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MMMm fruits

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Job i'm doing:
Job Name: Mhmmm, Fruits!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang + 50 Exp
Job Overview: Everyone loves fruits! They are healthy, delicious and...hard to get? You will start out your day normally and maybe enter the market place where you meet a merchant. This merchant will ask you for help. He has a big food plantation not far away from here but he has no one to gather all the fruits from there! Could you do that for him? Of course he will reward you generously! And you can have some fruits for free as well. (Make sure you get at least 4 different kinds of fruits for him!)

Thordur was taking his usual jog in the marketplace dressed in his unusually typical desert outfit when he was suddenly stopped by a crowd that he couldn't get past, There were atleast over 50 people there and so he decided to go check what's going on when he was stopped by an elderly looking fellow that said to him, "Young man, all these people want fruit and i'm having quite the difficulties responding to so many clients so would you mind picking some fruits up for me? I will of course pay you for picking them up for me so how does 3000 huang sound?" Thordur replied with the nice guy tone "Ah yes, of course i will pick them up for you, don't worry everythings gona be fiiineee." The elderly looking man then gave him a map to his plantation and asked him to hurry up  because he thought his life was on the line. Thordur started walking and was very lucky since he thought he met very little resistance on his way to the plantation however when he arrived, what he saw was a ton of fruits, a small shack that was nearly run down with arrows and no bags within his line of sight from the place he ended Up arriving on, basically what thordur saw a plantation that was the exact opposite of the words "very nice" But thordur didn‘t let that scare him and walked to the fruits simply disregarding that fact cause he didn't really mind if only the fruits were good enough so thus thordur simply started picking 50 apples, 50 Clementines, 50 Oranges and finally he finished with picking 50 banans but when he had gathered atleast 200 all in all he had no way to take it all back home to the jobgiver. When thordur realised that he couldn't bring it he decided to go search around the plantation, after around 5 minutes of searching he finally found a GIANT bag that he could probably stuff most of the fruits if not all, Thordur hurried back then to the location where he had put all the fruits he had gathered, stuffing them all into the giant bag he had found and putting a knot on the end. With the giant bag on his back, Thordur hurried to the elderly looking man to give him the fruits. Upon arriving there most of the crowd was gone but the elderly looking man was still waiting for him since he had to sell most of the fruits so then Thordur walked to him and handed him the giant looking bag that was probably about to burst. The elderly looking man was quite happy with all the fruits Thordur had gathered and said he was welcome to help him again then he gave him the prize money and thordur walked away with 3000 huang happy as hell over his prize money since for thordur 3000 huang was quite alot since he spent most of his time as a slave.

No abilities used.
80/80 Stamina


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