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Alekzander Vasilias

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Name: Alekzander Vasilias
Tier: Novice
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age + Birthdate: 19 | 24th September

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Nationality: Reim / Dark Continent [Fanalis]
Birth Country: Balbadd
Race: Fanalis
Specialization: Strength | Martial Arts

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Paranoid / Loyal / Intelligent / Forward Thinking / Jaded / Inappropriate

Alek is a rather strange little man. The most obvious thing about him is that he's extremely vain, seeing himself as much more important than he actually is. This is likely because of all the obsessive hatred that is put his way through being a Fanalis. Because of his lineage and the treatment he's used to receiving, he has the unfortunate reaction of seeing a lot of pretty normal stuff as racist.

However, on a more personal level, Alek isn't exactly a bad person, as referenced by his white magoi. He's exceedingly loyal to those who he becomes friends with, and will go out of his way to protect them. However, this can be to an extreme, as he distrusts the majority of the population, and thus can misconstrue threat from a lot of seemingly innocuous activity.

Despite this paranoia, he's highly intelligent, especially for a Fanalis. Despite his strength, his mind works off of strategies and tricks, coming up with ways to defeat people that doesn't include running in without a thought and risk getting beaten. After all, there's always a bigger fish.

His world view is not something that should be ignored when looking at him as a whole. Despite his half-human side, he's had people try and force him into slavery since he was a child. As such, he's seen things from every side of the world, understanding both things from the conqueror side of things and the conquered, and is able to empathize a lot more with the repressed peoples than anyone else.

Finally comes his rather inappropriate sense of humor. As someone who's a little bit more jaded by the world than other people due to his position in it, he's got a much darker sense of humor, laughing at things other people find horrifying. This has caused some people to give him a wide berth, as some people just can't appreciate when someone getting hit in the face by a flying horse is funny.

Alekzander / Fighting / "Flirting" / "Justice" / Meat

  • Alekzander: As previously mentioned, he likes himself. After all, if you don't like yourself, nobody else is going to, and that's something he believes to the degree that he will go out of his way to look after himself. Honestly, he cares a little bit too much for his appearance and himself as a whole than is probably healthy. 
  • Fighting: This isn't something that most people will admit to, but Alek is a major fan of fighting. As someone who's relatively skilled at it, there's no denying that he has a good reason to enjoy the art. Plus, it helps him prove to idiots that he's better than them just because of his strength. 
  • "Flirting": This should be kept within speech marks at all times. He will openly "flirt" with people of either gender, although that mostly involves things like reciting absolutely terrible poetry, telling them that they look beautiful, or trying to "subtly" get close to them. The most that can be said about this is that at least he's not prejudiced about silly things like gender. 
  • "Justice"As someone who's been forced into slavery, it should be no surprise that he's a fan of his own special brand of justice. He believes that the punishment of slavery should be death, and that those who kill or hurt any innocent man, woman or child no matter the race should be punished most harshly, and will go out of his way to carry out this justice of his 
  • Meat: This is a weird thing to be obsessed over, but he loves meat. As in, really loves it. The blood of barely cooked meat, the texture of it, the knowledge that you killed the beast that you're currently eating is something that's hard to not enjoy. This is actually rather beneficial for him, considering the fact that the high amount of protein in it allows him to keep his beautiful complexion. 

