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Tsuki Yomi

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Tsuki Yomi

Tsuki Yomi
Tsuki Yomi  Jushiroukitake

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Name: Tsuki Yomi
Tier: Novice
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age + Birth-date: 30 | September 13th
Nationality: Zou
Race: Human
Specialization: Intelligence | Light Magic [Type Four / Orange Magician]

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Personality: Tsuki has been described as being "immoral," bearing no concept whatsoever of the laws of man. Rather, he follows his own code of values, which very few others seem to be willing to understand. He is narcissistic, egotistical, and displays a near psychopathic disregard for the lives of those who would attack him. 
He also possesses some amount of sexual impropriety, and a total disregard of fidelity. Although there was a time when he would willingly resolve himself to only having one lover, he now cares little about that, and will openly flirt with anyone who strikes his fancy. 
As a child, Yomi was very similar to the way he is now, but was a little less emotional about things. Whereas nowadays he's cautious with his strength and his special abilities, he used to have little care for restraint and would do whatever felt good to him at the time. 
Through his narcissism, his ego-maniacal nature, and his utter lack of respect for others, Art never shows any true signs of antagonism to even those who would consider themselves his enemies, viewing their attempts to foil him as almost amusing. 

There are a lot of people in this world who others would have to strive really hard to please. However, Yomi is not one of them. It truly seems that he is able to enjoy everything in life, even down to the little things like the amount of iron in his bloodwine, whether that be torturing innocents to see if there's a maximum decibel limit a human voice can get up to when in agony, to feeding fish. You know, the usual. 


  • Fooling People | "Who is the worst fool? The fool or the man who's fooled by the fool?" | Tsuki is a great actor. However, more than that, he loves to act, to be able to trick other people.  Whether his current personality is the way that it is because of how he had to act to get what he wanted, or whether it's how he would have become naturally is unknown. 
  • Pain | "The truest state of pleasure!" | This is not something that he enjoys happening to him, but something that he enjoys seeing. Yomi, for the most part, seems to have a very high tolerance to pain just because of the amount that he has been subject to. However, when it comes to other people, he loves seeing them in pain. The expressions, the sounds, everything about their reaction to pain just makes him a very, very happy man. He is, essentially, the human form of schadenfreude. 
  • Truth | "Only the most terrible things exist in the greater world." | Yomi loves to be able to feel superior to other people. Considering the high levels of power of those he works with, it's not very common for him to be able to feel physically superior to them, so he goes to the next port of call; Mental superiority. He loves to know things that other people don't know since it makes him look smarter than them. However, putting his ego aside, he also has a fondness for truth simply because of a childish sense of curiosity about the world as a whole. 


  • Boredom | "If you'll excuse me, I have some chaos to wreak" | Yomi's reason for living is for fun, and what's the opposite of fun? Displeasure. And how do you avoid having any pleasure whatsoever? You avoid doing anything, and allow yourself to get bored. It's this hatred of boredom that drove him to train in the arts of magic in the first place, looking to spread some chaos and to get some sort of sick pleasure out of them running around like headless chickens. 
  • "Intellectuals" | "Their heads are up their asses, and yet all they do is check the taste" | The problem with intellectuals, or at least a lot of the people who like to call themselves intellectuals, is that they are obsessed with whatever it is they want to study. He enjoys finding out the truth, so in a way he is able to empathize with their desire for information, but they often take it too far. Even he's not completely obsessed with having fun, he just dislikes not having fun. A lot of the people that he has bumped into become obsessed with facts and figures and will spend night after night doing the same boring stuff for little to no reward. It's like... seeing someone find a book of secrets and then find out that they're not using it to spread rumors, but are actually using it to check out calligraphy. 
  • Religious people | "To believe so strongly, to ignore all else" | Religious people kind of irk Yomi. He sees a lot of the religious idiots who spew their ignorant little beliefs about life (of which almost all are wrong) as being dull, misinformed fools. However, whilst he might dislike them as a concept, he actually tends to enjoy them more than any other victims that he can find. Especially because they claim his work to be the tool of the devil, or something equally as absurd. Makes for extra fun when they're blasted into pieces. 

Phobias: The main thing that Yomi's scared of is his magic. Perhaps there is a sensible amount of caution that should be involved with someone who has to contain a high-potency magic in the way that Yomi does. However, the problem is that when he gets worried about it, he's not just cautious, he goes to extremes

As long as he can, he will do anything that will involve him not being forced to give over to the more dangerous levels of his magic, and that can involve doing things that other people would consider immoral. 

