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Rebirth System

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Long ago, when the world was first formed, there lived only the humans. The humans quickly gained intelligence, learning how to socialize and conquer. For a short period of time the world was split up into several prosperous countries, each of which had made a truce swearing to never harm one another. This peace, however, was not meant to last. They waged war on one another, all in the hopes of gaining world dominance.

There existed a single problem: no one would stay dead.

Every time a soldier fell in battle he would rise up from the ground in a flash of golden light, ready to continue to wage war.

Even to this day the cause of this strange condition is unknown, but over the centuries the effect had become more tame. It was found that a given person could only fall three times before they completely withered away to nothingness. On their final death the golden light would shine again, this time disintegrating their body instead of restoring it.

Rebirth Rules

These effects carry over to each and every character (with the exception of some NPC's). A single person can die a total of three times, and be revived that many times as well. However on the fourth death you lose your character completely.

The ‘ins and outs’ of the Rebirth System:

  • Upon Rebirth, your current Magoi/Stamina decreases by 20.
  • When killed, an item may be stolen from your body by the killer. Items that may not be stolen include Djinn, Household Vessels and Metal Vessels. The killer has 24 hours from your death post to steal one of your belongings. After the 24 hours have passed, all remaining belongings teleport back to you.
  • When killed, you automatically exit a topic. You must make a new topic in the same Location detailing your rebirth.
  • In the event that your character has been terminated completely, you may choose to create a new character and transfer all of your belongings to that character. This includes your Djinn, Household Vessels, Metal Vessels, Weapons, Items and any other belongings in which you may have purchased. Your new character starts at D-Tier with the natural base Magoi/Stamina.

  • Sometimes a member may find they did not like the choice of primary Specialization they had chosen, and they do not want to make a new character. Such a player may choose to lose 1 life from their total number of lives and become Reborn. At this time, you may change your primary specialization. The two other downsides is that the topic in which you die and revive must be 2000 WC (training a new Specialization - in this rare instance you do not have to 'train it' over the course of weeks, but take note of the changes in your body) and you lose all of your prior training and abilities for your current specializations. You retain player rank, Magoi/Stamina amount, and all non-starter items that you had before the death. Make sure to choose your primary specialization wisely.

The Black Pyramid

Those of the Heliohapt continent have come to discover that a person can be rejuvenated, and their lives can be "reset"  through the act of prayer. Ex.: You have ⅓ lives remaining on your character and have lost 40 magoi/stamina from the Rebirth System. By going to the Black Pyramid, you are able to pray and regain your 40 magoi/stamina, as well as regain your lives so that you have 3/3 lives remaining.

About The Black Pyramid

  • This is a 1 time process per character.
  • It costs 100,000 Huang.
  • You must also type a topic with a minimum word count of 1,000 words in The Black Pyramid area.
  • These topics are all kill viable and open. There is a risk of dying while trying to recharge.

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