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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy


Magic System A17r5jC

Magic is the ability of a person to tap into the flow of rukh inside and outside of their own bodies, manifesting it into different aspects of the world. This flow of rukh, called magoi, is found in every living and non-living thing throughout the world. Those that are able to tap into these powers are called magicians. They are the only people who can see the rukh and communicate with it unlike anyone else. Every magician is born with an affinity to a certain magic type and may train others as their skill grows. The most skilled magicians are able to combine magic types to create complex spells. There are a total of eight types that are explained below:

  • HEAT - Heat is a type of magic where the magician orders the rukh to convert into heat or flames. Spells of this magic type can explode and cause burning effects. However, it may even be used to remove heat to create a chilling effect. It is the first type of magic. Magicians who have an affinity to this type are known as "Red Magicians". Heat magicians have a remarkable aptitude toward the fifth type, Wind.

  • WATER - Water is a type of magic where the magician orders the rukh to gather water from the environment, such as the moisture in the air. It can be used in various ways, such as to push targets, crush things with pressure, manipulate water movement and change the different states of water (gas, liquid, solid). Ice is a sub-magic of Water. Ice is the only type of magic which can freeze over targets and opponents. It is the second type of magic. Magicians who have an affinity to this type are known as "Blue Magicians". Water magicians have a remarkable aptitude toward the sixth type, Sound.

  • LIGHT - Light is a type of magic where the magician orders the rukh to change into pure light. This type is capable of creating illusions, whether it be to change one's appearance through bending the light or by implanting an image in the mind of others. Spells of this type are also capable of causing damage in the form of concentrated light, which causes burns and can also cause blinding effects. It is the third type of magic. Magicians who have an affinity to this type are known as "Orange Magicians". Light magicians have a remarkable aptitude toward the seventh type, Strength.

  • LIGHTNING - Lightning is a type of magic where the magician orders the rukh to change into electricity. This type is capable of producing strong volts of electricity such as lightning and allow the magician to use the effects of magnetism. Spells of this type have the capability to inflict paralytic effects. It is the fourth type of magic. Magicians who have an affinity to this type are known as "Yellow Magicians". Lightning magicians have a remarkable aptitude toward the eighth type, Life.

  • WIND - Wind is a type of magic where the magician orders the rukh to change into strong gusts of wind. This type is capable of producing wind and manipulating the air itself. Spells of this type have the capability to remove the air from a space and create powerful vortexes. It is the fifth type of magic. Magicians who have an affinity to this type are known as "White Magicians". Wind magicians have a remarkable aptitude toward the first type, Heat.

  • SOUND - Sound is a type of magic where the magician orders the rukh to change into sound to preform various effects. This type is capable of manipulating sound waves to inflict damage to the ears of a target and even their entire body. It is the sixth type of magic. Magicians who have an affinity to this type are known as "Green Magicians". Sound magicians have a remarkable aptitude toward the second type, Water.

  • STRENGTH - Strength is a type of magic where the magician orders the rukh to transform into pure force. This type is capable of using spacial influence to twist, morph, and move things around with great force. Gravity is a sub-type of Strength and it is used to collect sand and other parts of the terrain in order to form objects which could potentially be used to launch attacks. It can also be used to create flight spells. It is the seventh type of magic. Magicians who have an affinity to this type are known as "Black Magicians". Strength magicians have a remarkable aptitude toward the third type, Light.

  • LIFE - Life is a type of magic where the magician orders the rukh to convert and create various life forms; such plants or monsters from pre-existing bio-materials whether large or small, even microscopic. Life Magic may also be used to detect other life-forms within a given diameter. Although it is capable of converting and creating life forms, other characters cannot be controlled or turned into nothingness. Life is also the only magic type capable of healing others. It is the eighth type of magic. Magicians who have an affinity towards this type are called "Purple Magicians". Life magicians have a remarkable aptitude toward the fourth type, Lightning.


