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General Site Rules/Topic Types/Basic Info

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Site Rules

This is a collection of all the general rules you should follow around the site. It includes behavior, posting limits, and more.

Behavior and Chatbox Rules

  • Do not ask staff to approve things, or ask them "will this idea get approved?" in the C-box. Staff might approach you to discuss an ability you've put up for approval, but you should never be pouncing on staff members to get things approved or graded in the chat.
  • Please refrain from swearing continuously in your posts as well as on the Chatbox. You won't be penalized if you say one or two bad words, but if people start to feel uncomfortable you should stop.
  • The site and it's content is PG-13. Swearing and minor sexual terms are alright, but we may have younger people registering who don't need to hear all of that. Make sure to keep that in mind.
  • As we strive to provide a friendly, welcoming environment to all members, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY regarding behavior that falls under the following headings: Harassment, intentional annoyance, instigating a fight, repeated instances of negativity, bullying and blatant rudeness. If someone lodges a complaint regarding your behavior, you will be given only one verbal/written warning. After this, your warning bar will be docked and you will be banned from the chat box for a week. If another complaint is lodged, your warning bar will be docked again and you will be permanently banned from the chat box.

    If you have a personal difference with a player, please keep your issues with them to Private Message or outside messaging services. If you have an IC issue with another character, feel free to message staff about the issue. If you feel you are being harassed, bullied or negatively targeted, please contact staff via Private Message ASAP with evidence to support your claim, as well as any steps you have already taken to resolve the matter privately, so that we may address the issue as quickly as possible with as much information as possible.

    Again, this is a Zero Tolerance Policy and will be enforced as such.
  • Moderators and Admins: Unless if they don't mind, don't bug moderators and admins with requests as soon as they log onto the chatbox. They're users just like you, so please try using the staff notification section instead.

Failure to comply with these rules may also get you banned from the Chatbox (but only the chatbox if you aren't breaking too many). The first ban will be a weeklong. The next will be 2 weeks, and the final ban will be permanent.


  • As stated before the site's content is PG-13. Keep descriptive sexual topics to Private Messages, and don't go into too much detail when describing injuries.
  • Be mindful of your punctuation and overall grammar, and make sure to use spell check.
  • Keep at least 15 minutes between each of your posts in a single topic.
  • The minimum post length is 100 words. As long as you meet that requirement you'll be fine. However if you go below that you'll receive a warning at first. If it happens again a warning bar dock, and so on and so forth.
  • Double posting is not allowed unless you are soloing, or the other players in a thread have not posted for more than 48 hours.
  • During serious battles (in coliseums, plot topics, and/or dungeons) you can not edit your posts without the permission of every person in the topic and/or an admin.
  • Once you train abilities and get them approved you cannot use them in any topics which started before the date stamp on the approval of that ability.
  • Plagiarism or otherwise copying texts from things like Wikipedia or other forums is strictly forbidden. You may still use outside sources to help with your posts but anything in your writing must be in your own words. If your post can be copied into a google search and show exact matching results then you can expect the thread to be rendered void as far as approvals for jobs and training go.
  • No God-Modding: God-Modding is basically making your character perform completely unfair and unimaginable feats. This includes dodging attacks when you typically wouldn't be able to do so as well as controlling other people's actions.
  • No Meta-Gaming: Meta-Gaming is using information you've learned OOC, IC. For example, say you know a person's name since you've seen them around the site or if you speak to them. If you've never met before IC (and they don't have much of a reputation either), knowing there name within a topic would count as meta-gaming.


  • Do not post any nude or explicit material in terms of images and videos.
  • You can open up a Gfx shop of your own in the "Other" section. In there you can sell of signatures, avatars, and anything else people will buy for actual Huang. Make sure you keep track of all your transactions as well. Whenever you make a transfer a moderator will post in your shop, clarifying whether or not it went through.

General Transactions

  • Outside of player shops, when you transfer Huang to another user, post a request in the staff notification section. The transaction will be completed and filed away into a secure location.

