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Elaina Charlotte_Portrait

Name: Elaina
Tier: D
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 21|April 1st
Nationality: Balbadd
Race: Human
Specialization: Strength

Personality: Elaina is a young woman who is very confident in her looks, often referencing the beauty that is her face and body. Though somewhat egotistical, she’s very gracious and kind to those around her. As one of the world’s most successful traveling masseuses’, Elaina tends to be very flirty around men and will often use suggestive phrasing or body language in order to garner more business for herself. She is certainly not a shy woman, and often times has to drag her “customers” into her massage tent under the assumption that they’re “too shy/nervous” to request services from her. She often misinterprets a man’s disgust over her as playing hard to get and will only be incensed to continue her pursuit.

Elaina is not intimidated by other women, no matter how beautiful or popular they are. She sees herself as above them in terms of attractiveness and takes it upon herself to act as an older sister figure regardless of whether they like it or not, often giving pointers on how to properly attract men.

Underneath it all, Elaina is a true romantic with a soft heart. Despite how self-assured she is, if Elaina encounters a man that she is strongly attracted to she will become more modest and shy. If this were to be the case, she’d do nearly anything to get her beloved to notice her and accept her affections.

Men: Elaina enjoys the presence of men, not only because they are the cornerstone of her work, but because they give her a sense of fulfillment and somehow solidify her confidence in her looks.

Traveling: Having lived in Balbadd for the majority of her life, Elaina has a newfound love of traveling and experiencing cultures she had only ever heard about.

Beauty and Fashion: Elaina enjoys all sorts of pampering and beauty routines. You will never, ever see her make a public appearance without her being decked out in the latest fashion and her face made-up perfectly. She enjoys beauty rituals so much that she’ll often offer to makeover other women.

People who judge based on appearance: Due to a partial childhood of ridicule over her looks, Elaina tries her best never to judge people based on how they appear. She believes that those who make assumptions based on appearance have ugly hearts and narrow minds.

People who don’t know how to have a good time: Due to her line of work, Elaina is used to coaxing people into better moods. No stranger to hardship, she believes that even the most serious of people should take the time to relax and lighten up.

Phobias: Elaina fears that one day her “good looks” will fade before she settles down to build a family. Her biggest fear is that she’ll never find her true love as she’s supposedly been courted by many men who have yet to satisfy her heart. Though she always feels a bit of remorse when turning down a potential suitor, Elaina wants to find someone that will take care of her and make her truly happy.

After seeing her mother succumb to illness, Elaina fears falling ill and suffering just as her mother had. As a precaution, Elaina tends to be very hygienic and will refuse a client if she finds them to be too dirty.

Aspirations: Elaina’s ultimate goal is to find a loving husband and create a family. However, she’s still quite young and thus wants to experience all that the world has to offer before she settles down for good. She is currently employing her previously learned skills as a hostess abroad, offering massages and company to any men interested. She also hopes that expanding her cultural horizons will give her the opportunity to learn more techniques in order to increase her clientele.

Elaina 131

Face-Claim: Charlotte Chuhlhourne|Bleach
Weight: 364 lbs|165 kg
Hair Color: Deep violet
Eye Color: Light blue
Height: 7’5”
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: Completely contrasting to her appearance, Elaina has a soft, sweet voice that one would expect from a 16 year old girl.
Appearance: Elaina has tan skin a manly, rugged face that most people would find unattractive. Her long, deep violet hair frames her high cheekbones nicely. Elaina’s eyebrows are thick and reach nearly to the edge of her forehead, and her small, ice blue eyes have long curled lashes. Her nose is large and hooked and her lips are plump and often emphasized with rouge. Elaina’s frame is very large and brawny, putting most men to shame with her rippling muscles. Her well-defined abdominal muscles and her huge bust are her most defining features. While still very thick, her arms and legs are more shapely and feminine.

Elaina’s clothes follow and black and white motif that compliment her hair and skin tone nicely. She wears a white half-blouse with sleeves that end a few inches above her elbows, and black lacey trim that extends to the middle of her rib cage or to just below her chest. The collar of this blouse dips into a sharp V, exposing ample cleavage of her large chest. She wears long, white harem-style pants with a deep V-type black waistband rides high on her waist. On her feet she usually wears wooden sandals when traveling, but prefers to wear high heels when working or in cities.

History: Elaina was born in the country of Balbadd to a loving lower-class couple. Elaina has the misfortune of taking after her mother, a burly and conventionally unattractive woman. Her father, a soldier by profession was considerably smaller and weaker looking than his wife, but the two loved each other dearly. When Elaina was four years old, her father was killed leaving her to be raised by her mother. Despite the void left in her family by her father’s death, Elaina’s mother was determined for her daughter to live a happy life. Her mother took complete ownership of her family’s shop, using Elaina to run errands all over town. As a child Elaina was friendly and quite clever but was often made fun of by the other children for her physical appearance. Initially dejected, her mother insisted that Elaina was a beautiful young woman with a good heart, and that she just needed to find a way to show the other children how special she was.

That day came when several boys who would often throw stones and taunt her found themselves cornered by some older boys threatening them for money. Taking advantage of her large physique and intimidating strength, Elaina was easily able to handle the attackers and earned the respect of her former bullies. Elaina lived happily for the next few years, until her mother became ill. Though she helped her mother at the shop during the day, there just wasn’t enough money to support the both of them and purchase medication for her mother. At the age of 15, Elaina applied for a job as a serving girl in a gentleman’s club in Balbadd’s red light district. At first she was nearly laughed out of the building, but Elaina insisted on them giving her a trial run. Finding it amusing, the owner agreed to let her work on the least busy day of the week so that she wouldn’t scare away the regular customers, though he was confident that the young woman would receive no attention.

Though she was only responsible for serving men wine and food as well as occasionally chatting with the clients, Elaina turned out to become wildly popular. Men would clamber to the club on the busier nights, eager to catch a glimpse of the young woman. Baffled, the owner decided to offer her a full-time job as a serving girl, eventually promoting her to hostess when she turned 16. Elaina quickly became Balbadd’s most popular hostess, earning quite a bit of money through her job and countless admirers and suitors. However, Elaina’s true duty was to her mother, for whom she had taken the job for in the first place. Though Elaina’s earnings supported them both as well as the cost of the medication, her mother’s condition had worsened over the years. When Elaina was 20, her mother passed away in her sleep. Heartbroken at this loss, Elaina couldn’t bear to stay in Balbadd any longer and bid farewell to her friends and fans. For the past year, Elaina has been working as a self-employed traveling masseuse while she experiences the world, longing for a place she can eventually settle down in and call home. Mind you, she strictly offers only massages and the company of a beautiful woman.

Role-Play Sample: “Thank you for allowing me to service you. If you are satisfied with my work, please tell your friends.” The large woman bowed delicately as she opened the flap to her tent to allow her latest customer to exit. She watched as the man limped out of the tent, clutching his shirt to his chest. The man’s bare back was covered in bruises and red marks made from Elaina’s own hands. This man had been particularly hard to convince, but after some playful “physical” flirting he found himself face down on one of her massage mats. Strangely enough, he tried to pay her in the middle of his massage and leave. Thinking that he was simply a modest man who was too nervous to be around her, Elaina insisted that he had paid for a full massage session and insisted that the man stay put until she had finished.

“Another satisfied customer…I do hope that he brings more clients around, business has been quite slow lately.”

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