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My Hidden Gem (No girls allowed)

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D-tier Jobs

2) The Plant
3) Right Under Their Noses
20) HQ's Raw Recruits
21.1) If We Work Real Hard
24) Working the Docks
31.1) An Engineering Plight and a Shipwright's Might

C-tier Jobs

6) Deadly Predator Deadly Prey (Garret/Azix)
7) Reim Intelligence Reports
8.) Warn the Slavers(Serene)
9) Supplies
10) Informant from the Underground
11) False Warning
13) Tracking the Leak(Kirine)
15) Manifest Destiny
17) Restoring Honor (Garret/Azix)
43) Ill-fated Plot (Man explains understanding of Kou's involvement in Social reform)

B-tier Jobs

12) This Time it's Personal (Garret/Azix/Zafar)
16) Manifest's Revenge
19) A Personal Favor II
21.2) If We Work Real Hard
22) Instructor's Punishment
23) Replacement Instructors
25) Looking for Employment
28) Garret's Seafaring Adventure
29) Sejarl's Stronghold
30) Kou Operations Ambushed
31.2) An Engineering Plight and a Shipwright's Might
32) The Huang Place to Be Pt. II
33) Letter from the Homeland
34) Deep Sea Treasure (Azix, Ariella, Myra, Safiya, Marsun, Lagi)
35) Repelling the Assault
36) Seeking the Truth
37) Imuchakk Assistance (Vodara/Garret)
38) Veteran's Plot, Mischief's Drought
39) Raw Material Produce Power Ethereal
40) Analysis of Intelligence Reports
41) Responsible Sourcing
42) Assassination Attempt (Aurelius Junius/Fu Bo Sung)
46) Safety Is Never Garaunteed (Aulus Ovidius' past)
47) A Chance Encounter (Jahan/Garret)
48) Clearing out some Black Crows (Jian/Garret)
49)Causing an Upset (Lucanus Albinus' Past)
50) Black Crows Fortress Pt. II (Diego/Garret)
51) Reforms, Chapter 6 (Azix/Altair/Garret)
52) Trapped (Acius' past/Sato)
55) Tis the Season (Imuchakk Unicorn job, Azix/Garret)
70) An Apothecary's Needs (Ayero/Garret)
72) Coastal Caves, Undead Knaves (Garret, Solo job)
74)The Passing of Knowledge (Bahir/Garret)
75) Banditry and Kidnapping (Garret)
81) The Black Crows, Pt. III (Diego/Garret)

A-tier Jobs

Omega-tier Jobs

Other Completed Threads

OOS) Into the Frey (Azix/Garret)
1) The Long Trek To Reim: Dawn of Magic Event
4) Rank and Status (Training Thread)(Mine ownership)
5) Joined the Services to see the World (Training/Plot Thread)(Seviticus)
14) Bitter Prison of the Northern Mountains (Training/Plot thread)
17.2) Usurper From Zou (Event/Azix, Garret: Zhi, General Hei Lu)
17.3) Fate of Reim  (Event/Kinala, Azix, Garret, Lagi: Asisiak, Zhi, The Contractor, General Hei Lu, Reim Emperor)
18) A Personal Favor I (Garret/Azix Training)
26) The Tech Cleanup (Training)
27) The Daily Humdrum of a Spymaster (Garret/Azix Training)
44) Masseuse (Azix, Ariella, Elaina, Garret, Myra)
45) There are no regrets (Kirine=Juliana Lilius)
53) The Ball (Azix/Ariella/Zadi/Lagi/Altair/Ayero/Liber/Yakuroro/Garret)
54) Odd Friends (Training, Altair/Garret)
54) An Isolationist among Isolationists (Garret/Training)
55) The Stowaway (Yua)
56) Ciemeies: The Gate (Azix/Garret)
57) Azix's Opportunity: Truth and Reality (Ciemeies: The Dungeon)
58) Garret V.s. Hana Cho
59) Garret V.s. Jin Cho
60) Garret V.s. Yua
61) Side Effects of Torture (Plot/Ari/Azix/Ayero/Garret)
62) Ayero V.S. Clown Baby and Garret v.s. Rocky (Coli, Ayero/Garret)
63) Lagi V.s. Decimus (Lagi, Azix, Garret)
64) Garret V.s. Mardowlin
65) Crim v.s. Decimus (Lagi, Ayero, Bahir and Azix watching)
66) Fall From Grace Epic Quest
67) Ayero V.s. Decimus (Ayero, Garret & Yua/Azix/Lagi watching)
68) Merging Forces (Event Garret/Azix/Merrze/Ayero/Bahir/Zadi/Minerva/Bianca Blank
69) Battle for Ostia (Azix/Zadi/Bahir/Garret)
N/A) A Magician's Uncertainty (Azix/Garret duel)
71) Unintended Mountaintop Meeting (Training)
73) Lagi's Request, Garret's Decision (Lagi/Garret Social thread)
76) Kios, the Construction Venture (D/C/B Profession Assignment chain)
77) Trailing Octavius Flavius (Merrze/Garret)
78) Investigations (Bianca Lenti/Garret)
79) The Village Diceased (Plot - Azix's destruction of the village)
80) Solidifying a New Style (Bahir's training - Bahir/Garret)

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