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Marsun Vajra

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Marsun Vajra  Rsz_ks10

Name: Marsun Vajra
Tier: D-Tier [Novice].
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 19|July 12th
Country Affiliation: Balbadd
Race: Fanalis
Specialization: Strength

Personality: Compared to the hotheadedness that seems to be commonplace with nearly every Fanalis, Marsun is a surprisingly calm and levelheaded individual. He is very observant of the people and things around him, a trait that was taught to him by his adopted father so that he would never be caught unaware whether in or out of combat. He is an exceptionally skilled tactician, capable of adjusting his own battle strategies in the heat of combat and even accounting for new variants within mere moments of them happening. When outside of combat, his intellect often shows itself in his practices of martial arts, blacksmithing, and his culinary arts. This is most apparent in his ability to quickly learn new tactics and techniques upon first encountering them.

Despite his usually calm and collected demeanor, Marsun is surprisingly shy around women. Depending on his level of interest in said woman, he may even have trouble expressing his thoughts or talking at all. He is aware of the practices of flirting and courtship, though due to his shyness he undoubtedly has quite a bit of difficulty in taking part in such acts. As it stands, there is no one that he is currently interested in romantically, though he is not in any particular rush in this regard.

In regards to dealing with those who he considers friends or even family, Marsun is very protective of them and will do whatever he can to see to their well being. He has a particularly low tolerance for those who attempt to bring harm in any way to his loved ones and if necessary will often attack the person or people responsible.


  • Martial Arts- As with most, if not all, Fanalis, Marsun has taken a strong liking towards the practice of martial arts. He has developed a particular affinity towards the use of the Naginata.
  • Fruits- Keeping in line with his fondness for martial arts, Marsun also believes in healthy eating. As such, he is quite fond of various fruits as a snack, his favorite being peaches.
  • Blacksmithing- A trait developed during his time as a bodyguard, Marsun is a skilled blacksmith. As such, he enjoys learning the different methods that abound the world in hopes of becoming a master smithy.
  • Cooking- Another trait learned during his bodyguard days, Marsun is a skilled chef and prides himself on his culinary abilities.
  • Warm Weather- Being that he was born during the Summer, Marsun has a fondness for warm weather in general. This is also because this is when he usually enjoys exercising outdoors.


  • Slavery- For most of his life, Marsun has been witness to the depravity that is slavery. Although he himself has not been a victim of it, he still harbors a strong hatred for its practice.
  • Bad Cooking- Because of his own culinary skills, Marsun dislikes any kind of bad cooking. As a result, he will often go out of his way to rectify the situation, even if it means that he has to do the cooking himself.
  • Faulty Craftwork- He does not enjoy faulty crafting, often willing to berate both the craftsman and their work.
  • Cold Weather- Just as he enjoys warm weather, he equally dislikes cold weather, to the point where it will put him in a rather bad mood.

Phobias: Due to witnessing his parents' enslavement, he has a rather strong fear of enslavement, though he is able to keep this fear hidden rather well. Because of this fear, he will do as much as he possibly can to prevent himself or those he cares for from suffering such a fate, even if it results in physical harm to himself in the process. Another fear he has is witnessing the death of someone close to him. It is for that reason that he trains so intensely and strives for the greatness that he does.

Aspirations: As mentioned above in his likes, Marsun hopes to become a world renown blacksmith and chef. Understandably, he knows that with each there will be difficulties that he must overcome, and he is more than willing to do so to achieve his goals. Another aspiration he has is to be recognized as one of the greatest martial artists in the world. While this latter aspiration is rather lofty, he still wishes to fulfill it.

Face-Claim: Mikoto Suoh- K-Project
Weight: 195LB
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blood Red
Height: 5'11"
Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Traits: Regardless of where he is, his blood red eyes seem to always give off a hauntingly alluring glow. In line with this, his eyes are actually two-toned, the irises themselves being a deep crimson while the anterior rim is golden yellow.
Appearance: In comparison to most others, Marsun stands at a rather average height, though in some respects he could also be seen as a tall individual. Like all pure-blooded Fanalis, Marsun bears a hair color that is scarlet red in color, the style of which usually has a spiky and somewhat unkempt look to it. Another hereditary trait gained through his Fanalis lineage is his ruby red eyes which bear a deep crimson color reminiscent of blood. Unlike other Fanalis, however, Marsun bears a golden yellow ring around the anterior of his irises. Physically, his body is in pristine shape due to his Fanalis bloodline, though as expected of numerous battles he is riddled with old scars. In spite of this, his back remains unscathed due to the fact that he has never turned his back on an opponent in retreat. By most standards, Marsun is a fairly attractive young man, though he exercises humility in regards to it. As far as his choice of clothing, he tends to choose casual clothing or outfits that he feels he will be most comfortable in. Most of the time, however, he will wear the local fashions of Balbadd.


Marsun's beginnings are humble in nature. Born of a pair of Fanalis who were part of an exodus from the Dark Continent, he has no memories at all of the homeland that once belonged to the warrior race. Unfortunately for Marsun, the memories of his birth parents are even more scarce. The reasoning for this being that shortly after his fifth birthday, his parents were enslaved and carted off to another part of the country. Not wanting their child to suffer the same fate, his parents hid him from the slavers and ordered him not to leave his hiding place no matter what he heard or saw. Despite a valiant and impressive resistance on their part, his parents were ultimately shackled along with the rest of the caravan. Alone and confused, Marsun was left to wander the night desert as an unwilling orphan. Even at his young age, Marsun was still able to keep himself from starving, his survival consisting of hunting small desert wildlife and siphoning what little water he could from the various cacti. Eventually his wandering led him to the gates of Balbadd.

