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Scatter and Destroy {Closed/Mission}

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Job Name: Scatter and Destroy [Part 1 of All’s Quiet on the Western Front]
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Reim’s Western Front
Job Rewards: 100xp / 7,000 Huang
Job Overview: There are a few bandit camps popping up outside the main capital about 10 miles out. We need some people to go out there and take care of each camp. The first we have located is a smaller group, we are assuming they are the scouting party or just simple fodder. Go out there take care of this small group and try to locate the second party. The group is located in a small area in a make shift camp, 3 people in total.  After all are taken out you will find a map with the second camp marked on it.
Enemies and abilities:
Enemy Name:Bandits x 3
Needed damage to take down: 1 C
Deals C rank damage with swords and bows. All three move at a speed of 3 m/s.

Another day, another bandit sighting and job. If Kris didnt know any better, he would say that the bandits were just lower class civilians trying to make so extra cash on the side and raise their status within Reim. Actually, that could be something that was happening, given the multiple camp sighting that had popped up over the past coupel days.

Looking down at the request as he walked away from the mission tent, Kris noticed that only one camp was listed. The other camps locations were unknown, and yet they still knew that the camps were there. That in itself was slightly mysterious, but whatever. Kris shrugged and focused on the first location of the camp so he would not get lost.

The first camp was actually extremely close to the capital, about a two hour walk, or an hour run. Simple enough really, as the sighting were almost in a straight line. Kris had, this time at least, made sure that he did not take the mission straight from the scribe's hand. Instead he waiting until the second it was posted and the scribe walked away, and then he tore it down and took it, making sure no one else could.

There always was the possibility that someone would have stumbled onto the bandit camp in the time it owuld have taken Kris to walk down there, but at the same time, since this had been a recurring theme over the past few months, Kris honestly doubted that people were actually paying attention to these small camps anymore.

Exiting the gate and heading down the road, Kris readjusted his sash so that his rapier stopped pulling his pants down too much, and ran a hand through his hair, picking up his walking pace slightly. By the time he would get to where the camp was supposed to be located, it would be sometime around dusk, making it much easier to sneak up on any scouts that were there.

Maybe when he got back, be it later that night or tomorrow, Kris would go get some meat. Or start training some. Either one he had really been lacking on as of late. He also did need to go get that katana from Zou in the near future as well, which would mean a long trip ahead.




"Did you guys hear about the raids lately?"

"Apparently the bandits set up camp around the bend. How will the merchants reach us now?"

"Looks like the caravans to and from Heliophat are going to be late this year."

All around, Kris could hear comments and complaints about the bandits. Obviously he was on the right path, and to be honest, these bandits were utterly retarded. There was no fine way to mince words with them or their actions. To willingly set up a camp this close to Reim and a town under Reim's protection was either an act of utter confidence, or stupidity. And given the past bandits attitudes, Kris could easily assume it was due to both.

Such confidence was the downfall of man in any given sense, as the more confidence one had, the less they felt they would fail. Such confidence only really was warranted by extremely powerful people, such as the Ruler of Reim, not these lowly bandits. It made Kris wonder what else they had up their sleeves.

Exiting the town extremely quickly, as he did not want his cover to be blown this soon, Kris followed the road about half way to the supposed bandit camp and veered off, hiding within the ruins of one of the anciet war machines that littered the fields and desert around Reim.

It was a quiet spot, with a must smell, almost like rust. It was only then that Kris realized the entire contraption was made of metal. That in itself was interesting, and would require him to come back on a different day to explore more. As dusk was setting slowly, this would not have been a good time to explore anyways, given how close the bandits were.

Waiting until the sun had finally gone down and lights and fires could be seen in the town behind him, Kris slipped out of the ancient war machine and headed down the road quietly, waiting for the tell tale signs of a camp to appear. and appear it did shortly down the road. A small camp fire off to the side, and the sounds of rowdy, drunk behavior. These bandits were not worried in the slightest about an ambush.

Kris would make sure that mistake would be their last.




Slipping into the camp silently, unnoticed by the bandits as they continued to drink and make sexual and completely inappropriate jokes, Kris slid his rapier out of his sash. Making sure to remain hidden in the shadows, he slid up behind the first bandit and slid his rapier quickly between two vertebrae in his back, effectively rendering him dead on the spot.

It was when the first bandit fell over that the other two noticed Kris. As drunk as they seemed, Kris had to admit they had a very high reaction time considering the amount of inhibition alcohol gave in large quantities.

Jumping over the first bandit's corpse, and lunging as he landed, Kris managed to land a blow on the second bandit, piercing straight through his main artery in his neck. As the blood began spurting out all over the place from the wound, the second bandit fell down on the ground, most likely in shock due to the extreme amount of blood loss, Kris turned and ducked, barely dodging an arrow as he felt it miss his neck by a millimeter and tear through his hair.

That was annoying, and also intriguing in the same right. It was dark out, with the shadows and the flickering fire light, and the bandit was drunk as hell. Yet he still managed to almost put an arrow in Kris's neck. Quite interesting. At least Kris would not have any regrets about killing this one.

Jumping behind one of the bandits tents, so there would be almost no vision to shoot him again, Kris waited in the shadows until the bandit fired off another random area, presumably in the direction he thought Kris went. With that done, Kris jumped out of the shadows and lunged again, piercing the main neck artery a second time in a different bandit. At least they were wearing clean clothes this time, as the blood did need to be wiped off his blade.

Tearing the bandit's shirt and doing just that, Kris tossed the bloodied cloth on the ground and tucked his rapier back into his sash. The first had not even lasted a minute, so he supposed it would be an easy walk back to town. But before that, Kris searched the tents, looking for a sheet of paper.

In the second tent, he found it. A map to the next hide out of the bandits. If he had not remembered to get this, he would have basically failed the mission, and that in itself would have been extremely bad. Tucking that into his shirt, Kris began whistling and started the long trek back to the still lit town off in the distance.

1226/1000 (ish. Dunno if wordcounttool counts the color codes)


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