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Hard Labor Builds Characters II

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This was weird, Jian decided. There was no other way to describe it than weird.

There were plenty of criminal organizations out there who wanted the assistance of someone like him to kill the people that escaped their group. There was an unspoken bond among criminals, and those who broke that unmentioned brotherhood would always find a knife on their doorstep.

Now, Jian was more than often people's knife of choice. He never killed anyone that he believed had done the crimes for a good reason (helping a diseased family member get medicine, for example) but that still left plenty of people for him to pray off of.

Jian often took those jobs as it allowed him to wipe out people who were doing criminal acts and had proven they couldn't be trusted, as well as giving him information about other criminals in case they were a future contract.

Now, it seemed like he was going to be paid to do the absolute opposite of what he normally had to do. The job that he had been taking in Portsmouth had apparently stretched out longer than he had expected. He'd first come to place to help build it, but he'd been stuck here for almost a week at this point.

Even after that little adventure with the strange intruder in the Black Crows camp, he was having to deal with more work in this little town. It was expected, in a way, since the place had many things that needed to be dealt with before it was fully developed, but to have to do multiple "strange" missions? It was like this place was a portal to an alternate dimension.

Anyway, focusing on the mission rather than the weirdness of the situation, Jian looked over the details that he'd been supplied with since he agreed to take the mission to protect a civilian.

An ex-crook, someone who had gone around the world stealing from innocent people who couldn't fight back, was now living in Portsmouth and had found out that the people that he had left behind him had sent him a letter that they were going to get their revenge. He had panicked and confessed to the man that was contracting Jian that he needed help.

Honestly, what had the man expected when he ran away from armed crooks? They stole from everyone, did he think that they were peaceful enough to not want to kill someone who had already betrayed them? It was stupid, no other way to describe it; Never leave any unnecessary loose ends, that was something that Jian had learned over and over again.

The interesting part about this was that, whilst most people who he was paid to kill had broken away from their crew to be able to get all of the reward for themselves, the man who was paying him to make sure that they were stopped was apparently trying to go legit.

That seemed like a false claim, but if it was true then he wished him all the luck in the world. He was going to need it. Stopping hiding in the shadow was something that many people dreamed of, but very few managed.

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The only problem here was that, if the thugs were to attack at once in an enclosed place, it would be difficult to fight them without butting heads with at least one of them. That was what he had learned from when he was working with Ayero; never fight more than three people at once unless you somehow have eyes in the back of your head. Considering that he wasn't some sort of genetic freak, that meant being stealthy and dealing with this situation properly.

Considering this fact, he decided that the best thing to do would be to simply have the man walk around town and for him to follow at a distance. The thugs clearly didn't care much for stealth or they wouldn't have left a papertrail. Thus, he was sure that they were going to be okay with fighting in the middle of the town. At least, if it didn't seem that he had protection.

The issue with a job like this was that the people he was going up against were career criminals, and not only that but they were thieves. Thieves tended to be cowards, they ran away from the scene of the crime as soon as they could, so they were unlikely to be willing to fight someone like him who had obvious battle training. they'd run away at the first chance that they had and they'd strike again later, so he had to draw them out and deal with them all at once.

Jian was perfectly designed for a job like this. From his years of doing jobs like this, he had learned a large amount of patience so he had absolutely no problem with stalking the man from a distance. The man, obviously, was a lot less enthused about the fact that it would take maybe five seconds for Jian to dive in if something went wrong, but since he was the one begging for protection he really had no choice in the matter.

It actually turned out to be really good that Jian had a large amount of patience as the men who he was going up against seemed to be cowards. No matter how much he waited, from the moment the sun went up to the moment it began to go down again, it was ungodly quiet.

From breakfast until the sun began to come down in the sky, Jian had stalked the man from a fair distance away, never letting him out of his his sight for a second. Yet, even with that, he'd never seen a single hair of the men in question. Were they not coming? It actually seemed like an average day to the prey, and it almost seemed like the thieves were going to chicken out of their little.... "promise".

Fortunately, for Jian's wallet at least, it seemed like they had a lot more balls than he would have given them credit for.

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As the sun was beginning to set, Jian spied four dodgy looking individuals heading down the street. One hand moved to the fan strapped to his belt, but the other hand stayed on his hip. No point making any movement right now - he'd been bored thoughtless for hours now, it was almost certain that his brain was going to be imagining threats just to liven things up. If he jumped at every shadow, he was just going to end up attacking innocent people. No matter what his instincts were telling him, he had to make sure they were a proper threat.

As they pulled their blade out of their sheaths, Jian decided that that was enough proof that these were indeed the criminals that he had been waiting for. The only issue was that, in the time that he had delayed to get proper proof, they had crossed a lot of the gap and that meant that he had much MUCH less time to react to the threat than he would have liked to. Fuck. This situation had just gone from awkward to very unpleasant.

Throwing the black fan, the familiar sound of it cutting through the air could be heard as it arced through the face of three of the thieves, eliciting screams of pain that distracted his foes. Though the blow wasn't lethal, it was a very unpleasant thing to have to live through and three of the men collapsed, clutching their faces Even those who weren't hurt paused for a second, caught off guard by the fact that half of their number had just been eviscerated.

Having crossed the distance by the time they'd recovered from their shock, he threw himself before the first man, delivering a kick across his face, the pleasant meaty sound of teeth being knocked out of someone's mouth echoing across the street, as he spat out his molar and was knocked to the floor, a small puddle of blood forming out of his mouth.

Unfortunately, focusing on the first one left him unprepared for the second one, and thus he was put on the back step. The last thief, a girl with long, raven-black hair, lunged at him with her knife and Jian barely had time to dodge. It was aimed at his heart, and he managed to move it away from his vital organs. It still found itself plunging into his solar plexus.

Obviously bolstered by the success, the girl tried to land a similar strike again. This time, however, Jian was aware of her. Side-stepping it with ease, his hand slammed upwards against the flat of the blade, throwing it into the air and out of her grip. The next move was simple. He yanked her forwards, tripping her onto the concrete. When that dagger came down point first... well, it found a meat-sheath.

Hoisted by her own petard, he thought, before smiling at the unharmed man behind him "I think I'll leave them to you. You decide exactly what justice you want for these men, okay?"

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