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Ariella Negri

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Ariella Negri ZzffT5L

Name: Ariella Negri
Tier: D
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age + Birthdate: 16 (Feb 16)
Nationality: Magnostadt
Race: Human
Specialization: Intelligence

Personality: Ariella is bouncy and tends to be loud. She has a short fuse, but her temper tends to fade as fast as it was triggered. She enjoys helping people but also loves causing destruction and mayhem. This has resulted in a rather unique problem as she is often seen as more of a hindrance than a help in situations. She relies heavily on herself, as she doesn’t like disappointing people. She seems very carefree but tends to take criticism to heart. She has a short attention span and has difficulty focusing beyond what she is doing at the moment, making long-term plans a struggle for her. The only place she retains focus is in her magic studies and she works very hard to improve them at every opportunity. She holds no strong feelings on slavery and her family had several servants, many of which she was friends with. She holds very little interest in politics and tends to remain clueless about other countries’ hierarchies. At events, she is often seen as the life of the party, though to her parents’ displeasure, she often behaved inappropriately for more sophisticated events. She detests anyone trying to tell her what to do and much prefers to do things in her own way and in her own time.

Likes: Ariella likes animals. Growing up, she could often be found trying to tame wild creatures or bringing home stray cats. Ariella also enjoys stargazing. When she was younger, she and her father would go out and stare at the sky at night and he would smile at her attempts to draw pictures with the stars.

Dislikes: Ariella dislikes fish, the smell and feel of the slimy scales disgusting her and the taste of it making her stomach turn. She also dislikes sand, as it managed to find its way in places it should not be and took ages to remove from her hair.

Phobias: Ariella is terrified of frogs. When she was younger, her brother, Adius, had thrown her in a pit and dumped several buckets of frogs on top of her. To this day, she still shuddered in the presence of frogs, able to feel their slimy skin sliding over her. She also has an irrational fear of quicksand and is convinced that any sandy terrain holds nothing but terror for her. Ariella is also scared of pure darkness. Under the night sky, the moon and stars were there to guide her, but if a room is utterly dark, she fears that some unknown monster will devour her. Adius had often tortured her by locking her in a closet beneath the stairs in their home and taunted that the Darkness would devour her.

Aspirations: Ariella is driven by the desire to become the best magician ever. Her parents often made their disproval of her behavior quite apparent and showed favor to her brother, who had quickly raised through the Kodor in the Academy. Ariella wanted nothing more than to best him, as it was the arena that her parents were most focused on. She strives to prove to her parents that she can focus enough to become a better magician than Adius and maybe one day run the Academy. Though her childhood desire was to become a magi, she had since become old enough to try for a more achievable goal of simply being an outstanding magician.

Face-Claim: Yoruichi-Bleach
Weight: 120 pounds
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Gold
Height: 5’7”
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: Ariella has a long black tail she often keeps hidden, a result of another of her brother’s pranks gone awry. Her parents were unable to find a way to reverse the spell he had used and had hoped it would just fade on its own, but after several years simply became accustomed to helping her hide it.
Appearance: Ariella is slender and of average height. She walks with an almost feline sway to her steps and when fighting is very fluid. She typically wears basic pants and shirts, not being restricted to magician robes as she has not yet gained entrance to the academy. When at home, her parents insist she wear clothing more fitting for her status in the community but she has been known to dress in servants clothes so she could sneak about.  

History: Ariella grew up in the shadow of her older brother, Adius, and was often brushed off by her parents because she had not shown the same amount of promise as he had at a young age. Adius often went out of his way to torture her, as older brothers do but also did occasionally try to help her with her studies. As she got older, her skills improved, but her parents had already given up hope that she would ever be more than just a shade of what her brother was. Her childhood was not lonely, as she often befriended the servants and their children. She was also fairly popular with several of the local children due to her destructive and daring ways. She could often be found leading “adventures” through the yards and fields, the other children racing behind her. As she grew older, she asked about joining the academy, but her parents were afraid she would be an embarrassment. When she was 15, her parents insisted it was time for her to “grow up” and begin taking her studies more seriously. After several tutors quit due to her stubbornness regarding what she wanted to learn and how, her parents told her that if she were so restless, she should go out in the world and see what it could teach her. After what she perceived the ultimate rejection from her parents, Ariella vowed that she would go out into the world to find less restrictive means of learning magic and she would not return until she had become worthy of her parents’ affection and of entrance to Academy City. Her parents seemed supportive in their own way, providing her with plenty of money and a list of places she might visit before dismissing her off hand. While Adius had come home to see his sister off on her journey of discovery, her parents were conspicuously absent and she rode away from her childhood home with a heavy heart filled with rejection and determination. For months, she was bitter at her parents rejection, but soon the desire for their acceptance made her bury that rejection and throw herself into finding out all she could about magic from anyone she could, carefully avoiding Magnostadt to ensure that she would not tarnish her family name if she were to fail.

Role-Play Sample: After Benny agreed, she pulled out several of her regular arrows and carefully removed the arrowheads, handing the headless arrows to the smithy to fit his creations to the tips. After making sure they were properly attached, he led her behind the forge where there was a storage area and pointed to a pile of scraps. She nodded and picked up one of the new arrows, dragging it along a large stone and frowning when it failed to produce a spark. She tried again, her brow furrowed when it again failed to spark. Benny simply watched from behind her, giving her the chance to figure out the appropriate way to ignite the tip.

She rested a finger on one side of the head and tried again, applying pressure down like she was trying to flatten the tip and instantly regretted the decision. The tip gave several sparks and the head lit with flame and she dropped the arrow as she burned her fingers. She heard a chuckle from Benny and gave him a playful glare before picking up the arrow and blowing out the tip. The exposure to the flames made her more cautious with her next attempt. She opted to hold the arrow just under the tip and tried again, keeping the same angle and pressure as before and smiled happily when the spark was produced. The cloth had been singed from her previous attempt and so there was nothing to catch the spark, but at least she had the angle correct that time. She opted to keep practicing with that head so she did not waste the others he had prepared until she intended to shoot them.

Several minutes later, she was able to spark the arrowhead by dragging it along the stone and she handed the arrow back to Benny before picking up an undamaged one. She stood and drew her bow, leaning over to strike the arrowhead along the stone and notching the arrow as the tip caught flame. She tugged the string back to her cheek and released it with a breath, the fire arrow moving with great speed across to the scrap pile and lodged deeply in a broken crate. The fire left a char mark on the wooden surface and she clapped happily.

[taken from post with Lexiara]

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