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Chaos Calling Card

Chaos Calling Card
Kai Yashiro_Isana




Specialization:Intelligence; Light

Age + Birthdate:16, December 21st



Personality: Kai generally gives of the appearance of being friendly and clueless. He seems to be aloof and not aware of what is occurring around him. He is very good humored, and quick to laugh.Regardless of factors such as social standing or power, he treats everyone the same: as someone he is on good terms with in a friendly manner. Even in situations where he probably should be, Kai never seems to be intimidated or concerned. However, in conversation, he will refuse to address topics such as his past, becoming very hostile in such cases. In reality, he is also highly contemplative, though few will ever realize it. Even in combat, he effortlessly maintains his amiable facade, and is prone to chat with his opponents in a completely agreeable manner. He is very intelligent and is well spoken, however, he is not inspiring in any way, largely due to his total lack of enthusiasm. He easily acquaints himself to others, yet he is quick to abandon all but his strongest allies. When he does become engaged in a topic, it breaches on obsession; he will tirelessly work with one hundred percent dedication until the task is complete. However, this enthusiasm is only inspired by a sparse few things; the rest of the time he seems to be lethargic and is prone to taking naps. He often likes to disregard the past, considering it irrelevant. At climatic moments, he can act in cruel and heartless ways, though it is hard to tell to what extent that reflects his true nature.

Sleep- An escape from the reality of work and suffering, Kai treasures his sleep.
Books- Reading is a preferred activity, as it can help increase his knowledge while simultaneously allowing him to forget the real world.
Toys- For some reason, Kai has an obsession with all toys, and will play with them on sight, possibly due to childhood issues.
Magic- Kai views magic as the greatest toy ever discovered, and loves to use it for fun.
Plains- The sense of freedom evoked by wide grassy plains is indescribable
Umbrellas- The exact reason for this particular like is unknown

Blunt Force Weapons- Items such as clubs and maces disgust Kai, he considers them to be unclean.
Corpses- He is highly intolerant of corpses, and is likely to experience nausea at the sight or smell of them.
Warm Weather- Sensitive to heat, the hot air causes a feeling of discomfort.
The Sun- The glare of the sun is an annoyance, and Kai will try to avoid direct sunlight wherever possible
Slavery-Well, he is a former slave, so that's kind of an obvious one

Aspirations: At the moment, Kai has no true dream, and such his dream is to find some sort of goal for himself which he can passionately pursue. To this end, Kai wanders the land looking for something to inspire him. His anti-goal is to avoid getting involved in the struggles between nations at any cost. To achieve this, he makes it a goal to leave nations and cities before conflicts break out there. In achieving both of these goals, Kai ensures that he maintains a certain quantity of knowledge about happenings and cultures.

Phobias/fears: Aphenphosmphobia(The fear of being touched)- Originating from abuse during his earlier years, Kai now is terrified of contact. Any form of contact with another person qualifies to him, to varying degrees. While the person touching Kai is irrelevant to his fear, he will only experience a full meltdown if it is a great deal of the other person's skin touching his own skin. If someone's skin touches Kai's he will likely express his fear by completely freezing up and losing his capacity to move and talk in any form greater than a stuttering whisper. While not as drastic, contact through clothing will cause Kai to leap back, shaking in terror.

Face-Claim:Yashio Isana-K(until I get around to drawing something better)

Hair Color:Light Gray

Eye Color:Amber

Height:1.6 meters

Weight:38 kg

Appearance: Kai has a thin frame, and appears to be puny. He wears loose attire, similar to that which may be worn by a wealthy merchant or aristocrat, though it does not directly identify with the clothes of any particular culture. He wears beaten travelling boots, tightly fit white pants and a white shawl. Underneath the shawl, his body is bandaged, covering the entirety of his torso and neck as well as his arms down to his wrists. Wrapped around his right thigh, neck,  and left forearm are reflective golden ribbons which flow behind him. In terms of body language he is almost always very relaxed, though not slouched which does not change with his emotions, the exception being fear. When he is experiencing fear, his body becomes very rigid and he stands completely upright.
**Note that his attire is different from the face claim, the face claim only serves as a placeholder until I draw a more accurate image. His face claim is only accurate in terms of body type, hair color, and eye color as well as hair style.

Rukh Alignment:White (But barely)

Special Traits: Despite being young his hair is gray, likely as a result of malnutrition.

History:Kai was born into the slave trade within the Kou empire with a mother that died in childbirth and a father that had been sold to a different owner long ago. A merchant family pitied the infant, and having recently had a child of their own, took in Kai so that he could serve as a companion to their child, as the life of traveling the road constantly could become lonesome for for a single child. Though he was technically a slave, Kai was well treated and received a good education and little hard work. His family consisted of both the merchants and the other slaves, both whom he grew close too. While his life was good, from early on, it was apparent that he was unhealthy, and was frail from an early age. His weakness led him to mainly stay within the carts and out of the sun, helping with cooking and catalogue get the various wares. Despite this, he remained close friends with the merchant's son Tora, who was the same age as him.

Kai was able to enjoy life, but ultimately, misfortune struck again. The merchant fell ill and passed away, leaving the mother and her ten year old son alone. In order to support her family, the mother remarried to another merchant, Bak, who was much crueler. Bak was a drunkard and possessed with the anger of a thousand men. For seemingly no reason, he was prone to beating slaves, including Kai. Under this abuse, several slaves died, and Kai himself began to become more and more distant from Tora and his mother.

While he was abused, Bak recognized the use of Kai for cataloging, and ensured that he continued at his job. Kai began to use this task as an escape, reading tomes that were being traded,  hiding amongst stacks of produce for naps, and playing with the various toys. It was through these means that he discovered his aptitude for magic. One day, he was messing around with a staff from their inventory when he witnessed an amazing occurrence; the staff seemed to be emanating light at his behest. Over time, through secret experimenting, he came to increase his skills at magic despite lacking a formal education in the matter, all the while enduring the abuse of Bak and increasingly isolating himself from others.

Four years after Kai's discovery of the staff, their merchant group was set upon by bandits while on the road. No longer caring about those with which he traveled, Kai saved himself using his magic and heartlessly watched as the rest of the caravan we slaughtered and looted. After the thieves had taken their treasure, Kai returned to the site of the wreckage, marginally sickened by the damage. As he was looting that which the bandits had failed to take, a dying Tora, in the arms of his deceased mother reached out to Kai, grasping his ankle and calling for aid. Nauseous, Kai backtracked, turning away from the bodies of once loved ones. When he had regained control, Kai finished the task of salvaging supplies for himself, Kai walked away from the burning caravan, shielding himself from the ashes with a red umbrella salvaged from the flames.

Role-Play Sample:Kai's lone figure casually strode into the village, covered in dust from the road and shielding himself from the sun with a red paper umbrella. He had an easy skip to his step, and smiled amiably at those he passed, head looking around. His face bore an unchanging bored expression, however he did not seem to be acting condescending towards the locals in any fashion. As he entered the village, he passed a group of young children kicking a ball back and fourth amongst themselves. One hard kick later, the ball flew into the path of Kai, laughing cheerfully, Kai kicked the ball back towards the small group.

It didn't take long for Kai to make his way into the center of the village. A grassy field with ornate flowers dominated the area, in stark contrast to the dusty brown road. This was just calling for me. Without hesitation, Kai meandered over to the field, fell backwards onto the soft bed of grass, and after propping up his umbrella to shade him, fell asleep.

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Chaos Calling Card

Chaos Calling Card
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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri


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