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Basic Assistance [Mission I/III]

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1Basic Assistance [Mission I/III] Empty Basic Assistance [Mission I/III] on 31/10/14, 06:44 pm


Portsmouth... really? Jian had spent a lot of time in Reim and was born in Kou, he knew about the naming system in both countries. Portsmouth sounded like nothing that either country would have come up with. 

He assumed it was supposed to be taken literally, this place was on the coast to allow trading with Kou, it was literally the mouth of a port, but... you know, sometimes thinking literally wasn't the best thing in the world. 

Either way, he had offered his assistance for a small price and had somehow been sent off to go deal with animals. He wondered how good he'd be at this - he was good at hunting men, but men and animals weren't the same. 

Okay, there were some similarities between the two arts. For one thing, you needed to know the habits of both to be able to hunt them properly, but since they wanted him to hunt wild animals they were basically just instinct so he needed to look for somewhere that'd have large amounts of food or warmth. 

That was why he was currently in a tree, hovering above the location that he'd been told boars roamed through frequently. The nuts that came from this tree were a favourite of theirs, and surely they'd want some of that. It was hardy the usual information that he used to work with, but it was going to have to be good enough.


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It seemed like the information was very accurate as, within half an hour of waiting, a small sounder of boars had come towards the tree looking to feed. Either they didn't look up or they just didn't care about the weird guy waiting in the tree above them because of how hungry they were as they approached right under him, beginning to shove their fat faces into the nuts that had fallen among the leaves during the autumn's cull.

Now, counting up quickly and noting there were three adults and a couple of piglets, Jian smiled before dropping the fan with the blade down, skewering itself through the sow's head and killing her instantly, dropping to the ground next to her ilk. As the boar approached his dead mate, he met the exact same fate before Jian dropped next to the corpses, yanking his fans back out and giving them a quick flick to get rid of the majority of the blood. 

Having witnessed the death of most of its brood, the beta female began to run away in an attempt to stay alive despite being hunted. A quick toss of the fan made it very clear that running wasn't going to be enough to get out of it alive, and as she dropped to the floor too, it seemed that his mission was over. 

From the poster that the butcher had shown him, these three pigs could bring a lot of food for the port, so now he had to worry about bringing them home. The piglets, however, he decided to let live. They seemed to have weaned already, and if you let the species continue growing you could surely get more meat further on down the line, right? 

Attack 1: Dropped Fan through skull
Attack 2: Same as attack 1
Attack 3: Huxian [The Arc]

Name: Huxian [The Arc]
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Stamina
Weapon Type: Fans
Class: Offensive
Range: 7 meters
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description: Jian throws one of his fans in a specific direction, slicing through anything in its' path, doing D rank damage. The fan moves at 15 m/s  and will return to the user's hand after ricocheting off of a wall or rock.


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It had been three days since he got to this village. Normally he tried not to spend so much time doing such a menial job, but there was something about this country that made him have to spend time to help the people here. Maybe it was witnessing their abuse first hand over and over again, or maybe he was becoming soft. Either way, he'd been stuck here doing the same shit for the last three days, every single day hunting animals.

The first day was kinda interesting, hunting boars, but then there was the fishing and the gathering fruit and roots from trees. He tried to make himself enjoy this line of work, but there was no combat in it and once he had realized there would be no combat to be had he lost a lot of his interest. It was sad to admit, but he actually enjoyed missions for the danger that came from them, and there was no danger to be had here.

So, after the third day's work, he was just going to leave and head back towards the capital. Hopefully there there would be an interesting job.



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