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Caravan Protection [I/II]

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This was going to be it - he was finally going to get out of this backwater pisspot of a town. It was going to be good to be able to get back into proper society, somewhere where he could get decent contracts to do fun things rather than having to slaughter owlbear children. 

This was something that he'd looked forward to ever since he'd had to part ways with his countrymen. He was going to be able to perform his usual assassin job again, and all that it was going to take was doing one simple, relatively easy job - He was being hired as a caravan guard. 

Guarding a caravan was actually an easier job than he usually had. All he had to do was stay here and take care of any bandits that might want to pose a threat to the caravan. Since he would have plenty of forewarning, he was actually allowed to sleep for a small while, taking a break from the busy week he'd had. 

Sitting at the front of the caravan, Jian was sitting in the shotgun position as he began to nod off. He hadn't gotten much sleep - portsmouth seemed to have a way of letting way too much cold into the city and as he came from a very warm climate it was too much change to allow him to sleep comfortably. 

Honestly, he would probably do better in Helio, but he still had a few weeks until the people who'd come here for the coronation would be finished with their business so he had a few weeks of high contract work left. Thus, he was going to have to stay in this country for a bit longer, so it was sensible to get a bit of sleep whilst he could.

The people he was travelling with knew to warn him if they were going to come into any difficulty, so it was time for him to catch a few hours. His eyes were falling shut as he relaxed, the last thing he heard was the clopping of horse hooves as the caravan drove further and further into the back country. 



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The sleep that Jian had managed to get during the afternoon not only recovered some of the lost sleep that he'd suffered from in Portsmouth, but also it allowed him to have a special advantage over his fellow caravan members. Whilst they were all exhausted from the day's journey, he was fresh and ready to take watch over the camp. As the people began setting up their place, Jian moved to a nearby tree, getting a good look over the entire camp. 

The camp was built in a good location; on one side, cliffs allowed them to avoid being encircled were they to be attacked during the night, and on the other a small gathering of trees allowed them to have some cover from the rain as well as giving the watchers a look-out position that kept them within ear-shot of the camp at all times. He could stay here for the night and nothing would go wrong. 

So, that was what he did - as everyone else was getting the camp ready for the night, Jian just sat in the tree, looking out into the distance. Everything seemed to be quiet for the first hour or so, and for a while it actually seemed like they might be able to avoid having any confrontation whatsoever. The second hour, however, was a lot less pleasant. 

It was during this time that he noticed something that he really wished that he hadn't. In the far distance, he couldn't help but notice people kicking up dirt as they moved across the area. Someone was in a hurry, and as they came closer and closer to the torches set to warn away wild animals, he noticed that they had pulled their weapons out. They certainly weren't wearing the Kou army uniform, so it didn't take a genius to work out who they were and why they were - Bandits!

"BANDITS!" Jian cried out, getting the more skilled members of the Caravan to prepare their weapons to repel the attackers. Jumping from his branch, landing on the top of one of the carriages before running towards the main force of the force. Everyone else was tired, so they'd do better against the rank and file. He'd cut the head off the invasion force before they could do any more damage. 



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Landing in front of their apparent leader and two of his cronies, Jian didn't even bother going through any of the motions of giving them a chance before he struck. Pulling knives from his inner pocket, he quickly aimed before loosing them at his opponents, each one hitting home at least slightly. Both of the ones at the cronies landed in the centre of the forehead, piercing through the skull of each (the human equivalent of a bullseye) sending them reeling to the ground, dead within seconds. 

The one targeted at the leader, however, didn't even pierce into him. With his rapid movement, he'd managed to dodge most of it, leaving a glancing hit that had sliced through his cheek and left a large red mark on his face. This was a nuisance, there always seemed to be one exception that made him feel somewhat talentless with throwing knives. Fans were always more of his jazz anyway. 

Unfortunately, that speed that had allowed him to dodge wasn't just useful in making Jian doubt his abilities. Instead, he had already unsheathed his blade and thrust it into Jian's chest, piercing straight through his shirt and into him. It wasn't a lethal wound, but it was certainly at least and inch or two deep. 

FUCK! It hurt, it really fucking hurt, but he wasn't going to let this wound be the end of him. Instead, he grabbed the man's hand, forcing him to be unable to pull his arms back far enough to pull the sword out. 

As the two of them fought through what was essentially the equivalent of tug-of-war, Jian's hand moved to the fan on his belt, pulling it out and (before his opponent was able to react properly) shoving it through the man's throat, slicing perfectly through his windpipe and out the back, physically cutting off his breathing. 

Dropping his blade, the man moved his hands to the fan, desperately attempting to pull it out of his throat as blood gushed out of the wound. Jian, the charitable man he was, helped him. A simple yank, and it was out - a second later, a second strike cut through what remained of the man's neck, sending the head flying to the ground a fair few yards from the rest of his corpse. 

Jian smiled.... until he felt the sword fall out of the wound itself, pulled down by gravity. 



Name: Liuxingyu [Meteor Shower]
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Stamina
Weapon Type: Knives
Class: Offensive
Range: 5 meters
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 posts
Description: Pulling a series of throwing knives from his inner pocket, Jian spins rapidly on his heel, before loosing ten knives at 20 m/s, doing D rank damage to anyone caught inside a five meter radius of himself.


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