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Rank System

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy


Ranks are the various stages a character can reach after netting a certain amount of Experience. You can get experience through several methods:

  • Making IC RP Posts [10 XP Per Post]
  • Events
  • Participating in Coliseum Matches*
  • Doing Missions/Jobs

*-Means there is a special condition

The Ranks are as follows:

D-Tier [Novice]:

  • All starting characters begin at D-Tier.
  • May register up to 15 primary abilities, five of which are starter abilities.
  • All Novices have a base magoi/stamina level of 100.

C-Tier [Veteran]:

  • A D-Tier who acquires at least 500 XP.
  • May register up to 20 primary abilities.
  • All Veterans have a base magoi/stamina level of 150.

Beta/ β-Tier [General]:

  • A C-Tier who acquires at least 2,000 XP.
  • Can learn a secondary specialization, and possibly a third if acquired through special means.
  • May register up to 25 primary abilities, 10 secondary, and 5 tertiary.
  • May register a SINGLE Alpha-Tier ability.
  • All Generals have a base magoi/stamina level of 200.

Alpha/A-Tier [Royal]:

  • A B-Tier who acquires at least 5,000 XP.
  • May register up to 30 primary abilities, 15 secondary, and 10 tertiary.
  • May register three Alpha-Tier abilities.
  • At this rank one can join the upper-hierarchy of their country, if they affiliate with one.
  • All Royals have a base magoi/stamina level of 250.

Omega/Ω-Tier [Conqueror]:

  • An Alpha-Tier who acquires at least 10,000 XP and has completed the requirements for their affiliated country. Wanderers cannot reach Ω-Tier unless if they defeat another Ω-Tier person in combat.
  • May register up to 35 primary abilities, 20 secondary, and 15 tertiary.
  • May register up to 5 Alpha-Tier abilities.
  • May register a SINGLE Omega-Tier ability.
  • All Conquerors have a base magoi/stamina level of 300.

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