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Bastet L. Molokya

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Name: Bastet L. Molokya
Tier: D-Tier [Novice]
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age + Birthdate: 18, June 25th
Nationality: Heliohapt
Race: Human
Specialization: Body Manipulation

Personality: An interesting young women. Born and raised in Heliohapt, Bastet is a free spirit. Even though she lives in Heliohapt, her will to travel is as abundant as any other. Her wild personality is like nothing else, although the same can be said for her recklessness at times.

Her will to travel makes it impossible for her to stay focused. She wished to travel the world, and at times, it seems as if she is willing to do anything to make that happen. Bastet is, however, also a very devoted member of the Heliohapt nation, and won't risk becoming a sinner by leaving.

But alas, being in the same country for so long is quite... boring. And Bastet can't stand boredom. Sitting still is not her strong suit and if you can't keep her attention, then you've lost her. Literally. Before you know it she will be swinging the doors open and flying outside, running around if things aren't serious enough, trying to find friends to "play" with. However, despite this tendency of hers, she loves to nap. If she isn't stopping her boredom with activity, she is out like a light and almost impossible to wake up.

Now, that's not to say that she is always such a burden. In times of trouble, or great seriousness, it is very unlike her to display such an attitude. she is calm, cool, and collected, same as when she is in a fight. She attempts to not listen to meaningless threats and petty taunts, however, if they get to her, she will lose it. Her calm composer will disappear and she will rush towards her opponent, hoping to land a barrage of randomized attacks. It would take either a freight train, or the please of her loved ones to stop her from going full frontal, even if it is apparent from the start that she will lose.

Being fairly pain tolerant, it is hard to get Bastet to recover from injuries, for she tries to push through and insist that she is fine. The only way to get her to stop squirming and recover is to probably heavily medicate her, or just giver her some milk to drink, that seems to do the trick most of the time.

~ Due to her abnormal ability to sleep just about anywhere, it has become one of her favorite things to do. Whether she is in a bed, or over a pit of jagged rocks, she will find a way to pass out.
~ Of course, her favorite thing in the world, are felines. Cats, lions, tigers, random feline-like bests, all of these are just adorable to her. Probably because Aba, her keeper, always had a couple dozen wondering around the orphanage.  
~ Bastet is a wild, free spirit. One that wished to follow in her brothers foot steps and leave Heliohapt behind her. Of course, Heliohapt will never let such a crime go unpunished, so she will have to stick with the occasional vacation.
~Whether or not Bastet is taking part in it, she loves action. Watching people fight each other is so adrenaline inducing, she just loves it. Of course, it's even better when she is involved.
~ Bastet loves the night. She typically tries and sleeps during the day so that she can wander around at night, looking around for the petty criminals who, just like her, are itching for a fight.
~ Bastet, like her feline friends, has a thing for quiet. As in she loved it, and hands its counterpart, noise.
~ She is a huge fan of comedy. If you can make her laugh, you just made a friend.

~ Bastet can't stand surprises. They make her spine shiver and typically cause her to panic and latch out with an attack or two.
~ Bright lights cause her to get headaches, especially sudden bright lights.
~ Waking up.
~ If you want her to yell at you, start yelling or making some unnecessary noise. That always does the trick.

Phobias: Bastet has serious abandonment issues. Due to her mother and father disappearing when she was just an infant, and her older brother fleeing not too long after, she is in constant fear of abandonment. She can handle someone dying,  but even thinking that someone has left her behind causes her to clench up and freak out. If she were to be separated from her group, she would wonder around and freak out as opposed to a normal human and go out looking for their lost party.

Aspirations: Bastets main goal, is to leave Heliohapt and find her brother. She isn't sure where he is, but she knows he is alive. Bastet needs to find him, and ask him one question. What did he see the night their parents vanished, and why did he leave. The first few days they were in the orphanage she could hear him muttering in his sleep, so she knows that he saw something. The only problem is, he left relinquished his citizen ship when he was 18, leaving 10 year old Bastet all alone in the orphanage, and making him self an enemy of Heliohapt.

Face-Claim: Leone from Akame ga kill
Weight: 128 pounds
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: gold
Height: 5'7"
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: N/A
Appearance: Bastet, being a born and raised in a city founded in the middle of a desert, has, for obvious reasons, very tan skin. Now, the unlikely even that she would have been born with yellow hair, happened to not be as unlikely as one one think coming from a girl who was born in Heliohapt. She wears her hair which the back stopping at the back of her neck, and with the long bangs pulled to the side, and dangling down to her chest.

