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Johnny Mahwheil

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Cheng Hushakwn

Cheng Hushakwn
Johnny Mahwheil 1UCZCKv

Name: Johnny Mahwheil

Nationality: Reim

Race: Human

Tier: D-Tier

Specialization: Dexterity

Age + Birthdate: 22 | 05 of December

Gender: Masculine

Sexuality: Asexual

Personality: Unlike someone happy with life, he is now someone impulsive and ill-mannered that does not take life seriously. He also developed a large anti-sociability with whom does not fit in their socialization profile, that is, he proceeded to ignore the others that are out of their group of friends. He is not someone pervert who risks to call attention. He is very cautious and analyst, thinking first in the situation and then think about something risky. He also acquired more intelligence, turning a reasonable strategist with capabilities in any field. Voices torment Johnny's mind. The personality of this voice has changed a lot, he intrudes in various situations where Johnny is present. He gets to be inconvenient and Johnny can get in a dangerous situation because of the boldness and pervert nature of this voice. He can just ignore, but the obscene thoughts of this voice become more and more intense. Johnny is not afraid to kill. An enemy is an enemy, someone who should be killed immediately. He ends up winning dislike of pacifists because of this review of enmity and murder. He don't does this for attention or to be seen as someone "cool" or "interesting". Johnny even calls himself "killer". He developed an excessive asexuality, he does not like love and never will be interested in girls.

Likes: Privacy - Being alone is one of the moments where Johnny can relax. He can do whatever you want in these times without anyone meddling. It usually takes advantage of these moments to meditate or do something personal.

Inside Jokes - He likes to make inside jokes or create a small talk. This causes it to be open to his friends, for small talk is one of the innate hobby of Johnny. Everything passes the limit when external jokes enter the conversation.

Dislikes: Candy - Johnny hates sweets. The cloying taste, the effects in the intestine and the sugar consequences are some of the reasons why he does not like sweets. He likes to eat sweets, but he hates eating super-sweet foods, such as cinnamon biscuits.

Nosy - Because Johnny's distaste for people who are outside the group of his friends, he ends up not liking people who meddle in his life. This caused him to develop a great hatred of this group of people.

Aspirations: Realize his plans - To discover the whereabouts of his foster mother, Shawn tries everything to do this, manipulating everyone he meets and doing various types of alliances. With that, he dreams of performing their ambitious plans against his own mother. His main goal is to find as many potential allies to carry out his revenge and his plans. He is seen as someone ambitious, vindictive and unreliable because of these vindictive actions against all who come against him.

Phobias/fears: Stars, Planets and Celestial Bodies - It is not known why, but Johnny is in catatonic state when he meets with representative images of stars, planets and celestial bodies. He doesn't care about the stars and celestial objects in the sky, he just doesn't like to see images representing the celestial body altogether. This is a fear without cause, it is not known when he acquired this fear or how he managed to gain a phobia as unusual as these.

Face-Claim: Fuwa Mahiro - Zetsuen no Tempest

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Yellow

Height: 132lbs

Weight: 6'9"

Appearance: Johnny is a thin, fuzzy boy measuring 2.01 meters and weighing 65 pounds. Johnny's body is considered very articulate, he can be in various positions without breaking any part of the body or twist muscles. He has several developed muscles, which can be seen if it is shirtless. His hair and eyes are entirely blond boy, causing it to be seen as a "perfect white" by perfecionistas or prejudiced people on less favored races. He wears a black and yellow jacket in some detail on the shoulder and inside over a red blouse. In the legs, usually it uses gray pants together of black boots that go up to the cinnamon, the boots has a pink interior and exterior replete with laces.

Rukh Alignment: White Rukh

Special Traits: Schizophrenia - Voices torment Johnny's mind, causing him to have a diagnosis like schizophrenia. The voices are frequent and annoying.

Enhanced Hearing - Shirah can hear the footsteps of Fanalis. The average limit is 600 meters, Shirah can hear the heavy footsteps of these people at this limit.

Johnny was a normal kid in the suburbs of Balbadd, having the very best with the help of his family, an influential family in the business of fishmongers and among other foods. He never had any problem with their parents and with your friends, being someone who is very lucky. When his mother died from cancer in his lungs, he ended up going into a depression. Your father got another woman, someone greedy and arrogant who just wanted to be dependent on men who ever dated. He suffered even more, having that foster mother made many unforgivable acts, as severe punishment.

Johnny turned someone very self-centered when she turned 15 years, reaching treat dad with arrogance and all other friends as "worms". His foster mom always tried to impose power against the boy, who fight back with violence and aggression. Johnny came to almost kill her, but all was forgotten almost momentarily, because she forgave father and mother didn't want to lose the privilege which had. At the age of 16, he decided to learn about martial arts. With much effort and dedication, he developed his own martial art with only eight months learning. He also learned about the arts of manipulation and of the charisma, having the knowledge of how to manipulate people through his charisma.

With 18, he decides to run away from his family to the city of Reim. He hadn't done any friends until then, afraid that they intervene in their way of thinking and acting. With 19, he heard of rumors about his adoptive mother, who had fled the mansion in which he lived to live a life of crime and lust. Edgy upon learning that even his father was sacked by his adoptive mother, Johnny begins his plan for revenge. Now he lives around the world in search of answers. His search for answers begins on the day 17/10, when it has knowledge of some rumors involving prostitutes in Reim. He had to carry out his plans, less answers. So, nothing more productive than going after them: using his manipulation and charisma, Johnny begins to seek answers about her mother around the world.

Role-Play Sample:
"Thank you. It's good to have you in my contacts." Shawn takes the man card and the guard in his jacket pocket. He had noticed a certain similarity between him and a girl he met, but he ended up forgetting this detail to talk to the other man there, a guy with crazy ideas. "Hi? You want to do something?" Shawn staring at the man, he had a fringe covering half of the left eye and a ponytail, he was also wearing oriental clothes. "Yes, I'm fine. My magic is useful for those situations." Shawn's magic involved impacts, it only attacked one light pole and sent him into the air with a single punch. Of course, that magic was useful (put it helpful) to unusual situations like that. "My name is Shawn. Your name is?!" He gives a hand to the boy, expecting to receive a handshake then. Shawn did not care to treat respectfully his own enemies, because he did not see those people as enemies, because he does not commit crimes or felonies as other members of their guild.

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