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Liri TElbgf1
Name: Liri
Nationality: Magnostadt
Race: Human
Tier: D
Specialization: Intelligence [Life]
Age + Birthdate: Eleven, December Twenty -First
Gender: Female
Sexuality: N/A
Liri is a very observant young girl. Her eyes are often watching everyone around her over looking at her surroundings. She’d rather watch people rather than look at the environment she’s in. The girl is capable of studying and understanding people in a rather honest viewpoint. She won’t allow preconceived bias to fog her vision, as she’s too young to have any for the most part. That is, with the exception of those she’s learned as a child, but they don’t typically pertain to how she judges others.

While she was raised in Magnostadt, Liri seems to lack the distain for nonmagical beings. It seems she was taken from the nation before the bias could sink in. In its place one will find a fearful disposition. She has trouble speaking when not addressed, and the young girl seems to be afraid of people. One could easily guess that the reason Liri watches others so intently is because she doesn’t trust any of them. She’s a very deliberate and thoughtful girl. Who wouldn’t try to learn about what scares them after all?

Liri is very rational, and she’s very mature for her age. Because of her environment growing up, she never had a chance to act like a spoiled child or even go out and play. She doesn’t seem to have the drive to do things that other kids do. It’s as if her inner child was smothered until she died. As such, Liri understands adult situations very well, and she doesn’t have trouble lying to others for her benefit. She’s mature enough to understand that the truth doesn’t always work. Liri would rather lie and not be hit than tell the truth and be punished.

Likes: Liri is a very simple young girl when it comes to what she likes. She enjoys tea with honey in it, finding the simple taste very pleasing. Liri also likes to watch the stars at night, a habit she has kept since childhood.

Dislikes: Similarly to her likes, Liri is also very easy to read in regards to her dislikes. The girl dislikes spicy foods and foods that have too rich of a taste. She simply isn’t use to either. Liri also dislikes deserts in general.

Liri doesn’t seem to be aware that she’s allowed to have aspirations. However, if she had to pick some, the girl would most likely choose being able to make her own choices as one of them. She’s been nothing but a minion for most of her memory. Her other aspirations would be to find out if she has any living relatives and to become a magician capable of honoring the memory of her father. Over all, she’s fairly simplistic.

Liri’s fears are a bit more complex. Her biggest fear is herself. She’s afraid that her years of servitude have turned her into a doll like person who can only obey others. The girl has trouble imagining a life where she can do what she wishes. Slowly, she’s felt her emotions become duller and duller as the pain in her chest become nothing but a small burning pulse. Liri truly fears she has become something inhuman as she cannot even remember her last name. Other fears include people in general and a noticeable fear of others raising their hand towards her.

Face-Claim: Senju Kayo from Black Bullet
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Deep Blue that Appears Purple
Height: 4’7
Weight: 64lbs
A young girl, Liri isn’t too impressive to look at her. Her short blond hair is a dirty color, appearing almost similar to a very light brown, giving a rather unpleasant color. Her hair is thin and straw like. It seems to have been cut with a dagger to stay out of the way, but because of the nature to which it was trimmed, the hair is very uneven. The longer stands of hair have been made into two braids that run down either side of her face past her shoulders whereas the rest of the hair ends before her shoulders.  Her body is very thin, and the girl is very small as well. She shows sign of malnutrition and weaknesses, making her look somewhat young for her age. Her skin is a sickly pale as well. Liri typically wears a large woven jacket that reaches down to her knees along with sandals and a pair of black shorts underneath.

Rukh Alignment: Black
Special Traits: She seems to have an unusually large pool of Rukh for her age, making her stand on equal terms with teens and young adults.
Born in Magnostadt, Liri is from a family of magicians. They weren’t anything too special nowadays, but back before the family came to the country, they had been well known for their life magic. The rumors of the family had gotten to the point that they were a prize for slave traders. This is what led to the family entering Magnostadt. They sought shelter from the constant barrage of people targeting the family due to rumors of them carrying the secret to immortality in their magic. The blooming country promised hope and salvation to them. While the family hadn’t produced a powerful magician in two generations during their stay in Magnostadt, the outside world still told stories of her clan’s adeptness at magic.

Liri was the first magician born with a strong pool of Rukh since the family settled in Magnostadt, making her a spectacle of sorts for her family. The family had been worried that they would lose their footing as a prominent bloodline within the country, but Liri seemed to have sated their worries. Her studies began fairly early, filling her earliest memories with books and lectures as her family attempted to have the girl gain a strong foundation in magic. The constant work paid off, but not in the way they imagined it would.

When she was five, a magician entered the city as an immigrant. They were welcomed with open arms, but that certain individual had a dark plan in mind. The man was a spy. Magicians were still prized as slaves in several parts of the world, and those taken directly from Magnostadt always fetched high prices. If he could grab a kid from the city, then he could live his life out in luxury. After all, since the country’s founding, magician slaves had been getting harder and harder to find. When he saw the nearly green hair and purple eyes of Liri’s family, the man couldn’t help but be joyful. The traits were still spoken about in the slave market. A family of magicians whose magic could extend your life many years was certainly well known.

So, in the dead of night, he stole away the girl. The girl’s days of studying and playing were replaced with those of fear and violence. Liri was sold easily by the traitorous magician, and she spent her youth being traded from master to master. Each master forced her to use more and more magic. This got to the point where they were making the girl preform feats that were too great for her youth and punishing her when she failed. Over all, she was treated as a human barrier and a medicine for ill masters. Liri was also forced to develop somewhat offensive usages for her magic. She wasn’t allowed to fail, even if the strain of her orders would cause her to black out. Even now, Liri is among those belonging to a powerful slave trader, acting as a barrier between him and any danger that may approach.

Role-Play Sample:
Liri sat silently, staring down to the mat beneath her.  She was in a large hall with clean marble floors and velvet curtains. The small girl was alone next to her rather large master as he read a scroll. This was an average day.  Her purple eyes shifted up towards him. What was he reading? The girl’s curiosity got the better of her as she peered at him, trying to be as discreet as possible. However, he noticed. Her master didn’t like Liri’s gaze. He thought it was conniving and evil. He would tell her that the eyes of a magician were like those of a demon. So, when he raised his hand, Liri flinched despite knowing what was coming.

The smack echoed through the hall as her small body skidded off the matt and down onto the hard marble floor of the room. Her head rang as she laid on the cool tiled floor. The place of contact as on the side of her upper cheek, she could feel a small trail of blood trickling down her face. He had used the pack of his hand. She had gotten scratched with his ring. The girl processed this all mechanically as she waited for him to tell her it was okay to get up.

”You mind your place. My scroll is my own, as are you. Return to your position before you bring further disgrace as my servant.” Her master’s voice reached her despite the pulsing pain ringing through her head and shoulders. When she landed on the floor, her shoulder took most of the damage, causing her to wince with each motion. The bone was probably bruised. Liri wanted to heal herself, but she wasn’t allowed to do that. So, the girl merely moved to sit once more.

This time, she kept her eyes on her folded knees, silently watching the blood drip onto her legs.

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