Being controlled / Hard-Headed People / Kids / Racists / Slavery

  • Being controlled: This is a hang up that he's had ever since his days as a slave; he hates to be controlled by other people. Sure, he'll work under people's command, but only as long as he's able to leave the agreement the moment he dislikes what's going on, and if he can't have the freedom to choose when he stops working with someone, he refuses to work under them. This doesn't mean that he's a flake, but more that he cares more about personal freedom than about other people's desires.
  • Hard-headed people: He's doing the best that he can for the people that he cares about, and yet people always fuss about silly things like "Law" and "murder". It's not like he's not justified, but there are some people out there who just don't see it that way. They irritate him no end, and thus he dislikes anyone who completely refuses to see things any way other than the way they were raised to see things.
  • Kids: This might be a little bit hypocritical since he's only just into his adulthood himself,  but he doesn't like kids. Or, rather, the people he views as being kids. He actually has a weird view of seeing people who are older than him as kids, as long as they've not matured properly. There's nothing wrong with having a sense of humor, but when you laugh at someone farting then you're still a child. 
  • Racists: There are a lot of people who will attack others for little provocation other than the fact that they're different, they're "them" not "us", and that makes them dangerous. Alek despises this point of view and makes it a point to become friends with anyone that is a) anti-slavery, b) not posing a threat to anyone and c) is actually nice. People are people, that's just the way it is.
  • Slavery: There are people out there in the world that, the moment they are liberated from slavery themselves, will go out and get slaves themselves; the ultimate act of hypocrisy. But, Alek does quite the opposite. Spurred on by his own memories of being abused in slavery, he will actively kill slavers if that's what it takes to save people. 

Phobias: There aren't many things that a man who has lived through everything that Alek has is scared of any more, but the thing that comes closest to a phobia to him is slavery. He's only been in a position like that once, but it was a traumatic enough situation to become a true ardent opponent of slavery in any of its forms. It is this reason why he will actively go against the people who try and enforce it on other people, slaughtering them rather than being captured by them.

Power / Peace / Freedom / Liberation

The most obvious motivation that he is is to conquer. Alek's worldview is one that he values above all else, believing that there is a universal requirement for fairness and justice, one that is not currently in place. 

So, his main desire is to get people to put faith in his way of thinking, even if he has to force them to. Its only because of his desire to use this world view to protect the discriminated against that causes his magoi to be white after such a violent desire. He will kill any fool who gets between him and his goal of protecting the world as a whole.

However, this does not mean that he's unwilling to serve under another person. As long as he has the freedom of choice, and as long as he sees them as a worthy partner, then he will work with someone else. It is the reason why he works with the Fanalis corps, and as such he'd willingly be a lord, as long as he could set the laws in his town and could live there with impunity to slavery. 

His other main motivation is to be free. This might seem obvious, since everyone truly wants to have freedom at heart, but this freedom of his is more than a compulsion than a vague desire. He served for five years under various different masters, and that is something that he is unwilling to suffer through again. As such, he will actively go out of his way to avoid being forced into a position where his freedom is out of his control. If the Fanalis corps ever tried to make it so that he couldn't just walk away if he felt their actions were wrong, he would abandon them within a heartbeat. 

Finally, he wants to liberate other people. Whilst other ex-slaves might just be content with no longer being human-property, he's not. Having lost his family due to it and having been directly affected by it, he despises the very institution and will physically attack and, if necessary, kill anyone he catches practicing the slave trade. Whatever it takes to save people. 

Alekzander Vasilias  ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6

Face-Claim: Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail
Weight: 71 Kilograms / 11 st 3 lbs
Hair Color: Dirty pink, only slightly lighter than red.
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6' 3'' / 188 cm
Rukh Alignment: White with occasional black.

Special Traits: N/A. 

Appearance: At first glance, it's not hard to see why he's so prideful about his looks; because he deserves to be. His slightly tanned skin, his height, his black hair, and his face as a whole makes him the living epitome of the phrase "tall, dark and handsome." This is something that he strives to keep up, washing himself every other night, or at least he does as long as he has some sort of water supply he's not going to poison or waste by doing such. 

His clothes themselves are pretty simple, especially for a Fanalis. Whilst his brothers in arms are content with throwing themselves in the lion's mouth even when it's veritable suicide, he's not one who's so gung-ho about his own death. He has a large amount of things that he wants to get done before he dies, so he tends to wear things that help him blend in a little bit more... not that someone who's 6'3'' and muscled like a tank would really blend in anywhere, but don't crush a man's hopes.

