the south. Far removed from the rest of the country, Basil was confident that the dungeon would not be found by others. That he would be able to lead a candidate of his own choosing to the location.

"I still need to give out two black metal vessels... Before he gets impatient..." Basil shuddered. He was but a puppet dancing along the orders of another, even though he was a Magi. Secretly, in his heart, he yearned to break those chains of servitude. And this would be his first step, once he managed to convince a sufficiently powerful individual to take this dungeon's power for himself and, in the process, ally themselves with him. Basil waved his wand, flourishing it in the fashion he always enjoyed doing. The effort and energies expended in the raising of a dungeon was no small thing, yet the power of a Magi was vast with limits difficult to perceive. A new mountain began to raise in the snowy heights of the mountain range he was in; it was not a specifically large one, that could be seen from afar, yet it had its purpose. Sitting atop of the newly risen mountain was a portal, of sorts, that would provide a means of entry to the dungeon for those who came to challenge it. Basil stood, partially transfixed by the sight and by the implications of his actions he was beginning to plan for, in the future.

"Kahahaha. It's a better success than intended... Letting my guard down was unwise." A strangely clothed man spoke to himself, which gave in to an air of madness. Drops of blood set a red trail upon the snow as the man walked down the side of the mountain. "Tsk. This will take years to recover from..." The blood came from a fairly large wound; a missing right arm. The man took the cane in his left hand and drenched the wound in Magoi. Soon, with a sickening sound that made a person's skin crawl, the arm was regrown. He had said that he would need years to recover, yet it was obviously not due to the wound; what could he have possibly meant?

The man suddenly perked his head up, frowning. "He raised a new dungeon... That was not a part of the agreement..." A frown fluttered across his face, for a brief moment, as the visage of anger settled upon his face. That moment came and went, and he laughed once again. "Is this fate, smiling upon my work? But I will need balance... He has broken the contract, and forfeited his power. Did he think I would not notice? Hahaha." The man with a top hat waved his walking staff through the air. The Rukh around him reacted, giving magoi freely to the spell. Not much power came from the man himself; the opposite of how a normal magician's strength was used. Slowly, the circle enveloped the man and he dissappeared from the mountain side....

Only to arrive at a new one. Before him stood a black haird Magi, looking at a newly risen dungeon. The Magi's rukh, black as the night's sky, fluttered about him as he spoke. "I should get back to searching for Dark King Candidates, before he finds out what I'm doing..."  The dark Magi sighed, and began to turn.

Basil stood, transfixed as the possibilities crossed his mind. "I should get back to searching for Dark King Candidates, before he finds out what I'm doing..."  The Basil sighed, and began to turn. Yet a hand grasped at his head from behind, clasping his skull and making it difficult to move. A chill went down Basil's spine. "S-s-sir! How long have you been there? T-t-this isn't what it looks like! I have another candidate! To go against that hag!"

The man in a top hat smiled grimly towards Basil, who could not see him. "You broke the contract, boy, and now you will pay the price of crossing The Contractor. You will return to me, and I will consume you completely." The Magi screamed as The Contractor began to drain him of his powers. It did not stop there, however. Every part of the being that was Basil began to disperse, as if the Magi were dissolving into the origin of what made him up. A variety of Rukh was created through this, and they were all absorbed by The Contractor. Somehow, throughout the entire ordeal, Basil lived. The pain was excrutiating, as was made evident by the continuous screams made by the dark Magi. A stream of fate-cursing lines were screamed from the Magi's mouth right before the dissolution of his last limb.

A swarm of black Rukh coalesced around the two; the darkness was deep and filled with madness and hatred. Yet The Contractor did not bat an eye. Raising his right hand into the air, the Rukh flowed towards him and dissolved into his body. He let out a relieved sigh. "Ah. Halfway back to full. I suppose there is no longer any need for Sanarya, either..." The Contractor furrowed his brow, and looked towards the northeast. "There must be balance.. In all things." He smiled as he headed off for his next meal.

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