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The Veteran's Plight [Mission]

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1The Veteran's Plight [Mission] Empty The Veteran's Plight [Mission] on 05/11/14, 02:45 pm


The last few days were interesting - after getting a chance to leave Portsmouth behind, he had jumped at the chance of getting caravan-protection duty. However, the end of the caravan trail had led him to go past his stop slightly. However, that was fine - he could go the rest of the way himself. What worried him, however, was the fact that he had already been in this town before, quite recently too. 

This was the town where he'd stopped those slavers back before he'd met Altair. This was where he'd had to run with his tail between his legs to make sure that the guards didn't find him. This was the place where he'd had to take some drunk asshole home last week, and now he was standing outside of the same bar that he'd been in the last time he was here. 

Now, the fact of the matter was - the bar was good. Hell, it wasn't just good, it was damned good. The alcohol was cheap, the people meant well, and to be quite honest, it didn't smell of piss; that was always an important bit to consider when choosing a bar. There were so many cheap places that didn't even bother to clean away the mess of the less pleasant clients and had thus become unpleasant for everyone else. 

Hopefully, despite the fact that this was the same bar as last time, he wasn't going to wind up meeting that drunkard that had bothered him last time. If they asked him to take him home this time, he was just going to refuse and get someone else to do it. He'd had to put up with a good twenty minutes of nationalistic rambling the last time, he sure as hell wasn't going to do that again. 

So, fully expecting a pleasant evening devoid of drunk veterans, Jian pushed the door open and stepped into the Fox and the Reiman. Tonight was sure to be a good one, and then he could move out in the morning. He just hoped that he didn't run into any major trouble again. 



2The Veteran's Plight [Mission] Empty Re: The Veteran's Plight [Mission] on 05/11/14, 03:19 pm


There is a universal law that the moment someone is sure something bad isn't going to happen it happens, and it truly seemed to have embraced Jian as a victim of it's abuse. 

Of course, this wasn't the first time that it's cruelty had been displayed in Jian's life, but this was one of the most irritating examples of it.  As he walked through those doors, he heard a particular voice that he had hoped to never have to hear again. 

"Oh, look who it is - it's my favourite Giallo!" Oh for the love of god... 

The man, seemingly still as drunk as he'd been the last time they met, was standing in the middle of the bar... wielding a chair, weirdly enough. Despite the fact that the comment seemed applicable to Jian, it seemed that that had been a moment of private nepotism, and that the man had actually been addressing the man he held at chair-point. A man, it seemed, who was part of the Kou military. 

God damn it. Jian had grown up having absolutely no affection for the Kou military - they were brutal, cared very little for the people they had sworn to protect and actually almost seemed to enjoy being cruel to the average person. 

Yet, Jian wasn't just going to sit back and let someone who was seemingly innocent get abused by this guy. He'd been on the receiving end of his racism one too many times, and he was now going to make sure that this guy didn't do anything similar again. 

The bartender, for his part, was trying to talk the guy down but it clearly wasn't working. The man didn't even have the common decency to turn around and look the guy he was talking to in the eye. 

What he said was, quite honestly, unrepeatable, but suffice to say that he was blaming this man for his actions, saying that if he wasn't trying to take over the country then he wouldn't have to take action. The man on the receiving end of the chair, apparently, wasn't even reacting - there was the Kou military's stupid pride that he'd seen as a kid way too many times. 

Moving into the bar, he didn't even bother to pause for a second as he ran across the room, one hand outstretched at his opponent. Before the man knew what was coming, Jian had already made sure that his weapon was unusable. 

His hand slammed into the man's right arm, and the familiar sound of breaking bone echoed throughout the entire rest of the bar, making the man scream in pain. 

"Good evening, mister racist." Jian said, smiling with an almost sadistic grin "It is so nice to see you again. Now, I believe you should listen to the bartender and get out before you cause any more of these nice people to have their evenings ruined."

833 / 1000

Name: Huoshan kou [The Crater]
Tier: B
Cost: 30 Stamina
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 meters
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Jian strikes with the bare of his palm at 25 m/s, delivering a very strong blow to his victim. Dealing B-Tier damage, it will shatter the bones that it hits.


3The Veteran's Plight [Mission] Empty Re: The Veteran's Plight [Mission] on 05/11/14, 03:42 pm


The Kou soldier, bolstered by the man's sudden lack of a weapon, moved his hand to a weapon - only to be cut down by Jian's strong gaze. Despite the fact that Jian's form looked extremely lithe, he had just broken the man's arm without too much effort, and that fact alone was enough to scare the man into listening to him and moving to sit down on the other side of the bar. By taking care of this situation, Jian'd cut off the chance of a brawl before it had actually happened.

However, now that the soldier wasn't the main source of his ire, the man had turned to Jian.
"See, Barkeep? These filthy Kouenese scum are going to attack us when our backs are turned. They claim to have honour, but they don't act with any. Why not attack me now that I know you're here, you coward."

The man seemed not to have remembered the fact that he'd taken the man home the last time, but the barkeep certainly did judging by the look in his eye. Jian, for his part, simply nodded before turning to the man in question.

It seemed like the man didn't consider that this wasn't the only skill in his arsenal. As he swung forward with the non-broken arm, Jian simply side-stepped it, pulling his fan out and striking the man in his shoulder, slicing through one of his tendons. This guy was an ass, but being an ass didn't deserve death. He'd be very careful to make this painful but not lethal.

"Just go home, old man. You're making a fool out of yourself."
"You filthy Kouenese scum, you don't get to tell me what to do."
"Yes I do."

Kicking the man's legs out from under him, sending the man falling to the floor on top of his broken arm. The man's scream was actually impressively loud, until Jian simply crouched down and, with great accuracy, grabbed the man's collar before slamming his head into the floor.

After a few slams, the man was unconscious. Still breathing, his skull wasn't broken, but he would have one hell of a concussion.
"Bartender.... get this guy a doctor. Then get me an ale."

1000+ / 1000

Old man: 1 B required. 

Action 1: Tufu (C rank)

Action 2: Kick (D rank)
Action 3: Slam (D)

2D = C

2C = B

Name: Tufu [The Butcher]
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Stamina
Weapon Type: Fans
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 posts
Description: The user's attack moves at 20 m/s, through the use of their blade. If the strike lands, it deals C-tier damage to the opponent.


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