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Shiver Me Timbers(Solo Job)

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Job Name:  Shiver me timbers [Part 1 of the Pirates Life]
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 100xp / 5,000 Huang
Job Overview:
A ship with some black sails has been spotted a few miles off the coast. We are sending out a team of men to go hunt these guys down and make sure that they are not a threat to the city or the trade routes in the ocean around it. The pirate group is rather small since the main fleet is still not there yet. There is only a single ship found on a small island about 4 miles away from the city. There is 5 pirates there that will be extremely pissed to be found out and will try to kill you.
Enemies and abilities:

Enemy Name: Pirates x5
Needed damage to take down: C
These guys are blood thirsty and ruthless. They use bows and arrows along with swords. These will deal D tier damage. The arrows move at a speed of 10 m/s. The pirates often try to swarm their enemy rather than fight 1v1.

Perched upon the city walls of Balbadd sat a young wandering blue magician named Yakuroro. The northerner was an Imuchakk and he was on a journey to train himself and find his destiny. That destiny had led him to this democratic trade city and was keeping him there for the time being, but his eyes were on the northern horizon where his first goal awaited. While Yakuroro was watching the sea thinking of magic academies he spotted something in the distance. A black flag of piracy was flying over a small vessel and it was headed towards the city! Yakuroro alerted the nearby guards and pointed out the ship for them to focus on. Sure enough, they saw it too and a team was being scrambled to go investigate.

Having spotted the trouble, the crafty Imuchakk magician saw a chance to make some money and claimed to the head of the guard that he would go ahead and try to handle the pirates on his own. On the condition that he was able to capture them before the town guard arrived on scene, Yaku would be able to earn a hefty stack of Huang. With the deal set and a race against time started, Yakuroro took off without a moment to lose. If he wasted time climbing down the wall and getting into a boat then he would hardly be ahead of the emergency team being put together. So Yakuroro jumped off the wall instead!

After falling about 30 meters, Yakuroro activated his flight magic and used the speed of his descent to increase his speed before changing trajectory and flying off towards the ship at a speed of 5m/s while slowly descending until he reached the ocean water. Yakuroro then stopped his gravity magic and began swimming the rest of the way at a rate of 10m/s. It would only take him an hour to follow the pirates to a small island just 4 miles from Balbadd. The pirates would never expect someone to have swam from Balbadd to capture them but they were still on guard. Yakuroro would have to be careful approaching them.

~356 Word Count~
Name: Gravity Lift, Stage 1
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Magoi on cast; 10 sustain
Element: Gravity
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 3 posts
Description: A magician lowers the influence of gravity around their body. This gives them the ability to lift off, hover, and soar through the sky at a maximum speed of 5m/s. They can control the force of gravity around their body at any given moment, able to slow down, speed up, or stop flying completely.
-10 stamina to account for an hour of swimming.
120/150 Magoi


Thank you all, for everything.

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The Imuchakk were excellent under water warriors and Yakuroro knew it would serve him best if he could drag the pirates into the water. Blue eyes peeked up from the waves nearby the pirate's resting spot on the island. Yaku observed the pirated for a good three minutes before deciding that they must have been waiting for something. Instead of watching them fruitlessly, he swam to their ship and climbed up the side opposite to shore. Once on deck, Yakuroro found that all but one of the crew had gone ashore. The last crew member aboard the ship was up in the crows nest keeping a look out for ships on the horizon, not infiltrators on their own ship! Yakuroro spotted four canons and then made his way below deck looking for the gunpowder storage. Sure enough, there was a small room with five or six barrels of black powder inside. Yakuroro opened one of the barrels and poured its contents all over the others before making a trail leading back to the stairs. From there, simply striking a flint for the canons would set the trail off giving the Imuchakk just enough time to get above deck and jump overboard into the ocean. The sound of his body splashing into the water was enough to get crew member on look out to turn his gaze downwards.

The crows nest gave the crew mate a good view of black smoke rising from the ships hold. He began to yell warning of fire but it was too late. The barrels exploded and half the ship was reduced to charred chips of wood scattered across the shore. The mast of the ship was damaged badly and the crows nest feel to the water bringing one of the pirates under with it. The poor human barely grasped which way was up under water when he realized a giant blue haired man was waiting for him with a calm and casual smile on his face. The pirate screamed under water in fear only to be silenced by a heavy punch from the Imuchakk's fist. That was one down, but Yaku couldn't just leave him be or he'd drown. The Imuchak swam the pirate to shore while his mates were busy trying to figure out why half their ship was just blown to Poseidon. Yakuroro slipped back into the ocean and whistled just before his head was swallowed by the salty drink. The noise got the attention of the pirates whom turned to see their crew member face down washed up on the beach. They all rushed over thinking he would know what was going on. As the pirates gathered, Yakuroro slowly emerged his eyes from the waves to watch them.

The men attempted to wake their comrade but it was all in vain as he'd been knocked out cold. With their backs turned to the ocean, Yakuroro slowly glided in on the tide and seamlessly stepped out from the ocean without making a single sound out of the ordinary until the water began dripping from his body onto the wet sandy beach. The noise caused a few of the pirates to turn and see the imposing silhouette of Yakuroro with the sun rising behind him. "Slipping Sleet!" Yaku shouted as the tide came in and a wide stream of water passed over the pirates feet as they all drew their weapons and began growling like the scurvy dogs they were. But when they all took a step towards Yakuroro they would find that the ground beneath them had turned to smooth ice and the waters that passed their feet were now rushing back the direction it had come from with great force. The Pirates were washed towards Yakuroro at a speed of 10m/s as he wound up his large Imuchakk arm. All 4 remaining pirates found themselfs pulled into a full power Imuchakk armbar which cloths-lined all four and sent their now unconscious bodies flying into the water.

Yakuroro let out a breath of relief once the brigands were defeated and went to work fishing them out of the water. By the time Balbadd's emergency team arrived, Yaku had the pirates tied up the to the remains of their own ship. He turned them over to the guards and happily accepted their offer to give him a ride back into town.

~734 Word Count~

Name: Slipping Sleet
Tier: B
Cost: 30 Magoi
Element: Water/Ice
Class: Supplementary
Range: 30ms
Duration: One Turn
Cool-Down: 5 Turns
Description: This spell requires a source of water be within 5 meters of their body before use. It cannot be cast from the water in the atmosphere. The magician commands the rukh to flow in the direction of their staff forming a 3 meter wide stream along the ground. The rukh touching the ground then freeze to form a long slippery walk way of ice that is incredibly smooth. The water remaining above the slippery ice is then told to recede back towards the caster. Anyone standing on the path will then be washed towards the castor at a speed of 10m/s. The spells purpose is to pull a target closer to the caster and works best on charging opponents.

90/150 Magoi


Thank you all, for everything.

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