Aside from the eight magic types, there are three types that are restricted and unique on their own. You may not start out with these types and they may only be learned through special means.

  • CLAIRVOYANCE - Clairvoyance is a magic used to tell the past or look into the present, communicating over long distances, viewing current events in different locations and many other things. It is a magic that is used mostly to gather the truth on a subject or matter, since this magic always shows the truth and can't be altered. There are several things to note about Clairvoyance Magic:

    • In order to use clairvoyance magic, you must use another magic type as a medium for the rukh to use. This means that all Clairvoyance magic spells must be combination magic and thus be at least B tier. The medium will determine how the information obtained is presented. (ex. Dolls of water or a screen of light that plays like a movie.)
    • This magic type may not predict the future of others. However, one can predict the future to things such as asking wind or water rukh about the weather or the tides. Nature can be predicted but the fate of others can not.
    • Looking into the past or the present regarding a specific person or object requires a portion of that being in order to successfully activate the spell (ex. blood to view the past of a person, the hilt of the sword to find out where the pieces of the blade still rest, etc.)

  • CURSE - Curse is a sub-type of Life magic that allows magicians to possess a person's blood vessels and turn their rukh into the black if it is white. If one tries to oppose the change, the white rukh and the black rukh will destroy each other in the person's body and their flesh will rot. People who are already fallen into depravity are able to resist against this type of magic and remove it from their bodies. This magic type may not currently be learned by normal members.

  • SPACE | TIME - Space / Time is a sub-type of Light magic that allows magicians to utilize space as a form of offense and defense. Magicians who possess the ability to utilize such magic are able to manipulate the space–time continuum. This type of magic gives its user the ability to transcend space and time. It can be used to instantaneously move oneself or targeted objects from one place to another. Users are also able to create portals which are called "Transfer Magic Circles". This magic is very hard to utilize and consumes large amounts of magoi from the user. This magic type may not currently be learned by normal members.

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy


As soon as you receive your second magic type you may begin using and creating combination magic. Any magician may register a combination magic so long as they have the magic types that are incorporated in the type. However, there are certain rules regarding them:

  • Spells utilizing combination magic must be C Tier or higher. Any combination magic type utilized in a spell composed of three or more types must be at least B Tier.

  • When registering a new combination, you may choose to restrict it or allow it to be free to use. However, if the combination is rather simple and logical for anyone to think of, staff may deny the restriction request and make it free to use. Keep this in mind when creating certain combinations. (ex. Heat and Water could make Steam Magic which would be a simple enough concept to be free to use.)

  • If a combination magic is restricted, you may ask permission from the founder to be able to use it. However, they may wish for you to preform certain tasks such as a plot thread or train under their character. If the founder is not currently active, you may ask staff or anyone who is allowed to use the combination for permission.

  • A combination magic may use up to four magic types. All magicians may create combination types that use up to three magic types. However, only magicians that have completed their Kodor testing in Magnostadt are able to use four magic types in a combination magic.

  • In order to register a combination magic, simply post it where you would register abilities which is located here. Below is the template that needs to be filled out when creating a combination magic:

[center][font=Georgia][color=#000000][b][u]COMBINATION NAME[/u][/b][/color]
[ MAGIC TYPES ][/font]
[ [size=12][font=Georgia][color=#000000][b]FOUNDER[/b][/color][/font]: Character Name | [color=#000000][font=Georgia][b]PERMISSION[/b][/font][/color]: Free to Use | If Restricted: Character Name(s), or N/A[/size] ]
[i]Write the description of your magic type here.[/i][/center]



[ FOUNDER: Staff | PERMISSION: Restricted ]
Using gravity to pull together dust, dirt, and any other particles it is then heated up with heat magic, charged by lightning magic, and smashing light particles to create bright colorful dust that looks similar to that of Space Dust. Despite its beautiful color it does damage through its dust the intense energy-burning people caught in its path. All Aether Magic spells/abilities, ect cool down eventually leaving a 5 diameter dust cloud equal to its tier lasting one post at D-tier and additional post at each tier that blocks vision of people outside it trying to look past it and blinding people caught in within it.  


