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The Prince's Wandering [PLOT]

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Adam had spent a long time in Zou; too long, in fact. His father had heard the great Fanalis Slave Auction was returning to Heliohapt, and so he had sent the slothful prince to the desert city with an enormous sum of money. The goal was to purchase as many Fanalis slaves as possible and train them to be royal soldiers of Zou's new Fanalis Brigade. However, Adam's goal was completely different from the emperor.

The Zouen Prince was no fan of slavery; he could empathize with those in captivity because he knew what it was like living behind bars under lock and key (figuratively, of course.) He planned on freeing the slaves and hopefully coercing a few of them into being his elite force of bodyguards. However, he knew he could not do this alone; he would need to make some friends in the process, some friends who could help him in his conquest. Hopefully he could use his royal status to aid him in his plan.


The Prince's Wandering [PLOT] ZL6zLl6

From far and wide
And lightyears away
The one force of nature
They call by name
I came from tomorrow to take back today
I am the future

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