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Let's get started [solo/CD/plot]

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The day was long, the beating sun which at one point was hot, and brightened the day was now set. The troupe was just pulling their caravans into Heliohapt, Goon had been with them for a year, they had taught him a lot about life outside of being a slave. Goon spent most of his time with Nox, the clown he met when he had just ran away from slavery, walking around a desert. That seemed like it was ages ago now, and Goon had found a.. family, weird, unorthodox, and different, but a family none the less. Goon was in Nox's caravan, as per usual,

"So Nox what's our mission here, this time? I know we only set shows up, when there's something in it for us. And we haven't been outside Balbadd in months, plus your talkative self has been very quiet."

Goon said lowly as not to alert anybody, that was walking by. See the troupe was an actual traveling circus, but a few member's used it as a cover to help slaves get to freedom, sometimes they got paid for their actions, others they did for free, or got a form of payment at a later date. The troupe all in all was OK with that, and helped as much as they whether it was hiding or just transporting. Nox opened his mouth to speak, but it seemed he couldn't spit it out. Goon watched as Nox seemed deep in his thoughts, Goon decided to let it be a sat quietly as they made their way to the destination. When the finally reached it, Nox finally spoke, "Sorry I've been quiet. I'll explain all I know in a few, but the least I could tell you at the moment is we have an easy job, just pick up and safe transport. But go help everyone set up for the night so they can get some rest."

It took about for Goon to help out the various members of the troupe, but everybody was taken care of, the older members, felt the need to pull out drinks, and start having a good time. Goon made his way back over to Nox, "Alright everyone's taken care, now tell me what's going on?" He said puzzily, Nox sat in the back of the trailer, and spoke,

"OK OK Rushy McGee, damn, alright our original job is easy like I said earlier, we just gotta pick up a few slaves and transport them safely, back to their family. No fighting, fussing, or any of that other stuff, but problem is before we could do that we must help out Heliohapt. One of my informants told me that big things are about to go down here, and I just need to know if you're down to help, whether you do or not that's your choice but I already said I'll help, I'd feel better with you by my side."

"You took me in, you helped give me a family, I can trust you I couldn't say that about many people. So of course I'm in, if you doubted that I should drag you by your feet attached the trailer. You're a clown." Goon replied, stern and sure not a hint of doubt or regret in his voice, he felt a little hurt that Nox just didn't him this earlier. Making Goon think he was dying or something. NOx laughed, as a sign of relief "Good I thought you'd say something like that, you better rest up, it's gonna get crazy over the next few days." With that said the two went off to bed, Goon sleeping next to trailer under the light of the moon and stars, feeling more free than ever, open space not confined, thinking of what's to come over the days.
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