[ FOUNDER: Adrastos Thanatos | PERMISSION: N/A ]
Apocrypha Magic is the combination of Life Magic and Strength Magic. Spells of this magic utilizes a black pollen that take take any shape the user wishes (including solid forms) to rot anything they touch or inhibit the opponent’s sensory abilities (sight, hearing, touch, smell).D-Tier damage causes the skin to bruise and turn black. C-Tier damage causes skin to peel, exposing the muscle tissue. B-Tier damage decays the skin and muscle tissues, exposing the bones. A-Tier damage causes entire limbs to rot, including skeletal structure, leaving nothing left not even ashes. D-Tier pollen remains after using a spell, dormant on the caster's weapon, and can be activated to strengthen the power of another Apocrypha spell later on.


Using life and water magic to control the water and bacterium in the blood, the user may manipulate the blood inside their own body or the blood of others that has been exposed to open air. Blood Magic spells that use the user's own blood cost half as much magoi and the rest of the cost is paid with stamina.


This combination of sound and water magic uses powerful vibrations to create large scale cavitation bubbles. These underwater phenomenon causes an intense amount of heat and shock-waves. Damage is always split as half burn damage and half blunt force damage. Victims are disorientated and dizzy for 1 post.


[ FOUNDER: Noir Ecryola | PERMISSION: Contact Noir or Staff for permission ]
Creation Magic is a combination type that uses life as a base to grow cells or to give life-like attributes to inorganic matter. Water and heat are used to create a womb-like environment and to aid the life magic in producing the liquids and heat ideal for the subject. Strength magic is used subtly throughout serving several functions such as compressing materials or ingredients to increase their density. True creation magic is involves the user splitting off a small segment of their own rukh and places it into a magically created body that can function and persist on its own. This results in a new lifeform being being born. Alternatively the magician can simply use creation magic to generate new organic material allowing it to regrow lost limbs or alter the physiology of a target by adding onto the existing flesh.

Creation magic requires time and effort equivalent to the creation's tier based on WC starting at 500 words for D-tier and increasing by 500 each tier capping at A-tier. The caster can only dedicate 500 words of an individual post towards meeting the wordcount making use in combat impractical.

The magoi spent for a creation is subtracted from the caster's total pool. The magoi spent is the normal cost for abilities and lost magoi will recover by 10 for each thread posted at the end of the monthly AC.

Creations that are new life forms must be registered as NPCs and count against the users NPC slots. But they do not cost huang and do not have to be humanoids.

Creations are lasting and permanent, even if the caster dies. They can be killed by destroying their vital organs such as the brain, lungs, or heart.

Can create Omega tier NPC, but only through extensive plot.


This combination of water and sound magic affects liquids by applying high frequency vibrations to them. This magic type is used to deal both external and internal damage. By vibrating the water around someone to extreme levels, abrasions and tearing can be dealt to the skin. By vibrating the water molecules inside a targets blood, stomach acid, and other bodily fluids, internal damage is dealt directly to their organs and circulatory systems. All cymatic magic is excruciatingly painful and causes minor paralysis in the afflicted limbs leaving them numb and slowed for one post.


Using a combination of Life and Heat magic, the user is able to create a cold flame that causes life to decay instead of burn. Those hit by it the flame must remove any clothing it made contact with, or cover their body with magoi to protect themselves from decaying. The user of this magic type is also not immune to the flames, so they must be careful when using it. This magic type is useless against non-living beings/material. These flames will spread up to 1m for 1 post before dying out.


