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Zarana Stargazer

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Zarana Stargazer TRR7KZT
Name: Zarana Stargazer
Nationality: Magnostadt
Race: Human
Specialization: Intelligence/Life
Age + Birthdate: 21 22nd of Dec.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Zarana is an overall jovial, yet quiet person. She has a sunny disposition and often makes others smile. She is not one to go about making new friends, avoiding those she does not know. She much prefers to listen, unnoticed if she can and quietly archive the information in her mind. Although she tries to keep her circle of friends small, due to her charming nature, people of all nationalities and ages find themselves drawn towards her. Zarana is an intelligent speaker and posseses lightning quick wit. On occasion, Zarana can become quite melancholic and lost in thought. Zarana does have respect for all people and as long as no one threatens her directly, Zarana reserves the right to not judge anyone outright. As confident as she is, Zarana can be notoriously shy, feeling awkward and full of nervous energy when she is around someone she truly fancies or has a high opinion of. Zarana does not get easily excited. She has been disappointed in life quite frequently, so her solution of escaping further disappointment is not to store faith in anyones word save her own. In this fashion she has become highly independent and unafraid to be forward when neccessary. She is very cautious, but warms to a person quickly. Even still she excercisies restraint, carefully avoiding any emotional investment in anyone. On the rare instance she does become emotionally vested in another being, she is deeply defensive of them. Her loyalty runs deep and she would passionatly defend any attack against the persons charcater or life. When her trust is betrayed, or she feels slighted, Zarana will ignore the antagonist until they have managed to regain her trust. She forgives easily, but does not forget.

Likes: Zarana loves music. She is especially fond of stringed instruments and herself is profecient with several hormonous devices. During her forced migration from Magnostadt to Heliohapt, Zarana encountered a group of slaves who would play moving pieces that matched the mood of her soul. In the harmony she found solace and hope that one day she would go back home. Zarana likes knowledge and is ever in the persuit of it. She finds knowledge empowering. During her time in Heliohapt she enjoyed the time during her instructions when she was able to roam the archival vaults freely and fill her head with bits of various information that she was sure would one day come in handy. She appreciates displays of power and people who possess abilities greater than hers. Someone with such talents make her feel safe and protected. Zarana also stands to learn a great deal from someone with greater resourcefullness than herself. Though she will not freely admit it, Zarana is fond of physical contact. Her exterior may be frosty, but the touch of another can make a softer side of Zarana emerge.
Dislikes: Zarana dislikes liars. She feels that liars are the worst kind of people. She has been lied to several times in her life and with each betrayal the end result was one that was not good for her. It has been Zarana's expirience that those who lie have no regard for anyone but themselves and were out for their own personal gain. Zarana dislikes slavery. She does not understand why people think it acceptable to use a person for their own personal gain, like a puppet. A slave has to jump when their Master bids it, toil when the Masters say and perform on que. She does not think slavery is morally right.
Aspirations: Zarana aspires to find her true family in Magnostadtn, to find out who was responsible for her abduction and then to exact revenge upon them. Why was she taken in the first place? Who reaped the benfits of her disappearence? She strives to attone for all the lives she took. On her way to Magnostadt, Zarana hopes to gain more control over her magical abilities, stopping at any place that looks interesting along the way. Zarana would also like to visit every country and learn of their cultures and customs.
Phobias/fears: Zarana is terrified of insects, specifically those with multiple legs. Insects are so hiddious to her. They look weird and make her skin crawl. The sight of a bug larger than her fingernail is enough to make her scream with fright and jump away as quickly as she possibly can. The crunch insects make when they are crushed sickens Zarana, making her feel violently nauseated and dizzy. She will shudder at the mere thought of insects. Zarana also fears loosing control of her emotions. She has much pent up rage from years of humiliation and abuse and fears that she may one day use her magic to destroy instead of to restore.
Face-Claim: Original Character

