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Hunting Wolves! [Mission|Solo]

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The sun was going down in Reim and it was slowly getting darker outside. Myra and her companion Zafar had been outside for a while now, looking out for a job, however they hadn’t been able to find something yet. The two of them needed something to do, mostly because they were bored but also because they needed the money. Myra hadn’t been at the Fu’s residence for a while now so she figured she would do some things on her own. She climbed up the lion and sat on his back while he walked through the city, looking around for merchants who needed help. However, as for now, Myra had rumours about a group of wolf like creatures being back and hunting down humans and their sheep. It sounded interisting and she was sure that both, Zafar and herself could easily beat a wolf, however they hadn’t found a client yet that would pay them for taking on such a client. After a while they were actually stopped by an elderly man who would later introduce himself as a merchant. “A Fanalis woman and a beast. That is a rare sight. Why don’t you come and drink some tea with me, while I’m telling you some stories about the white wolves.” Myra and Zafar agreed and while they were drinking some tea the merchant would explain the situation. “It is true that there is a bunch of wolves out there. They sure are dangerous and strong, but what really mattersa bout them is their unique furr. It is white and shimmers like silver. It is extraordinary soft and really not easy to get. You have to kill the wolf without damaging it’s fur and bring it back to me, I will reward you generiously. But be careful because they can fight after all.” Myra and Zafar looked at each other before the young Fanalis smiled. “I’m sure my Lion is stronger, but whatever. I will go and look for said wolf now, I will be back in a few hours or less. Wait for me.” With that the young Fanalis climbed back onto Zafar’s back and they started moving outside the city. They would look for the Lion in a place that was far away from the city center and then follow the sound of it’s cry. After a while, they spotted the first white wolf. Myra jumped down from Zafar’s back and kneeled down. “I’m going for it, if it runs away into your direction, go for it, but do not damage the fur!” The Lion grumbled something and Myra immediately started running, increasing her speed until she moved at 15m/s. At some point she would jump up and land behind the wolf, so that the animal was between herself and Zafar. Both of them immediately rushed forward, Myra aming for wolf’s leg, breaking one of them with her kick, and then another one. The wolf, who now couldn’t walk anymore was clearly suffering so with a quick punch into it’s neck Myra stopped the suffering. She placed it’s body onto Zafar’s back. They returned to the merchant and obtained their reward.

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