[ FOUNDER: Noir Ecryola | PERMISSION: N/A ]
Magic that works off the same principle as a volcano. Water is produced, then heated to boil, and compressed with strength magic down to incredibly small sizes. This creates black spheres which can be launched towards a target. The spheres explode on contact bursting into large blasts of steam and force. All Destruction magic bursts with enough force to send the victim flying backwards 1/4th the distance of its own blast radius.


Diamond Dust Magic uses strength to gather surrounding earth and life to kill the plants inside said earth. The Strength magic is then used to create intense pressure to create coal and then Heat Magic is used to complete the process of forming the pressurized coal into a diamond. The Diamond is Broken up into minuscule pieces to form the Diamond Dust. When an ability using this magic type is used, leftover dust coats a weapon or staff of the user's wishing for two posts. It protects the object from C-tier damage before falling apart. It takes two posts for the diamond dust to be built back up between abilities.


Combining together the concept of holy magic's living healing light constructs and infusing that with liquid to make more stable constructs has made magic that involves creating living water that radiates with healing magic and light magic to create brilliant looking watery constructs that could almost be described as angelic water. Constructs are capable of healing, damaging, and blindng abilities, due to the watery nature of the magic all Holy water magic constructs create a pool equal to their size plus an additional 10 meters to their radius. This pool heals players for D-tier damage each post, lasting for two posts.


Combining together Water, Heat, and Life magic the user is able to make constructs by creating water and propagating it with bacteria and cells it creates a mixture of blood and alcohol which is heated creating living constructs made of essentially of boiling blood that catches fire upon creation, a truly hellish creation. These constructs being made of blood, bacteria, and other combination of cells makes them generally unstable and requires blood in order to keep themselves alive. This means that Infernal spells can sustain themselves for additional posts by consuming blood.

  • D-tier Bleeding: D-tier's damage worth of blood will sustain a spell for 1 additional post
  • C-tier Bleeding: C-tier's damage worth of blood will sustain a spell for 2 additional posts
  • B-tier Bleeding: B-tier's damage worth of blood will sustain a spell for 3 additional posts
  • A-tier Bleeding: A-tier's damage worth of blood will sustain a spell for 4 additional posts.


[ FOUNDER: Adrastos Thanatos | PERMISSION: N/A ]
Liquid Shadow Magic is a combination of Water Magic and Light Magic. Liquid Shadow Magic is accomplished by using Light Magic to distort and bend light through water particles in the air in any given location, causing them to look black. Combined with Water Magic, the user controls the black water particles in the air and controls them to look like a shadow. These “shadows” are very similar in appearance to that of actual shadows, but are made of water instead of light, or the absence thereof. They can still be easily mistaken for real shadows. Since the light is bent through water particles in the air, the caster is  still able to change the water between it’s three stages: gas/mist, liquid/water, and solid/ice. All Liquid Shadow spells cover the points of contact on targets in ice for exactly one post.


Using a combination of life and heat magic, the user can passively seek out life and upon locating a life signature, heat damage is inflicted to burn the opponent. All living flame magics have this life seeking effect up to 20m away from the caster.


[ FOUNDER: Hyperion Tol Baelsar | PERMISSION: Restricted ]
An advanced form of Animation Magic. The ability to reanimate any non-living objects with any memories or thoughts it might have had, giving it the ability to speak to the caster. A dead person would return with their memories, while a sword would recall the process of being crafted or previous battles and wielders. Anything affected by Reincarnation magic can selectively share sensory information with the caster.


[ FOUNDER: Reed Harper | PERMISSION: N/A ]
A combination of sound and wind magic that isolates pockets of air, rapidly vibrating the sound within a pocket of air. This causes it to burst into high pitched sound waves, dealing damage and causing disorientation to foes affected by the magic. Victims are left disorientated and dizzy for 1 post.


[ FOUNDER: Azix Niraj | PERMISSION: Adrastos Thanatos ]
Using light magic to distort and bend light, one is able to create shadows. Combined with strength magic, the user solidifies those shadows, giving them shape and a durable form. Shadow Magic constructs all have C-tier item durability.