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Azure
Height: 5'9 (175cm)
Weight: 74kg
Appearance: Zarana is tall, taller than most women she has encountered. She has a short torso and long legs. Zarana has lengthy hair that is black in color and ends in tumbled waves. It is usually parted interchangably with a section falling on one side of her face, the other or both. Zarana usually wears a purple corset that is laced in the back and a long skirt of matching hue. The corset mimics the popular styles of Heliohapt. The skirt is made out of a breathable, yet shiney material and has a slit up its left side. A black cloth, made out of the same material as the skirt, is usually tied about her waist. Zarana also dones a long, hooded traveling cloak that shines like gold. It reaches to the very heels of her black booted feet and she can easily encompass herself in it when necessary.
Rukh Alignment: Black Rukh
Special Traits: Zarana has a round black birthmark on her back It is located on her right shoulder blade.
History: Zarana Stargazer was born twenty-one years ago in the country of Magnostad. Her family was one of privilege, having been one of the first families to settle the in the country of the Magi and had flourished ever since. Theirs was a house rapt with power, always having enjoyed the positions of the upper echelon of Magnostadt society. Even though Zarana's father had died before her birth, her mother nor she, ever wanted for anything.
There came a day, when Zara was 7, that she was kidnapped outside her families manor. She was drugged, blindfolded and smuggled out of the great city. For the next few months, she was spirited across lands she had never seen. She encountered much along the way and saw, for the first time in her young life, the injustices man could inflict upon another. Her child eyes saw the horrors of slave trading; families ripped apart, children screaming to be returned to their mothers, babies torn from the arms of siblings. Whippings, hangings, forced magical labor...all these she saw and her innocence faded away. Zarana herself was never touched. She seemed to have been deemed important and she was made relatively comfortable along the journey. That did not mean she escaped any of the persecution others endured.
Upon her arrival in Heliohapt, she was given to an elderly couple that saw to it that she kept up her magical studies. It was discovered that she had special affinity for Life magic.
Finally, the pair died, and Zarana learned why she had continued her magical training. She was then sold from person to person for her magical abilities. For the highest bidder she would assassinate someone and never be caught. Forcing to kill or be killed herself, Zarana wordlessly murdered person after person, sometimes whole families would have to be wiped out.
Then came the day Zarana was handed her wand, the only thing she had with her from Magnostadt, and whispered a fateful request to the Rukh that was her own. The Black Ruhk willingly obliged her request to stimulate the cells of her wardens bones and Zarana was sickeningly pleased to see the skin of her victims splitting open as new additions grew from their skeletons and protruded forth.
As her captors lay dead, Zarana was faced with the fact that she would be charged with their murder, and knew she had to escape the country as fast as she could. Zarana filled every coin purse she could find in the abode, loaded herself with every piece of jewelry she could discover and left the home under the cloak of night.
It was during her flight that she met Galen, a traveler from Magnostadt. Zarana portrayed herself to also be a traveler who was trying to find her way home. Galen saw through her lie, but vowed to help her nonetheless.
Her options slim, Zarana decided to travel with the magician and together they escaped the city and began their journey into the desert.
Role-Play Sample: He lay there, dying, blood spurting forth from his beautiful mouth. Zarana dropped the knife, the tears finally spilling from her eyes as it clattered to the floor. What had she done?
"No, no, please, no, don't be dead-" She stammered out between sobs as she rushed to where he lay. Aeric's golden eyes swung up to meet hers. He weakly lifted a hand to ward off her touch.
"Don't...don't you come any closer to me. I will kill you, I promise." Aeric managed to speak even though a small, but steady, stream of blood was falling down the side of his face. "You've done...enough."
"Let me fix this-"
"NO!" Aeric nearly choked on his own blood as he struggled to spit the word out. He had to tell her, had to let her know that this was not her fault. This was what he wanted. Death was an eternal end and the only way for his suffering to die with him.
"Aeric, please-" Zarana fell to her knees beside him. The robes he had been wearing were soaked with the red liquid. The metallic twang of the bodily fluid filled the air. Zarana didn't care about getting her hands dirty as she ripped the cloth open further to reveal the wound underneath. Her aim had been true. She had cut deep into his belly in a spot that he would never recover from if she did not act soon. "I don't care, I am going to heal you."
"Zara,, let me die. PLEASE. Let me die, I just want to-"
"I can't loose you, Aeric! I still need you-"
A green glow began to emit from the young womans hands. She placed a finger inside the wound, causing Aeric to scream in what sounded like a gurgling wail.
"Gods damn you, Zarana, no!" Aeric bleated forth as he felt her powers healing him from the inside out. First his stomach sealed, then came the muscles and tendons reconnecting and finally his skin regrew.

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