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Lagi El Nagi "Finished"

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Name: Lagi El Nagi
Tier: D Rank
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age + Birthdate: 20/ February 27
Nationality: Reim
Race: Human
Specialization: Dominance

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Imaginative- "The possibilities are endless, as long as you keep the dream alive." Lagi contains the ability to think abstractly and come up with extremely innovative ideas. His imagination power has the capacity to take him to great heights, not only standing as an idealist, but as a great coordinator in battle. Lagi is usually able to express himself, and keep an open mind about how the world works.  Bearing a great imagination towards shaping the future, this stands as one of the main character traits that Lagi has.

Kind- "There is a saying in the bible to love thy neighbor, pretty interesting for an old book. It can't be that bad right? Kindness can spread like a disease after a while." Lagi would treat others just the way he himself would want to be treated. In his perspective, to be kind is to be compassionate. Compassion is the ultimate and most meaningful embodiment of emotional maturity. It is through compassion that a person achieves the highest peak and deepest reach in his or her search for self-fulfillment. In Lagi’s case, he achieved such satisfaction from showing that same level of kindness towards others.

Selfless- "Why am I helping? Well, why do I need a reason to do something good in the first place? Am I even crazier to not have a reason?" For a man who thinks loyalty is only a crutch for those who don’t know what they want to do with their life; Lagi can’t really say that he’s any better than them. Lagi is willing to put his life on the line to help others because of his own beliefs that society cannot exist without solidarity, and the fact that society is what makes us human in the first place.   No matter how occasional, and no matter how situational, there would come a time when an individual would have to buckle up and do what’s right. His selfless deeds may not always be acknowledged or appreciated, but Lagi will never regret his decision to do so.

Overall Personality- Lagi is quiet, submissive and friendly on the surface, but inside he has an immense potential hidden, along with a strong, fierce independent streak. Lagi can also be considered as one of the biggest dreamers you’ll ever meet, and desires to live in his own world at times.   Lagi tends to look at life through rose-tinted glasses, something that allows him to emit charm, profundity, and romanticism that not many people can find in a man of his caliber. Lagi, by nature, shuns confrontation, and it’s what makes him rather vulnerable at times. When encountered by the harsh realities of life, he usually retreats into his own world of imagination. People may view Lagi as passive, or even slow and weak, but he often knows the best course for himself. Lagi can be stubborn, but the ones who know him well will take this trifle shortcoming in their stride, usually because he can be so loving, caring, and compassionate. In the end, Lagi has a tender heart, and he’s always trying to  reach out to rescue the less fortunate ones.

Likes: Taming Beasts: It's one of the valued moments in life for Lagi, being friends with a creature gives him the greatest pleasure.  

Money: Who doesn't like a little bit of coin? Lagi’s wandering habits costs money, and he’s not above doing any jobs.

Fishing: Its a good way to keep calm, it  is also another way of getting food.

Playing the flute: Lagi always enjoys good music, playing an instrument is another one of his hobbies that keeps him occupied

Sewing: Sometimes the fights can get out of control, Lagi takes the time to put his clothes back together. He also goes out of his way to put designs in them to be creative.

Cooking: Another  thing that Lagi likes to do, a guys gotta eat.

Hot Sauce: He puts it on everything! Were not just talking regular hot sauce, were talking about Blair's megadeath hot sauce. The ingredients contain absolutely NO Preservatives or Artificial Ingredients. Red Habanero Pods, Cayenne Chilies, White Vinegar, Natural Pepper Flavor (contains soybean oil) Ancho Chilies, Chipotle Chilies, Molasses, Guava Nectar, Fresh Ginger, Salt, Spices. Be Warned this sauce contains ingredients 500 times hotter than a Jalapeno Chile, and this big guy would drink this like alcohol.

Dislikes:  Bad breath: Its always good to brush your teeth, or at least be presentable so you would not offend someone during a conversation.

Small spaces: Hence the reason why he likes outdoors so much, to be free and out in the open. Lagi  has his small claustrophobic spats every now and again.

Biased opinions: Showing prejudice for or against something unfairly isn’t exactly Lagi’s cup of tea. He remains open minded for a reason, so he wouldn’t offend anyone’s personal beliefs unless he hears about it first-hand. Lagi might be narrow-minded, but he can be reasoned with  if the person had a good backing to their claim

Phobias: Closed spaces: Equally it was brought up before, Lagi has a fear of closed places. When he disobeyed his family, they would punish him by placing him in the containment box. The max that he would spend in the box was twenty four hours, and he wasn’t even fed. This led Lagi to harden his heart, and being in small spaces automatically makes him uncomfortable.

Never being able to return home: Lagi is not a wanderer  by choice, he was kicked out of his clan because they made him out to be a failure. Regardless of how harsh his family was, he still misses them, and desires to prove them wrong.

Aspirations: Obtaining a Legend Beast: Lagi wants to prove his family wrong at a grand scale, the only way he could do that is if he masters his trade and obtain a legend beast. His father has a legendary beast of his own, he was revered as the master of the hunt. If Lagi could live up to his father's expectations, he could finally be recognized a his own man. Also, by obtaining a legend beast, lagi hopes that he could change the world.