[ FOUNDER: Lestacia | PERMISSION: Restricted: Lestacia ]
Star magic is made by using Water Magic to create a vast amount of water in an area, you then use Heat Magic to turn it into gas. Gravity Magic is then used to separates the hydrogen gas and condense it. As heat and pressure reach a critical point, the hydrogen gas ignites into plasma. Lightning Magic finally generates an electromagnetic field to stabilize and control the plasma. This dense star-like plasma can be molded using the electromagnetic field to suit any shape the user can imagine.

When A Star Magic spell is Cast, the star's gravitational pull sucks those within a 5 meter radius towards the spell. The People within 5 meters are pulled 3m towards the spell once per post.



[ FOUNDER: Noir Ecryola ]
By combining lightning and water magic, the caster is capable to produce acid. Upon contact, the acid will give additional D-tier burning damage.


[ FOUNDER: Tsuki Yomi ]
Through a combination of Lightning and Life magics, the user is able to animate non-living objects. The animation persists 1 post after releasing the spell.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
Using the power of life, heat and ice the user creates or uses a body filling it with life, fueling it with the power of ice and heat in order to manifest through it’s body in order to deal damage or effects. Creating a new form of life, which brings destruction in the form of fire and frost. When Asura magic spells are destroyed their bodies leak the element used as fuel for the spell, dealing D-tier damage in the of burns or frostbite.


[ FOUNDER: Noir Ecryola ]
Using a combination of Wind and Ice magic, the user creates a flurry of snow so thick that one can not see past five meters in front of them for 2 posts as they must remove snow from their eyes once the blizzard is gone.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
Using strength to gather particles in the air, earth, or anything burnable the user generates intense heat on the objects creating ash or cinders which can burn and spread from greats plumes or small embers. Cinder magic has the passive of the ashes linger on the target dealing C-tier damage as long as they're on, knocking these off spreads the damage to targets with 5m.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
Using a combination of Heat and Strength magic, the user is able to form crystalline structures capable of reflecting light. Crystal structure are immune to light magic damage.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
By combining Light and Life magic, the caster creates a magic where the atoms of the shadows are given mass thus making places where the absences of light such as shadows or a dark corner of a room able to be manipulated into a tangible form.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
By combining Heat and wind magic the caster can create a dry air which allows the caster to dehydrate a target draining the water from them, anything hit by a dehydration spell also suffers dizziness and disorientation for 1 post.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
Combining Heat and Ice magics, Dry Ice is created, dealing damage through burns. All Dry Ice spells cause a mist to cover an area of 1 meter, obscuring vision for a minimum of 3 posts.


The combination of life and light magic allows the user to manipulate the emotions of themselves and other living organisms. This works by generating pheromones that trigger the natural hormones within living organisms in order to induce emotional states and creating hallucinations to support those feelings. Any visual illusions created by this magic last for one post longer than their duration.


[ FOUNDER: Lestica | PERMISSION: Free to Use ]
Glass Shard Magic focuses on using the sand created by crushing rocks from the force of Strength. The sand is heated up by heat Magic, cooled by the surrounding air temperature and broken apart once more by Strength Magic. The Glass formed is in fact inherently dangerous upon contact with the body. If hit with a glass magic spell, the person hit by the spell is affected with a bleed that deals a minor D-tier damage every turn until they are healed.


[ FOUNDER: Staff | PERMISSION: Free to Use ]
Golem Magic is made using strength to bring a substance of some kind, eathern, clay or something of malleable shape. Life forms made from this magic are capable of persisting if fed constant magoi, but the magics passive is golems made hold spells inside them. Golem magic spells can hold one spell at a time, being able to cast or use that spells effect through them. Along with this, if infused with a combination magic it gains is passive. Spells can be infused by casting them with the Golem Creation at creation or by targeting them. All Golems have a magic symbol/core somewhere within their bodies to keep it sustained.