Furthermore, he can become extremely paranoid if he's given fore-warning about a shift in personality. It doesn't happen very often, since most battles tend to not give you a forewarning for when shit is about to hit the fan, but if he's training for non-combat purposes then he will become very worried.

Aspirations: The most obvious motivation for Yomi is a constant search for enjoyment. The thing he desires most in this world is to have fun and to never end up bored. 

This comes out in multiple forms, whether its through his constant torturing of those who can't fight back to get off on his sadistic desires, or whether it's working under people that he cares for deeply so that he can be gratified by knowing that they continue being happy, it really doesn't matter. They both add up to the same result - An unending desire to get what he wants and to enjoy what he has. 

Of course this is an easy desire to sate, since all that means is that he needs to be able to find things in this life that he enjoys. With him being able to enjoy other people's misery, the current state of the world is no end of pleasure to him, with everyone bickering like small children. 

Thus Yomi is one of those people who are able to enjoy living just because they're alive. He doesn't necessarily need a big goal in life to make him happy, as long as he's alive and is able to continue doing things in his own way without having other people try and muscle in and tell him what to do.

 As it turns out, his biggest motivation in life besides having fun is just to keep living whatever the cost to other people, whatever the cost to Zou, even if he has to walk over a mile of coal in his bare feet he will do it just so that he can carry on living another day. 

Unfortunately, this has a few negative side effects on the way other people view him. If he knows that he will die from a fight, he will avoid it and leave it as soon as possible without batting an eyelid or considering the objective that would be reached if he was to sacrifice himself. This fact alone has caused a lot of other people to mistakenly think him a coward. 

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Face-Claim: Juushioro Ukitake - Bleach
Weight: 64 Kilograms
Hair Color: White 
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5' 9''
Rukh Alignment: Black
Special Traits: N/A
Appearance: Yomi is a relatively normal-proportioned man, with very little to make him stand out from the other men around him. Even his clothes are pretty typical for the Zou Empire, a black robe underneath a white haori, something that he wears as a way to distinguish himself from the usual peasants that live around the empire, marking him out as the son of one of the great court. 

The one thing that truly makes him stand out from everyone else is his pure white hair. As already mentioned, he likes to be able to stand out from the crowd, to have people see him as above their station and to not blend in with the general masses. So, he died his hair a pure white color, the absolute antithesis of the usual black that people from his empire have. However, because his eyebrows keep getting burned off due to his scorch-variance of light magic, they constantly grow back black no matter how many times he dies them, so he's given up trying. 
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History: Tsuki was born the son of one of the old Emperor's advisers, a great seer known as "Tsuki Hime". She was considered one of the wisest people in the whole of the empire, and even when she was assassinated by the time that Yomi was only five, he still grew up with her legacy held above his head. He was held to a ridiculous standard, expected to be one of the smartest people in the country before he was even ten. Of course, he missed these goals by a long shot, and thus his life was made to generally be pretty miserable. 

As his mother's son, he was brought under the tutor of one of the strongest mages in the Empire, a great old man of over a hundred who's talent with six out of the eight magics made him infamous when it came to the magical community. Like all magical students, he was given the test during the first of his lessons, and it was discovered that his primary skill was in Light Magic. Thankfully for them both, that was one of the ones that his teacher was able to specialize in, and so he was taught by one of the best in the field for his first ten years as a mage. 

Those ten years weren't exactly pleasant however. People looked at him like a failure, and would often throw stones at him, claiming that it was he was failing their hero. Although this was true, this hatred against him encouraged him to become more and more detached from the general populace. They were just idiots who were governed by their emotions, and when he finally had the power that he so craved for, he would be able to get revenge on them. 

By the time that he was 15, he was back on track with his life; even if he wasn't able to be one of the smartest within the whole country, he was at least very talented with his magic. However, when someone's pride exceeds their caution, they only have a set amount of time until they stumble across their downfall, like Icarus from the ancient myths.

In Tsuki's case, it came when he was taught a new form of light magic; Scorch magic. As anyone who's fried an ant with a magnifying glass will know, light can also equal a great amount of heat. Thus, even without using heat magic, it's possible to burn people alive. At first, he was pretty good at this style of magic, but as he got more and more prideful, he acted less and less carefully, until he used a spell way above his current level. 

