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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy



A democratic nation that has slowly grown into an economic powerhouse through its fishing and trade industry. With powerful underground industry such as slaving and talking shadows. With little military might, they look to have control in the world through another means, economics. Despite its lack of an army, it makes up for it in defenses such as walls, traps, and guards, put in place after the Sasanid crusades.


Temperate in half the year, hot and humid in the other half, on the sea sits the nation of Balbadd. With cities of stone adorned with silk and cotton cloths. It hosts pride in its fertile lands near the city and its gorgeous seaside views. With cities along the sea to the capital and trade partnerships with city-states, the nation is a blooming economic powerhouse.

With little military power, the nation makes up with it for other innovations for the people. With a robust casino life supplementing most of the nation's funds in place of taxes. As the people line to support the state through gambling they themselves line their pockets from their own profits in plenty of businesses. Slavers lurk in the underground and merchants share the same streets with them. All unaware of the webs ensnaring their city.

From those with fair skin to people tanned deeply like sandstone, the nation of Balbadd boasts a diverse population. Those who walk the streets act relaxed from life free of war. Greed, however, runs rampant on the streets once more. They say the people are kind but just as quick to take your money. While nothing more than a stereotype it tells tales of the crime that plagues the nation. Poor and rich alike dress in robes, coats, head wraps, and harem pants reminiscent of Arabic culture. The people of the nation have similar naming patterns being predominantly Arabic in thematic, with their technology and lifestyle being reminiscent of the 15th century. Some of the smaller cities and city-states around Balbadd reflect other cultures from the Arabian peninsula. Many are people of the sea, enjoying rich seafood diets and fragrant spices. It is only full bolstered by fleets of growing merchants, traders, and a fledgling navy.


Like Reim, Balbadd was originally ruled by a ruthless, horrible man; however this one was more greedy than anything.

Akhmad Al-Jabiri, a pompous, chubby old fool who only wanted to draw in more and more money for his personal benefit. For years he collected over-priced taxes from the people, and did nothing to better the country as a whole. It was only when his grand-daughter spoke up that Balbadd would forever change.

Mirah Al-Jabiri, a far-off descendant to the throne. At the young age of 13 she rebelled against her grand-father, not in the form of combat, but instead an election. She threatened her elder, stating that if he couldn't beat her in a competition of votes and slips of paper, he wasn't capable of ruling an entire country.

In the end, Akhmad lost by a landslide; however he wasn't done in the slightest. He drew his sword against the new ruler, but was quickly stricken down by a mob of rebels.

Instead of actually ruling Balbadd as a monarchy, Mirah surprised all of the populace with only several words. She stated that the country would now be a democracy, in which they would elect a Cabinet filled with representatives who would all share their own views and opinions.

Mirah is currently 29 years of age, and is watching over Balbadd as a simple supervisor, not a tyrant. She has served the nation faithfully but it has slipped in control. Rumors say another has taken the reins but no proof has ever been presented, nothing but the slander of angry, dishonored politicians. While they've been free from war, in recent years they've seen conflict from the crusades of Sasan.

Despite minor attacks and rumors, the nation has only strengthened. With its multiple gold generating fronts and reinforced walls, expanding navy the people of Balbadd look to a hopeful future. With ill intentions stoke the fire they are exploding powerhouse to keep an eye on.

Government and Citizenship


The country of Balbadd is ruled by a cabinet of Ministers as a legislative force and the Minister. Mirah Al-Jabiri, a democratic leader voted in by the people. With their kind-hearted leader helping execute the people's will, the cabinet handles the affairs and management of the republic. With no open positions claims say a Shadow has placed them in as puppets. They execute their jobs well for benefit of the nation, but their pockets are certainly well lined as well.

The Cabinet:

  • Head of the Treasury- Raza Imam

  • Head of the Military- Zia Naji

  • Head of Public Welfare and Health- Atiya Shayma

  • Head of Education- Samina Dania

  • Head of Internal Affairs- Juda Mustafa

City Services

Merchants Guild: In order to promote proper trade and business inside Balbadd's territories the Merchants Guild has formed. Hoping to promote business, and make sure those around are following their regulations.

Balbadd Grand Navy: A recent faction having risen to power in the nation after the Sasan crusades. As the nation has built up its' forces it's put more effort into training a navy to handle trade protection and to deal with those that wish to threaten the operations of their nation.


For the news and other ongoings in Balbadd,follow this link


In order for one to become a member of Balbadd, they must simply just live within in its sphere of influence to claim allegiance, whether that be in the city itself or one of its many vassal/ally states. It is rising in rank that proves to be difficult for the many.

Rising in power in Balbadd means ruling the ports or the underground. Useful members of society either contribute by being involved in the gambling industry or the assorted crime fronts. Politics is the most dangerous game of all within the nation, with any of those in power risking threats and attacks for betrayal or missteps.

At B-tier, those involved with the plot of the nation unlock The Black Market which includes rotating items every 4 months. At A-tier players are gifted with a boat that is capable of carrying them and a small crew to any region through the seas in only 200 words.

Omega Challenge

Master Diplomat- If a person from Balbadd wished to reach Ω-Tier, they would have to act as ambassadors of their country and meet with at least 2 leaders of some of the other civilizations. Once one reaches A-Tier and meets the other requirements to reach Ω-Tier, the chosen rulers for said meetings MUST participate, whether they like it or not.

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