[ FOUNDER: Lagi and Staff ]
The user combines three magics together, Lightning, Strength, and Heat, in order to cause a reaction in affected objects to break down. The molecular structure is forced into a natural state of decay by this Hazard Magic; a volatile, ghastly green and glowing substance, made for the sole purpose of utter destruction. With the passive of Hazard magic, spells leave a lingering effect for one post, doing C-tier damage to those inside the covered area of Hazard Magic. The scale of the passive is decided by abilities.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
The combination of Light and Life Magics creates a Holy barrage that can either heal or hurt opponents. If the caster of a Holy Magic spell is wounded, the spell also heals the caster for 1 D-Tier of damage.


[ FOUNDER: StaffPERMISSION: Free to Use ]
By using the power of Strength and Life the user creates a warped form a life. Pushing biological functions to their limits creating great a monsterous life forms bysing strength to reinforce their frame, and enhance it. Horror magic constructs can be kept around as long as they're fed magoi, and if sustained upon destruction it can reform from the remains.


[ FOUNDER: Staff
Using a combination of Sound and Clairvoyance the sound waves of one area harmonize with another allowing for all the noises in one area to be transmitted to another. This allows for people to not only hear the voices and noises from one place in the present, but also allows them to transmit their own to the location if they wish. All Intelligence Magic Spells and items must have set points for sound to travel from and to which lasts one post after initial cast.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
Through the combination of Heat and Strength magics, users create lava. This magic sets targets on fire at points of contact burning them for D-tier damage once per post of three posts unless the flames are extinguished.


[ FOUNDER: Garrett ]
This combination of life, water and sound creates a living body of water that has speech functions equivalent to that of a beast (roars, yells, tweets etc.). This water may freely fluctuate and add on characteristics to its body, all the while remaining in the liquid state. The characteristics mentioned in the prior sentence that they can choose from are limited to those of two different states of water: Solid and Liquid. Examples of these characteristics would be; As hard as ice or as flowing as water. While these characteristics may be exhibited, the state of the creature itself is still within the liquid state of water. These living beings of water will obey and understand the verbal commands of the caster, but are also able to think on their own. Without a verbal command, their primary objective is the protection of their master. The constructs suffer from elemental weaknesses of double damage from lightning(in water state) or fire(in ice state) but also gain elemental strengths only taking half damage from heat/fire based magics such as lava or crystal magic.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
By combining the forces of Strength and Lightning magic the user is capable of searching for metal particles nearby and attracting them. By using magnetism and a strong force to gather the particles the user is able to bond them together in order to form solid objects made from pure metals or alloys that can be formed with low-heat or at room temperature. All metal magic spells have a weakness and strength based on the metal that makes them up, meaning they are treated as one tier weaker or one tier higher in clashing with said weakness and strengths.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
This magic is made using Heat and Strength, with the strength giving control over the rock and the heat helping its propulsion while providing additional harm upon impact. On impact, all meteors create a 1m explosion of debris that does an additional D-tier damage.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
Using Clairvoyance the magic creates a nightmare from the persons mind out of strength and light magic which does damage to the mind and body, anything that is hit with one of these spells also has a paranoia and disorientation effect applied to them for 1 post.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
Using a combination of Light, Sound, and Strength magic, the user creates perfect illusions, including feel, sight, and sound. These illusions can interact with the environment and perfectly copy voices or sounds the user has experienced. All Perfect Illusion magic creates a single phantom copy of the illusion that possesses D-tier item durability. This phantom may split from the original illusion or remain superimposed on it acting as a sort of armor.


[ FOUNDER: Ariella ]
Using a combination of Lightning, Sound, Wind, and Water magic, the user summons the perfect storm. The thunder created by this storm deal passive Disorientation for a single post causing dizziness, while rapid winds, punishing rains, and dangerous lightning strike everything in its range.


