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Tahl Da'karr

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Name: Tahl Da'karr
Tier: D-Tier [Novice]
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 20 + October 13
Nationality: Balbadd
Race: Fanalis Hafling
Specialization: Strength [D-Tier]

Once being part of a caravan, Tahl is very outgoing. He smiles, he laughs, he cries. He is always one to speak first to strangers; even those with an evil intent. His strong words and compassionate smile almost always gains him an ally.  Not only is he one for words, but he is one for actions as well. He likes to show people the many good things there are in the world, even something as simple as a tiny anthill. Although he had been a part of a caravan, he still acts a bit childish when he sees something brand new. He always saw things from a distance and never up close, which explains why.

No matter if someone is a old or new friend; even a complete stranger; he always greets them with a smile and a hug/wave. He sometimes speaks loud and innocent, cursing very rarely unless provoked.

When he is alone, he tends to finally settle down from his wild, child-like personality. He thinks over his day and cherishes the moments he has, which was something he picked up from his childhood.

When angered, the Fanalis blood inside him gets him heated and he becomes a polar opposite than he typically is.  He's quick to fight rather than talking and his manner of speaking become riddled with slang. He tends to curse more and his eyes are always sharp with anger.

Likes:Life - Tahl had been taught as a child to always appreciate everything that there was in the world. While he never did understand it when he was younger, he finally realised the lesson he was taught when his mother passed.

Fruit - He was always a big fruit fan since he was a child. Any and every form of fruit, no matter how strange they seemed, he would quickly devour with satisfaction.

Dislikes: Slavers - Seeing them on his travels, the mere sight of them always made him feel sick. He always thought of them as evil whom should find an alternative way of living.

Puking- The simple sound of someone gagging is enough to make his skin crawl. Whenever he sees or hears someone beginning to throw up, he shudders with displeasure and groans to try to block out the sound.

There is a reason why he dislikes Slavers so much; it is an innate fear of his. While a completely natural fear because of his heritage, Tahl is deathly afraid of becoming a slave. While he may not be a full-blodded Fanalis, he was still told that they would find some form of use for him. The stories he had been told about the dangers of becoming one stayed with him since his early childhood.

Tahl's main aspriation is to live a free life. He wants to be able to spread his own wings and go with the flow of the world around him. Another major aspiration of his is to always make one friend no matter he travels. Whether it be through having to brawl or to talk, he would want to always encounter someone and call them a friend. He also hopes to spread on the teachings of his mother; helping those who are feeling lost or said realise that no matter what their condition is like, there is always something beautiful to love and admire.

Face-Claim: Link - Legend of Zelda
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Bronze
Height: 6'
Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Traits: As a part of his tribe's coming of age ceremony, Tahl's ears were changed to become elongated.
Standing over some, Tahl automatically looks brooding. He has boyish face with masculine like features; a strong chin and prominent jawline. His hair is usually worn in a ponytail that stops just between his shoulders. When he is at home, he will usually wear it completely down for a few moments only to place it back into a ponytail. He stands with his shoulders slumped as well as his back, trying to make himself appear as small as possible despite his tall height.

His usual attire is what he wore from his days with his caravan. His upper body is covered with a long-sleeved white shirt with a green tunic thrown atop it. His legs are covered with white puffy Arabian pants and his feet covered in boots that wrap up to his knees. His keeps his forearms covered with thick, fingerless gloves and finishes it all off with a green hat the same shade as the tunic. Finishing this off is a black tunic; a relic from the caravan.

He often wears another attire which is fairly simple. The top is an open black vest that reveals his muscles that he acquaired while on the road. The bottom half of the outfit is a pair of dark purple puffy Arabian pants similar to his original outfit. Finishthing this outfit is a large black sash across his chest and around his hips.

While fighting, Tahl curls up more and raises his fist to guard his face like a boxer. His prominent foot, his right, is always in front so he could move in forward. He also weaves his head from side to side, trying to fake his opponent out when he attempts to strike first.

The young boy known as Tahl was born to a Human Father whose namesake he was given and a Fanalis Mother named Maia. They had met one another when his Father, who had just started out to lead the caravan on his own, had stopped at an Oasis and saw someone selling his soon-to-be wife as a slave. Feeling a sense of kindness as well as courage, he purchased her from the slaver. Once they reached the edge of the town, he told her that she was free and could do all that she wanted. She had no clue what to do or what to even say, only stating that she would stay by his side.

