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Nike and the Orphans

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Making his way into through the Marketplace district of the great city, Nike soon found himself wandering into the slums of the golden clad maze that was Heliohapt. Even here where the buildings favored shacks more so the beautifully sculpted golden constructs around them, the roads though begrimed and littered with cracks glistened upon the suns touch of it's golden skin. Old beggars lay brittle and open handed full with disparity as the unprivileged yet optimistic young ran and played throughout the streets. Walking past the old man he would kneel offering a gulp full of his flask to quench his thirst undoubtedly deprived due to the heat of the country. Smiling below his keffiyah he would leave the man would a half of his loaf of bread before continuing on throughout the slums. There was Hierarchy within any thriving and advancing society, this was just a by product of order Nike knew this. However to see that even those who lived among poor could still be content and happy with their lives, this was apparent the faces of these peasant children. This satisfaction was short lived however as Nike found himself infront of a Orphanage, a handful of joy depraved children loomed about infront. The very sight made even Nike release a woeful sigh out of depression. Stepping up to the group of children fixing his hands upon his hips.

"Now Isn't that a peculiar sight? Children ripe with youth outside yet not running and jumping in game but dragged with such grim. To what excuse be responsible for such a gloomy display young ones?"

Squatting so he could be eye level with the slightly startled children. Lowering there heads and looking away, some sniffling as if like a geyser they'd erupt in lament.

"Oh well what have I done now? Your even more saddened, out with it I wont bite."

He would warmly muse, pulling down his keffiyah from his face so now only his hair was wrapped in the red cloth. His face now visible he was giving the children a warm smile. Seemingly it would have some affect as the young boy infront of him looked up into his eyes, a first for any to attempt at making and quivered his lips until he eventually spoke.

"N. .No one will play with us. . . It's because we're Orphans, the other children exclude us from all of their games."

The pained words of the boy made the young Massri's heart heavy with empathy for the divergent group of orphans. However he wasn't fully submerged by their self pity and wouldn't allow them to submit either.

"So what of it! There's enough of you here to play amongst yourselves no?"

He would optimistically question whilst gesturing towards the other orphaned children around them.

"Yes but they have toys which we cannot afford. . ."

Frowning slightly at his statement before replacing it with a smirk. Holding his index finger up infront of the boy implying for them to wait before he ran off around the way. A few moments later he would return with a sticks and a sheet of dirtied leather. Reaching beneath his keffiyah on his head he plucked a few strands of hair and began to tie the surprisingly flexible sticks he'd gathered before together bending them into a spherical shape. He next took some hay from a nearby horse's stable and stuffed it into the center of the tied sticks and wrapped the leather fit and snug around the sticks making a generic playing ball.

"Who needs money when you've got your wits?"

He said grinning before dropping the ball to his feet to then dribble them around, kicking at the ball bouncing it a few times before passing it to the young boy. Catching the ball in his hands he would stare aimlessly at it for a moment before eventually smiling and dropping it to the floor to imitate the young mystery man. The other children would seem to light up with joy and chase after the young boy with the ball. Nike would spend his day with these lonely orphans, playing games with them until sunset where he'd relieve them to the priestess watching over the Orphanage. Their faces full of satisfaction and joy they would wave after the young mystery man with the red scarf who came and showed them how to play amongst themselves. Slightly exhausted from his day Nike would carry on in search for a place to rest his bones for the night, the thoughts of the time he'd shared with the orphans playing through his mind as he made his way through the city.

Word Count:781

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