Her sun scorched body stands tall at an astounding five foot seven, most of which is covered with muscle. As for that section not covered with muscle, well, that area is also the reason for her weighing 128 pounds, Bastet's breasts.

As for attire, Bastet wears an outfit which is befitting for someone who lives in constant heat. Which is barely an outfit at all. Black cloth wraps around her chest and black underwear-like shorts covering her genitalia.  Bastet often wears a long, white scarf wrapped around her neck, and chaps on her legs. She wears white cloths sleevelets with gold gauntlets on the ends. 

History: Bastet was born in  Heliohapt. Raised in  Heliohapt. Taught to respect and know everything that ws relating to  Heliohapt. And most importantly, learn to behave like a proper young lady in Heliohapt. Of course, this was not the exact will of every child in the kingdom of  Heliohapt. Most girls did, in fact, learn to fight. However, when ones own father is a general in the  Heliohapt army, one is expected to learn such things. Her life, for the first few years of it, were that of all work and no play. Of course, her older brother was always there to make sure that her life wasn't completely dull all the time.

Of course, if it weren't for her brother keeping her out of trouble, her life would have been anything but dull. Being a well mannered young lady was hard for the young Bastet. She was named after the goddess of freedom, joy, love. Of course, she was just a child at the time but joy and freedom where still things she wanted to enjoy. But alas, as her father traveled all over the world due to his military obligations, she was stuck in the confines of her house walls while her mother taught her, most of which she won't remember due to her napping.

Her brother was constantly keeping her out of trouble. Making sure her parents didn't realize when she was out of the house, or making sure to cover up Bastets injuries when she went off to go fight.

It was one night, however, that everything changed, and Bastet no longer had to worry about being a well mannered young lady. After waking up one morning to find both of her parents missing, it was to her surprise that two guards came into her home, and burned it to the ground! It was obviously something was going on, a conspiracy, maybe? No. Of course not.  Heliohapt would never do something like that to her. Of course, her brother thought different.

It was then that they were brought to an orphanage. Her brother was of age to live on his own, being 18, however, he stayed with his little sister. They were the only two in the orphanage, and were taken care of Aba, a fairly deranged cat lady. She didn't care but for Bastets brother, but loved Bastet. And simply because of her name.

The first few days, Bastet would awake in her bed to hear her brother muttering. Muttering about the night not to long ago when her parents disappeared. She was determined to find out what he knew, whether he liked it or not.

It took her days, no, weeks to muster up the courage to ask him what he saw. And when she finally went to ask him, he was gone. Guards came day after day asking if she knew anything. Her brother had relinquished his citizenship, and that was a big no-no for those of Heliohapt.

Form then on out, it was just her an Aba, and the lingering curiosity of what the hell was going on with her family. It was then decided, after years of living with Aba, at the age of 17, she would train to become a member of the army. Hoping to one day travel the world, and find her brother. Just so she can find out why he lost his mind, and left  Heliohapt.

In order to do just that, she had to learn some skill in order to join. She wanted to learn a specialization in strength, however, she knew intelligence would come in much more handy. Magic always had a way of being better. But it was when Aba over heard her talking to herself one day that she decided to help out. She showed her the ways of Body modification.

Now, at the age of 18, Bastet still lived with Aba. But trains herself in the ways of body manipulation.

Role-Play Sample:
"It would appear we are at an impasse." Spoke the merchant before her, eye balling Bastet with eyes filled with lust and temptation. "It would appear so." She responded, giving him a smile and a little wink, taking a bite out of the fruit she just took form the merchants stand. "I'm not trying to cause trouble, i just don't have any money with me and i'm hungry." She spoke.

"Well," The man responded, giving her a grin as a knife slid out form his long sleeve. "Perhaps there are other ways you can pay, mere money is not the only thing to peek my interest." He spoke, giving a smirk back towards Bastet, his head cocked to the side as he took a few steps forward. "I suppose you're not all wrong." She responded, standing still, and placing the apple sexually in her mouth. The man leaped towards her, and she raised her hand.

"Pervert." Before he knew it, Bastet's fist jammed into his chest. He let out a cough as blood hit the floor, and he fell backwards. "If only you could keep it in your pants. *Tsk Tsk Tsk*" She spoke, taking another bite out of the apple and walking over to the mans fruit stand, taking a bag full of fruit. "Consider this your bribe to me to keep me from telling your wife you tried to sleep with another women." She said, giving him a wink and blowing him a kiss as she began to hop back to Abas home.

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
run a quick spell check and grammar check, especially through your role play sample, and we should be good to go! (for example, "Purhaps" lol)


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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri

Please start a vault here:

And for a template for your vault, see this post:


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