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Topic Types

On the site there are a plethora of different topic types and titles which you'll need to remember. Here is a list of everything you need to know:

Title Tags

When you type in a topic name, you must tag your thread in one of the following ways:

[Private]: This tag means that nobody else can join your topic unless if they contact everyone in it and have their permission. Sometimes during certain plot events people will be able to invade these topics regardless of that rule.

[Closed]: This tag means that nobody else can join your topic period. Even during a plot event not a single person can join said topic.

[Solo]: This tag means that there will only be a single Player-Controlled character within the topic. These topics cannot be invaded during plot events either.

[Open]: This tag clarifies that ANYBODY can join your topic, regardless of Nationality and Intention. Once a topic is Open it can be closed or made private, but once a person joins during its Open Stage, you cannot kick them out.

[Travel -Location A - Location B-]: This tag is used for when you're traveling from one region or location to another. The tag identifies where you're starting (Location A) and where you wish to end up (Location B). All Travel topics are open and subject to invasion.

[Kill-Viable]: Putting the "Kill Viable" tag in the title means that death is enabled in the topic. If the tag is missing then killing other players is forbidden. This tag usually comes after one of the tags above.

*Note: Jobs and Events are automatically kill viable. Any profession Assignment that has a listed enemy is considered kill viable.


At any given moment you can be in a total of 8 topics. All of these topics must be within the one of the REGIONS where you are located, and you cannot leave said region until you leave every topic in those specfic REGIONS. There are several types of topics on the forum:

Social Topics: These topics typically involve simple chatting with other characters and doing things outside of combat. However they can easily turn into fight topics.

Battle Topics: These topics are basically ALL about battles and fights. You can set your own rules and regulations, however magoi and stamina levels always remain the same.

Training Topics: You can only have a single topic like this. While in a Training Topic, you may not train your class or abilities in any other thread. Training topics are NOT Kill-Viable. In a training topic, you possess unlimited magoi/stamina.

Job Topics: Jobs are a character's main source of income. These count towards your total thread count. All Job Topics are automatically kill-viable.

Travel Topics: These topics are used to move from one location to another. You can BEGIN a travel topic at any time as long as you haven't reached your limit of 4 topics, however you cannot FINISH it until you have exited every other topic within the region you're leaving. Travel topics must be OPEN to invasion.

Invasions: In the event that your character has been wreaking havoc with another character's plot, or vice-versa, an Invasion Request Form can be filled out and submitted to staff. If approved, it will allow the person who filled the form out to invade another player's topic. If the situation is dire enough, such as the attempt of starting a war with the other player's faction, the topic could become Kill-Viable.

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Here are several notes and things to know about which don't really fit in other topics:

  • Any accounts you make MUST be named after the character you're roleplaying on that account. A nickname for the character, such as a shortening of a name, is also permitted. All currently active member accounts will be occasionally checked to see if their username is correct. A private message will be sent out to anyone not following this rule. If you need assistance changing your username, please contact an administrator.
  • "Huang" is the currency we use on the forum. Users can get Huang through Coliseum Matches, doing Jobs, and even events. Take note that it is worth nothing in real life.
  • Some people might wonder what the "Warning" field in their profile is all about. This is basically a bar which represents how many times you have been warned for breaking the rules, and how close you are to being banned.
  • Upon player death, all items and equipment on the character can be looted freely.


  • OOC: Standing for "Out-Of-Context". This term basically means that you're talking about real life and not about your character or anyone else's.
  • IC: Standing for "In-Context". This relates to the site's plot content and its characters.


When you run out of energy, you naturally suffer. However, running out of magoi doesn't bode the same results as running out of stamina. Based out of total percentages, here are the following effects suffered from energy depletion;

20 Magoi Remaining:

  • Bleeding from eyes (blurry vision)

10 Magoi Remaining:

  • Unconsciousness

0 Magoi Remaining:

  • Death

30 Stamina Remaining:

  • Halved movement speed (Non-Magical abilities included)

15 Stamina Remaining:

  • Unable to move for 3 posts.

0 Stamina Remaining:

  • Unconscious

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