Now at the age of nine, Marsun scraped out a meager existence within the slums of the city, befriending the other destitute children. Even with this existence, Marsun was relatively content with the way things had turned out. After all, it was much better being in a city with friends than wandering the desert alone. Some months had passed since Marsun's life within the slums had began, and it seemed that fate was not yet done with the orphaned Fanalis. During one of the many instances of Marsun and his companions playing throughout the city, a member of the Vajra household bore witness to the impressive natural strength of the young warrior as he smashed an errant supply cart into splinters with a single deceptively forceful punch. Immediately recognizing the boy as a member of the Fanalis race, this woman, who turned out to be Yujani Vajra, the wife of a well known blacksmith and spear fighter, approached Marsun with a generous opportunity: he would be adopted and become a member of the Vajra household and would also be trained by Master Shadeik Vajra in both weaponsmithing and spear fighting. Throughout the decade of tutelage, Marsun was also taught of his lineage by Yujani and given lessons in worldly matters and other general knowledge. He also took a liking to watching his adopted mother as she prepared the meals for their family, exhibiting an ability to quickly learn and adapt to situations as they presented themselves to him. Because of his natural capabilities, Marsun was able to quickly learn from Master Vajra and easily became his top student. On the day of his nineteenth birthday, Marsun made the decision to become the bodyguard of the Vajra family as repayment for the kindness and generosity towards him. This offer was accepted, though there was obviously some reluctance from his mother. To this day, he continues to serve as his family's spear, guarding them from any threats that may come to them.

Role-Play Sample:

(This is an RP sample from another site.)
A wandering swordsman, that was all that was known about the enigmatic young man who currently moved through the lantern-lit streets of Hosenka. The very fact that he was a swordsman was only known because of the malefic sword and sheathe hanging from his waist and his choice of attire, an ensemble reminiscent of that worn by samurai. A scarf the color of the darkest night was coiled around his neck and hid the lower half of his face. His sunset-hued eyes were still visible,giving off an alluring sheen in the faint light. He moved with unknown intent, his steps precise and unfaltering. His steady pace soon brought him to the tea house that another young man happened to be entering just shortly before.

As he stepped into the tea house, he passed wordlessly by the young man and approached the bar. Even as he proceeded, the gazes of the tea house's patrons followed him, a mix of curiosity and unexplained attraction towards this mysterious man present in their faces as he proceeded through the crowd. Arriving at the bar, he halted his steps and peered over his shoulder in preparation to address the crowd's silent gawking.

"It is rather impolite to stare...if there is something you wish to ask of me, speak your query now." The man spoke in a low, even voice, though there was an inherently entrancing and sage-like tone to his voice. The patrons remained silent, causing him to emit a nearly inaudible sigh of annoyance while turning his attention back to the bartender. "One bottle of sake, you may bring it to me on the terrace." He instructed before turning away and departed for the aforementioned terrace. Finding a corner away from a majority of the crowd, he settled against the oaken railing. After unstrapping his sword and setting it against the railing next to him, he reached into the folds of his hakata and withdrew a plain wooden flute. A slow exhale whispered from his lips as closed his eyes then raised the flute to his lips and began to play a hauntingly serene melody. Each note seemed to hang in the air while chaining into the next, telling a story as the chords echoed through the twilight sky.

Ssshura, you know I despise that pitiable excuse for music...must you continue to play it? A malevolent voice hissed within the man's mind, its tone dripping with contempt. Shura Reiketsukan, that was the name of this mysterious traveler. The voice that had spoken within his mind belonged to a creature not of this world, a creature known as Yami-Raijin. Yami-Raijin was in fact a demon, summoned to this realm by a long ago ritual and by its own choice has possessed Shura's body in an attempt to use him to carry out its dark machinations. Unfortunately, it had not worked out as Yami had planned and Shura instead gained the ability to wield the demon's magical power. Initially it seemed that Shura was not paying Yami any attention as he continued to play, though he suddenly paused and raised his head slightly.

"I don't care if you like it or have no say in the matter, parasite." Shura whispered defiantly before resuming his playing. An annoyed hiss pierced Shura's thoughts before Yami fell silent. A smirk briefly curled the corner of Shura's lips upward before fading completely. It seemed that while Yami adamantly disapproved of Shura's music choice, the patrons of the tea house enjoyed it, as a decent-sized crowd had gathered to listen to Shura's playing. While Shura was aware that the crowd had formed, he remained unphased, continuing to wordlessly play his flute.

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Marsun Vajra  Marsun13


  • Primary - Strength (C-Tier)
  • Secondary - N/A
  • Tertiary - N/A

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Marsun Vajra  Marsun14

D-tier Abilities

C-tier Abilities

B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Marsun Vajra  Marsun15

Marsun Vajra  Rsz_js10
Name: Sirocco
Tier: C
Type: Naginata
Appearance: Sirocco is a typical naginata in appearance. It is two and a half meters in length from the tip of the blade to the end of the shaft. The shaft is segmented into three half meter lengths each that are connected by a small section of chain each to allow the weapon to be folded and carried upon Marsun's back when not in use. Both the blade and the shaft are composed of a composite formed from carbon steel and Balbaddian steel, the edge of the blade being sharpened to the point where even the slightest touch could draw blood.


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