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The Second Dungeon: Gusion

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1The Second Dungeon: Gusion Empty The Second Dungeon: Gusion 26/10/14, 11:05 pm

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Gusion - The 2nd Dungeon

~The Djinn of The Storm~


The Gate

A long rocky path leads tot he golden door that is approximately 12 foot. The door is closed, of course, and everything around will be somewhat dark with only the light from the circle in the sky visible only shining upon the dungeon. Thunder will be all around sun as it crackles, and it is raining everywhere except on the Dungeon. Right now, a storm is raging upon everywhere but the Dungeon.

The Main Hall

The Main Hall upon arriving is confusing. It is simply a cave with blue stones that glow everywhere. Here and there, there are small ponds but nothing quite large. It is light enough for someone to see.


  • Dice Roll 1 - Go!
  • Dice Roll 2 - Eel (D -10)
  • Dice Roll 3 - Lightning Wolves(C - 5)

The Midway

A massive stretch of ice. Oddly enough it is neither slippery nor fragile, basically just blue pavement which reflects everything above it. The Midway spans around 5 miles and is frequently visited by storms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.


  • Dice Roll 1 - Go!
  • Dice Roll 2 - Lightning Archers(C -6 )
  • Dice Roll 3 - Lightning Tigers(B - 3)
  • Dice Roll 4 - Lightning Women(B - 3)
  • Dice Roll 5 - Ogre(B - 2)

The Chamber

An ancient throne room, After walking out of the midway there will be golden sculptures of creatures on each side of the wall leading to a Y shaped door that leads to a room full of piles of gold.


  • Dice Roll 1 - Go!
  • Dice Roll 2 - Storm Martial Artists (A - 2)
  • Dice Roll 3 - ???

Dungeon-Beast Transformations

  • Dice Roll 1 - Nothing
  • Dice Roll 2 - Ogre

    • Perks:

      • Strength: Ogre will be allowed to have strength that may over power even an Imuchakk.
      • Height: Ogre can be up to 9 Ft Tall and Minimally 7ft short.
      • Comes with a single melee weapon that is Beta tier.

    • Downsides:

      • Intelligence will no longer be an option as a specialty and can be replaced by strength or dexterity.
      • FC must be Ogre
      • Reaction timing is slowed to a full second. Ability speeds are 5m/s.

  • Dice Roll 3 - Kitsune

    • Perks:

      • Magic: Lightning
      • Passive: Naturally moves at 10 m/s. Can create 10 lightning-based abilities below A-Tier (cannot be re-trained).

    • Downsides:

      • All topics that are not during a storm will be -5 Magoi per post.
      • FC must resemble a cat


  • Magic Tool for Companions (read Dungeon System).
  • 50,000 Huang to anyone who completes the dungeon or helps to complete it.


  • You must post within 48 hours from when it has become your turn. If you do not you are subject to being hit directly by one of the enemies or some other form of punishment.
  • If an enemy does not post within 48 hours, you are free to presume that your hit went through and killed it.
  • Only 4 groups can enter the dungeon at once. Groups can be no larger than 2 people. So it's a race to get into the dungeon first. A large amount of people can join The Gate topic, but only if they wish to actually enter the dungeon. If it is discovered that you did not want to enter the dungeon you will have your warning bar docked.

2The Second Dungeon: Gusion Empty Re: The Second Dungeon: Gusion 26/10/14, 11:05 pm

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Jova has defeated the dungeon and obtained Gusion with the help of Ryu, defeating Tai and Vodarara

3The Second Dungeon: Gusion Empty Re: The Second Dungeon: Gusion 26/10/14, 11:06 pm

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Due to inactivity, Gusion has been reallocated to NPC Asisiak the Destroyer.

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