As they traveled together, they grew closer together and soon married to one another. A few years later after their marriage, they were blessed with their eldest son, Masu. A few more years, Tahl was born.

The family had grown to be a lovely family and the pride of the entire caravan. Tahl's father was known for his strength, courage and wisdom. Tahl's mother known for her kindness and ruthlessness should anyone upset her. The boy's became known for a mixture of their parent's traits. Masu picked up more of his father's courage and strength while Tahl was known for being kind as well as smart.

While the boy's had their natural strengths and weakness, the boy's were taught to fight and defend themselves. Masu picked up the fighting skills than Tahl did; causing him to spend more time with his mother. As he would often walk with his mother when they stopped at an Oasis or in the city, he had grown to love her the most. He was always told one thing by his mother no matter where they were "Always appreciate what is here with you. You will always be surprised by what you will see, touch, and taste. Let nothing stop you from living as you choose."

Years passed and the boys grew older. They had begun to fight and protect the caravan with the rest of the men. The boys matured and  reached their coming of age; Masu first followed by Tahl soon after. They both had earned the pointed ears that would make them recognised no matter where they were.

Tahl, who was now 18, had begun to think more of his life away from the caravan; wanting to simply stop in a city or Oasis; never wanting to return back. The idea fully blossomed when the caravan came to a stop in the country of Balbadd. He was surprised and fascinated by all that he saw. The lifestyle that they lived and the many food that they had. He felt deep in his heart that the flames of his true home was calling for him.

One night while resting from a good days trade, they were attacked. Everyone stirred and woken up from their dreams. It was slavers. They had been warned before that the are was swarming with them, but thought nothing of it. Tahl and Masu both fought as best as they could. Their father was struck and carried off to be sold into slavery despite his old age. A blood curdling scream hit Tahl's ears in the midst of everything. His eyes widened as he turned to see his mother pierced through with a spear. His vision went black and everything was a blur...

He awoken again just as dawn had came. He stood covered in blood. He shakingly stared down at his hands and felt his eyes grow hot with wet tears. He sank to his knees and sobbed as he realised now what had happened. His mother was gone. The caravan barely there. It was only him, his brother, and the few men and women who managed to fend off the slavers left. It was a sad day for them all..

After burying his mother, he shed one last tear before remembering the words she had always told him when he was younger. Later that day, Tahl announced that he would leave, to go and live in Balbadd. Masu, hesitant that something would happen to his brother, waringly allowed him but only if he would stay until the caravan was back to it's full strength.

Tahl agreeed and once he turned 20, the caravan was back to it's full strength. His brother had become a wonderful and proud leader, similar to their own father. Once he finished packing his things, Masu gave his brother a fair trade of their gold to use for his own, a small flute in case he was to ever be bored and wished him well. He gave his brother a hug and returned the wish before stepping off the cart and stepping inside the gates of Balbadd, where his new life awaited him. A life where he would be free and live as he wished, just as his mother had told him years before.

Role-Play Sample:
A shining light and soft, harmonious tone echoed through the forest. The light flapping of birds wings whispered across the sky as they made their exit. The light soon dissipated and in its place stood what appeared to be a young boy. The boy had himself dressed in a green garb; a white tunic was underneath of it to complete his top. The bottom was green pants; a pair of brown boots coming up to his knees covered his feet. On his hands were a pair of fingerless brown gloves and atop his head sat a green hair, covering all of his purple hair except for his bangs.

The pointed elven ears that stuck out from the hat twitched lightly as he took in the sounds around him; a grin appearing on his grey face.
"A new world..finally!, “He thought to himself. His dark orange orbs scanned the area around him, taking in the sights. He concluded that he was in some form of large forest, similar to the one he recalled from home. He inhaled deeply, taking in the rich scent of the earth and plants around him; a sighing exhale coming from his still grinning mouth.

Without waiting a further moment, the young Dark Elf began to rush forward, wondering what could possibly be hiding in this new world around him.

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Please check the spelling of Fanalis in your race. In your aspirations, you mention wanting to live in Balbadd, but in your history, you say he already lived there. Also, there is a small coding issue in the first like of your history. Aside from that, looks good ^_^


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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Approved~ Feel free to make starter abilities and a weapon!


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