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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy



Reim is an economic and military powerhouse, prospering from their advances in the industrial sciences. The country has largely recovered from the scars Kou dealt in its recent war, with Reim using that recent failure to fuel their improvements. However, the war and its outcome forced many changes which shaped Reim’s current situation - namely, the policies introduced by the usurper Lagi El Nagi. His abolishment of slavery created much instability within the country’s social-stuctures, provoking discussion about the distribution of power and individual rights. Since Lagi’s disappearance, a Council has been formed as a temporary government to deal with these issues - the esteemed Octavius sat at its head.


Reim is a vibrant mixture formed from different tribes and city-states, unified under the Reiman name - whether allied or conquered. However, their individual cultures are mostly preserved under Reiman rule since they have great respect for their fellows and neighbours. This spirit has established a strong Reiman identity built upon unity and progress (referred to as the ‘the Reiman people’), with a particular focus on the arts and the sciences. Indeed, Reim is also known as ‘the Genius country’ because their industries have advanced enough that many processes are automated mechanically, with machines powered by steam and wind.

Reim believes that progress is man’s goal and tradition its obstacle. As such, while they respect the gods, they regard religion to be second below the sciences. The majority of its religious rites have been transformed into simple festivities, such as parades and feasts, with one of the most popular being the Coliseum. In this magnificently-built structure, they once held public sacrifices. The combatants now fight for fame and freedom, battling either to the death or simple unconsciousness. Indeed, its renown is such that thousands come from far and wide to either participate or spectate.

Reiman citizens dress themselves in the usual clothes of classical antiquity, from Julio-Claudian times especially, and Reiman soldiers have Roman legionary weapons such as short swords, spears and tower-shields. Their skin-tones can be fairly diverse, from dark to fair, but they typically have Graeco-Roman names, though Germanic and Celtic are not uncommon - owing to the many and various peoples Reim calls its own.


Reim is the beloved child of its founder Scipio Augustus. He was a powerful general with great vision, believing man would flourish through his genius and not his religion. However, though his vision for the future was great, Scipio was a dictator. Conquering vast swathes of land, he instituted harsh laws upon their inhabitants. It was no surprise then that he was duly assassinated so that his son Milian Augustus, a much kinder man, might sit upon the throne.

The subsequent Augustan family-line bestowed centuries of prosperity upon Reim. Their lands expanded throughout the northern continent, transforming the country into an economic superpower. However, in recent times, Reim has experienced difficulties at the Western Front which the emperor Claudius Augustus attempted to resolve through force. These actions seemed uncharacteristic for Claudius, who seemed a kind and benevolent ruler with pacifistic policies.

Indeed, when the Kou empire invaded the Reiman continent, Claudius revealed his hateful and elitist beliefs. He was then killed during this invasion, alongside the Kounese general, and the man Lagi El Nagi was allowed the throne by Kounese representatives. Although he crippled its economy and production, Lagi did end slavery and initiated job creation programs. The conditions of his rule, however, entailed that Lagi would rule Reim as a member of the Kou nation which the Reiman people disliked, viewing Lagi as a simple figurehead for Kounese rule.

These tensions bloomed into a full-on war over Reim's independence. After much fighting, Kou retreated and Lagi disappeared. A temporary Council was formed in his stead since the Reiman throne was left empty, and nobody wished to see it filled again. Indeed, the Council intended to change their government into a republic, burying the Augustan family-line alongside their empire.

While the country may still be recovering from these conflicts, the general Octavius Flavius has ensured that the Reiman people survive and their communities thrive. With him at its head, the Council has become an uncontested power-house whose eminent members are trusted by both rich and poor.

Government and Citizenship


The government of Reim is split between two powers, the recently-stabilized Council as the executive head and the Senate as the legislative body.

Reim's Council is a newer institution but, over the past few years, it has helped the empire transition fully into a republic. It consists of nine individuals who oversee the three branches of government, their cabinet positions given based upon their service to the nation. The first branch of Military and National Defense is handled by the general Octavius Flavius (head of the Fanalis Corps), alongside Kohai El Nagi (interim head of the Unity Corps), and Lucius Scipio, the general overseeing Reim’s legions. The cabinet positions around Education, Social Policy and Labor were grouped together into one branch, so that they could kickstart local development. Cassandra Traiana leads social programs, gaining a good reputation from her housing reforms, but works upon foreign and internal affairs as well. The education sector is handled by Artemis, a veteran of the civil service, while the workforce initiative has gained a new leader in Nero Cavus. The final branch of Economic Affairs is handled by Ophelia Polonia (head of the Treasury), alongside Rex Gaius (head of the Merchant Guilds) and Roark El Nagi, who deals with food production and agricultural trade. They also hold monthly meetings which any Guild (Faction) leader may attend, so long as they are approved by the Reiman Council.

The Senate is a pillar of Reiman politics, being one of its oldest institutions. One cannot join easily, since it prides itself upon its elitism and the blue-blood tradition. To join the Senate, one must be part of a gens Senati whether born or married. These gentes are long-lasting clans whose influence has held for decades, if not centuries, with some clans claiming they were established with Reim’s foundation. There are around three-hundred senators from these gentes, whose positions represent the regions they live within. They were meant as representatives of their region’s constituents, but they represent their own interests more often than not.

City Services

The Fanalis Corps

A reformed assault-team consisting of Fanalis alone. They are Reim's strongest warriors and have significant political influence. They are currently being led by the general Octavius Flavius.

The Unity Corps

A group specialised with intelligence and gathering information. Their work is behind-the-scenes, ensuring the safety of government officials. They are being led by the interim head Kohai El Nagi.


Reim News

For the news and other going-ons of Reim, follow this link.


Acquiring Reiman citizenship is a fair and simple process. One must complete paperwork at their local magistrate’s office, declaring their loyalty to Reim and its people. This would grant them inoptimum citizenship, consisting of four rights: the right to vote in local elections, to marry lawfully, to deal in trade or property and to be protected legally.

In order to acquire optimum citizenship, one must be a native-born citizen or be an inoptimum citizen with a sponsorship from someone who has stood for public office. This consists of two additional rights: the right to stand for public office and to maintain citizenship in a foreign country. Those of B-tier unlock The Wolf's Bazaar , which unlocks more items at each tier. These are unique scientific or magical items unique to Reim.

One may lose their optimum citizenship if they commit criminal offenses. It is quite difficult for one to lose their inoptimum citizenship once acquired, however, requiring one to commit serious criminal offenses repeatedly or commit treason against Reim and its people.

Omega Challenge

Champion of the Coliseum:In order for a Reiman citizen to gain Ω-Tier, they must first have participated in five Coliseum matches (either NPC or PC matches). Decimus, the Immortal, no longer lives, so now the hunt for a new champion begins. Some say he is already waiting.

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