Lagi El Nagi "Finished" ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Haruka Nanase- Free
Weight: 155 Pounds
Hair Color: Lagi has long black hair. It comes with a fringe that joins at the center of his face, and parts to the sides, leaving a sort of, "M," shape. In more detail, the black part of his hair takes on the color of Jet black. It is a dense black coal that takes a high polish and is used for jewelry. His hair always seems to gleam and stand out at most times. Lagi seems to have a problem keeping his hair under control; eventually he gave up and stopped cutting it as he grew older. He was never too fond of hair products and liked to keep things natural.
Eye Color: Lagi also has a pair of blue eyes so pale and vivid that it makes you think of electricity or a laser beam. It has a small black rim around the iris and then an even mix of pale blue and white rays in the iris. His eyes tend to reflect lustrously sometimes, which is the cause of the strong emotions he holds deep inside that causes tears to well up and coat the surface of the eye, which causes it to catch the light or become more reflective than usual.
Height: 6'0
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits:
Appearance: Lagi has a pale skin color, which helps set off his hair and eyes. He does not contain any blemishes or facial hair. He contains the body frame of an athlete, similar to the famous athlete Lance Armstrong. Through the years of his life, Lagi focused first on boosting his flexibility and strengthening his “posterior chain”—a series of muscles that includes the gluteus, hamstrings, lower back, and others that support the spine and provide power, speed, and stability. He would call this the foundation of his body’s true core, focusing more on the definition of his muscles instead of strength training. Lagi has a small pointy chin and a snub shaped nose, which most researchers say to be the most appealing nose type. He also has a perfectly proportioned mouth. Lagi always seems to maintain a serious facial expression full of a strong conviction and will. He also contains a fabulous bone structure along with mile high cheekbones. Lagi has white teeth, long eyelashes, and full eyebrows. He has broad shoulders and his poster is never slouched.

As for his outfit, Lagi has the standard turban around his head along with half of a silk shirt. He  has a black sultan pants, an orange sash, and small orange boots. He also contains a small dagger with the El Nagi symbol on it.
Lagi El Nagi "Finished" YunanTab_zpsba28a063
History: The El Nagi clan is a fierce group of creature tamers that are stationed at Reim, they continued to demonstrate their ferocity throughout the years. Dominance wasn’t just a skill for them; it was a way of life. To master god’s creatures leaves you up for the option of controlling the world, and the El Nagi clan always felt that it was their destiny to bend the world’s strongest creatures to their will. Lagi was born under such a clan, but he did not contain the bloodlust that they did. He was the child of a legend tamer, so his lack of ambition was looked down upon. However, that wasn't even the worst part. It was found out that Lagi’s taming skills were rather lackluster in comparison to the other children. Because of this key factor, Lagi was constantly teased. There was one incident when Lagi was to tame an animal for the first time, he failed miserably and the animal turned on him. This was actually the first time that something like this has happened in the El Nagi, their domination skills was something that was made out to be hereditary. However, that wasn’t entirely the case for Lagi, It seemed that he had to work even harder than everyone else.

This frustration has led his father to punish him continuously. The methods of his father’s punishments were extensive and scarring, he was trying to make Lagi into a better man by doing so. However, all this did was push Lagi away from his family, he felt indifferent because of his lack in ability. To prove them wrong, he challenged one of the tamers to a fight. He lost embarrassingly, and he ran away from home as a result of it. Vowing to become the strongest beast tamer, Lagi decided to travel the world. The struggle was quite real; Lagi had no idea how hard it would be for him to be on his own. However, this decision of independence was the best move that he could possibly make for himself. Lagi’s survival skills were put to the test as he sought the best possible creature to use.
Role-Play Sample:Lagi traveled quietly through the scorching sand, the heat started to get to him.“….” He was hungry, he was exhausted, and he was hightailing it out of water. This was a matter of life and death, and even his beast was starting to get restless. Lagi looked at his capsule and grunted. “We will be at that place shortly, just be a little more patient with me. At least you’re not out here walking, I’m sure you couldn’t stand it."The capsule stopped shaking, and Lagi looked back in front of him with a smile. Maybe this is one of gravest trials of being a tamer, braving the desert. “I question if there is a strong beast I can find out here. “ The walk was stressful and time consuming, but the journey was all too worth it.

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Hey! Awesome Application, and the Face Claim fits the Magi Universe amazingly! Just a couple things:

  • Aspirations: "Obtaining Legend Beast". Please add an "a" between "Obtaining" and "Legend" so it says "Obtaining a Legend Beast...". There are some other spelling/grammatical errors, but that's really the only one which really threw me off from the app as a whole.

  • Rukh Alignment: "*Future Events May Change This*" - That's more or less a given, just take that part out.

  • History: You're kind of short on words here. You need a minimum of 350 words, and you have about 224. Please add some more to your history so you meet the word requirement.

Other than that great job! Just bump your app once you've made the edits and you'll be good to go.


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Ok Bump


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