It's hard to remember exactly what happened during the event that came to be known as "the great burning", but the first thing he can remember about it is that he woke up with the street around him flash-fried to the point where there was only a burn mark on the ground where the shadow of the houses would have been. Ever since then, his magic has... well, kind of jammed. He's been unable to reach the same level of power as he once had, bringing him back down to the same level as a novice. 

Of course, he could never admit that. Admit that he had failed? That he had killed all of those people for nothing? No, he could never do that, so instead he bluffed, claiming that he was holding his magic back out of discipline, that he could do it again any time he wanted. Since he had already proved a great show of power, it wasn't exactly difficult to get people to believe him, and he was soon recruited into the emperor's royal mages.

For the last twelve years, he's continued to train with little to no effect. Whilst he has no end of magical potential, it seems to be locked under something, like his body is refusing to let him do it again. So, rather than train for power, he trains his body in the blind aspiration that he might be able to get himself back to the height of his greatness one day. 

Role-Play Sample:
 "That fight was won by Akami Yanagi, also known as the blind bandit! Give it up for one of your favorites, will you folks?" the cheer that went up among the crowd was almost deafening, Yomi was not fond of the way that people seemed not to understand that people were still people and that yelling in their ear was still going to hurt no matter how psyched they were. Standing patiently by the door, he waited until it was his turn to go up to the center stage. Well, not quite.

See, the way that the arena worked was that they would put a crowd favorite into the arena and they would have him fight other people to try and see if anyone could beat him. If someone was able to beat him, that person would be allowed to continue on in the ring and would take on any new challengers. After all, if someone was able to be beaten they were no longer the strongest. However, this method had serious flaws in the way that it had been arranged. For one thing, the person was not allowed any breaks, so they would quickly become tired after several consecutive fights. 

It would have required someone who wasn't quite human to be able to continue fighting tirelessly all day. Even if Yomi was above the human race in all other aspects, he still had the human race's dependency on stamina and that meant that even he would get tired if he continued fighting for a long time. 

It was only natural after all; even if he was god-like, that's only a similarity and not an actual race. Besides, if a man had no weaknesses then he could never be considered truly strong. Being strong was learning your weaknesses and then finding a way to overcome them, whereas someone who had no weaknesses might have been more powerful, but power was not quite the same thing as strength. 

Being strong was what allowed people to continue through battles, since powerful people weren't used to having to deal with watching other people die, or rather people that they don't want to die dying and them being unable to stop it. Thus, powerful people were most often the ones who became nervous wrecks because they overly relied on their abilities and forgot that they were still human, something that drove them crazy in the long run. 

"Anyone willing to come up and fight the bandit?" The commentator asked, and for a moment everyone was unwilling to come to the front. Or at least, that was the way that it looked, since Yomi was finding it extremely difficult to get through the crowd. There were so many people here that it was gridlocked, it was almost impossible to move, and that led to a mis-judgement of interest. Thus, when the commentator spoke, there was clear disappointment in his voice. 

Matches only lasted as long as there were still people who wanted to fight, that was why a fight could last either an hour or it could last for several days. People could leave and come from the arena whenever they wanted, so there was an almost eternally-developing crowd despite people having to leave either to get sleep or to rush their friends who lost their fight to the hospital bed. 

"Come on folks, this fight has only lasted an hour and a half so far, you guys can do better than this, so I'll ask again. Who wants to come up and fight Yanagi?" Once again, there was a moment of pause until finally, he found his way to the front, stumbling out of the annoying crowd. 

When he was finally free he brushed himself down to get rid of the large amounts of dust that was now cloaking his body, before taking a more dignified posture than should be possible for someone who just had to push his way through a crowd.

"Wow, would you look at that folks? The new contender is a pretty boy with white hair, Yeah, kid, because there are really people out there who think that's natural" Now, up until this point there had been no clue to the Yanagi what was going on with his new opponent, but there was something he apparently found extremely amusing about his new opponent. 

The man laughed openly, the sort of laugh that only came from people who were overconfident about their powers. Not that this man didn't have the right to be confident about his abilities, considering how quickly he had won the last one, but there was a clear amount of overconfidence in him as well, going way past anything remotely tolerable

The staff that he had been using to get up here was lifted into the air for a few seconds and then, like every other time he had used his specific branch of magic, everything melted into a glorious, shining light.

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Tsuki Yomi

Tsuki Yomi
Tsuki Yomi  Jushiroukitake


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