[ FOUNDER: Zadi ]
The combination of light and strength creates a bond that covers the light being manipulated by the user. This manipulation can be attributed to the sub-type of Strength Magic: Gravity. In the same way that a Gravity Magic lifts sand and dirt, Pierce Magic lifts/moves light particles. The now solid nature of Light allows such spells to ignore the reflective properties of mirrors, as well as crystal magic spells regardless of the tier difference in abilities.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
Through a combination of Life, Lightning, and Water magics the user creates plagues which deal damage over time. Those affected by plague magic will suffer from vomiting and cramps once a post for a minimum of three posts.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
The combination of Wind and Strength Magics creates a wind with a razor-sharp cutting edge. Things cut with razor magic are unable to be put back together again regardless of healing spells used on them for a minimum of 3 posts.


[ FOUNDER: Lestacia ]
Sandstorm Magic combines the elements of Strength and wind to speed up the process of erosion by crushing them with high powered winds and force. Whenever a Sandstorm Magic Spell is casted the Weather takes an Immediate Shift and becomes a Sandstorm Surrounding 10m's around the Caster for a single post. Reducing vision range to 5m.


The combination of strength and light magic creates a point of mass similar to a black hole with so much mass it replicates a controlled collapse in gravity. The infinite space within this foci can cause an erasure of any form of matter that makes contact with it. All spells of this type appear in the air surrounded by warped space. All singularity magic causes a suction effect, drawing in anything within 3 meters with equivalent strength of the spell.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
The combination of Life and Water magics stimulates the bacterial growth in water, creating a Slime. Slime magic is inherently sticky and requires strength equal to its tier to break free. All slime magic is also flammable and even D-tier sparks can cause an explosion equal to the slime's tier.


[ FOUNDER: Azix Niraj ]
Adding strength magic to illusions can be used to create solid illusions. This allows for illusions around people to be turned into exaggerated proportions to allow for elaborate disguises that won't distort to the touch. They will feel solid, but they still lack sound. All strength magic spells have C-tier item durability.


[ FOUNDER: Lagi El Nagi ]
Upon casting of a Steam Magic spell, a 5 meter diameter cloud of cool steam will remain in the area of the spell for a single post, impeding vision.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
Using a combination of Wind and Lightning magic, the user creates a powerful storm. Those struck by Storm Magic are knocked away from the caster by 5 meters.


[ FOUNDER: Staff ]
Using the combination of heat and light, the user is able to create magic that is as bright and hot as the sun itself. While this magic can not take a solid form, it's scorching light may be used to harm or see into the past of whatever it touches. All spells of this magic type will dissipate water and ice along with melting stone upon contact. However, it may be as cold and blinding as the moon. All spells using this method could draw all of the heat out of anything it touches. Anything that is hit with one of these spells will also hallucinate for 1 post.


[ FOUNDER: Azix Niraj ]
Using Light, Sound, and Life magic, the user suppresses signs of their presence or creates disguises. By bending light, muffling noise, and masking scent, a perfect invisibility or disguise can be formed. Allies within 1m of an Ultimate Ninja magic spell can be given its effects by the caster touching them.


[ FOUNDER: Hannah Voight ]
By utilizing the magic types of wind and strength one can create one of nature’s most powerful phenomenon, a vacuum. A vacuum is an area of space where gaseous pressure is much lower than the atmosphere. This area is nearly devoid of all matter. As such those that are touched by this type of magic have the oxygen and other gases ripped from their cells causing a moment where the body becomes much more fragile than normal. For the following two post the area that is touched by the vacuum will receive additional C rank damage from any attack that is dealt. This type of effect will only take place on living things. The magic is dangerous to even the caster therefore Area Effect spells using this magic are rather rare and must be used with the most extreme caution.


[ FOUNDER: Noir Ecryola ]
Using a combination of Lightning and Water magic, the user is able to conjure water that has lightning being conducted inside. Those struck by it would have one limb paralyzed for 2 posts and their movement speed reduced.

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