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Zadi vs. Reef Sharks! [Job;Solo]

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1Zadi vs. Reef Sharks! [Job;Solo] Empty Zadi vs. Reef Sharks! [Job;Solo] on 01/03/14, 04:02 pm


Time for another job! Job after job though, seriously gets dull after a while. However, Zadi had nothing better to do to earn Huang. Well, there were the slots at the Casino…but those were for the rich…and Zadi was poor. All the same though, Zadi was going on another mission. Zadi headed down to the local Job Board and sifted through the sheets of paper with amounts of money written on them with his eyesight. Eyes shifting, nose sniffing…well, not sniffing. Just thought that it sounded like a good rhyme. Eventually, Zadi found a suitable job to take, one that involved going out into the sea to beat down some rather nasty reef sharks. Seemed kind of difficult if you didn’t have a boat…wait, the paper says that a boat will be provided. Now that Zadi had a job to take, it was time to get going! Zadi made his way to the ports of Balbadd and met with the person in charge of taking this mission, a merchant sailor. He seemed nice, but he was more interested in making his sails sail and his sales sell. Zadi got into the boat and headed off into the direction of the reef sharks.
Zadi was making his way to the reef sharks in his rather small but appropriate boat. Appropriate in the fact that it seemed sturdy enough to stand in and attack sharks with…hopefully. Sharks were and still are very dangerous creatures that take effort in taking out. Not like it was going to be easy in the water either. Zadi needed to gather all of this strength in order to defeat these sharks without failing to meet the standards of the job at hand. Eventually, Zadi Medmar made it to a location that seemed to have a few reef sharks swimming around in circles, waiting for something to plunder like pirates in the open ocean. However! The sharks started their attack right when they saw the Gawking Heron staff…probably because it looked like…well…a gawking heron. Sometimes Zadi doesn’t even know why he has the staff he has. Fate? Destiny? Well, the Rukh did decide such things. Curse one’s fate and you shall be eternally…something. Don’t know what. Anyway, the sharks attack, pretty quickly, too. They jumped and bit into the boat, trying to get it to sink. Zadi wasn’t necessarily the best of ocean fighters, especially in a boat, but he knew how to keep his balance. Zadi gathered the Rukh around his staff and turned the power of the Rukh into pure force, hitting each and every one of the sharks as much as he could to get them away from the boat and out into their true home, away from the harbor! It was tough, but eventually, Zadi drove back the sharks with the Blunt spell he had recently learned. Good spell, too. Anyway, Zadi has cleared the harbor and reef of the sharks, successfully completing the mission! Zadi headed back, talked to the guy in charge, and got his reward~

80 Magoi


Name: Blunt
Tier: C
Cost: 20 | 10
Element: Strength
Class: Offensive
Range: The Medium (staff/wand)
Duration: Until Broken
Cool-Down: 3 Posts
Description: The caster orders the Rukh to gather 1 cm around the medium and turn into pure force. This force acts like a shell and in turn allows for the medium to be used as a melee weapon, specifically dealing C-tier blunt damage. The caster is not hurt by simple wielding the medium. However, like any shell, the force can be broken. The force is destroyed after being hit by 1 C-tier or 2 D-tier attacks. If the force is destroyed, that does not mean the medium is destroyed unless the attack applied to the force was greater than what was needed to destroy the force. The shell around the medium can be seen, to those specialized in Intelligence, as a slightly transparent shell of black energy while those that are not specialized in Intelligence see the force as a completely transparent blur around the medium.

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