The one item of his clothing that doesn't change no matter what else he wears is his scarf. Although other people might assume its a gift from his father or perhaps something else sentimental, it's nothing that complex. It's just the first item of clothing he bought for himself after he was free so, whilst it does have some sentimental value to it, it's more about reminding him that he's free than about his family. He left them behind a long time ago, and if he were to keep them around with him at all times he'd just end up depressed. 

More often than not, Alek will refuse to carry around any sort of actual weapon. If he's not going directly onto the battlefield, then he'd only be drawing yet more undesired attention from the people that he's interacting with. After all, he's intimidating enough as it is. Thankfully, his brute strength and his skill in improvising weapons from every-day items allow him to not actually need to carry around a sword, making up for it through sheer brute strength. 

Alekzander Vasilias  YunanTab_zpsba28a063
Alek was brought up as a traveler, like the majority of Fanalis; he was taught to live off the grid and how to understand people who were around him. After all, these were basic skills that all Fanalis had to learn - they had to be able to survive away from society, because people in society would attempt to capture them as slaves. They had to be able to judge other people so that they could know who would be willing to help them. 

It should be said that his early life wasn't all serious. His father was a normal human, and a scholar who had come from far off Heliohapt. He was able to give Alek a pretty good education for someone who was home-taught, and his mother managed to teach him the basic skills for the Fanalis people. It was likely that she would have taught him to fight as well, but unluckily for them, she never got the chance.
Five years a slave:
They had heard rumors of a slave-proof area of independence in Balbadd, and had been travelling there for the last few weeks. However, since it's almost impossible to completely hide tracks, their camp was discovered around ten miles outside of Balbadd. Despite the power of the nation as a whole, they had little jurisdiction outside of their lands, and thus they were able to be abducted and sold like chattel.

Separated from his parents and passed from person to person, Alek went from master to master for years. Since he was too young and under-trained to actually be used as a fighter, he was used on jobs that would build up his muscles, whether it be carrying heavy weights that it would normally take an adult to carry, or whether it was as a miner. 

Due to the sheer amount of work that he was given, he quickly became knowledgeable about many circumstances, allowing him to have a veritable encyclopedia of people to track down and remove once he was free. But, it wasn't like they were grouped together, he was being forced to almost all corners of the country, doing odd jobs and building up his strength and becoming more and more of a valuable tool every single day. 

This period continued for just under five years, until such a day as he was able to be sold to the Reim Colliseum as a gladiator. He was strong, and although he had little knowledge of fighting, it didn't seem like anyone actually cared how he felt about the issue. After all, who could pass up the chance to see a Fanalis fight?
Thankfully for him, that was his lucky break. He only fought in the arena for around a week before he was noticed by one of the members of the Fanalis corps, and a few days later he was pulled out by one of the higher ups, inaugurated into their fold as they did to all Fanalis who were willing to join their ranks. 

That's not to say the week wasn't unpleasant, because it would be a downright lie to say that. Blood, pain, suffering all aroudn him, and yet... and yet he liked it! He liked being able to hold his own, it made him feel empowered, like he wasn't just some servant any more. Like he wasn't just scraping diamonds out of mines for some rich bastard that he'd never met, he was holding his own and living by his own means.

Yet, despite that fact, he was willing to leave it all behind. This was the first taste of anything close to freedom he had had in five straight years, but it wasn't enough. He wanted to be free, to be able to take down those who had captured and enslaved his people. He had names, he had motivation, but what he didn't have was power. His week in the gladiator pit told him enough about "how not to die", but that wasn't enough. He had to be able to make sure other people died.
Soldier for the Fanalis Corps:
So, for the following five years, he trained under a Fanalis that adopted him as an apprentice to his craft, a man known as "Kay Vasilias". Having had his original name taken from him when he became a slave, he was given the choice to choose a new one, and thus picked something that fit. A mix between Fanalis and Reim, "Alekzander Vasilias".

The training showed its worth, his skills continuing to grow exponentially, like a flower in rich soil, but with every new day he became more and more fixated on that duty of his. He would save his people, he would get rid of slavery, and he would make sure everyone found their place in the world. He had found himself under Kay, so why couldn't other people find their own place in the world?

However, by the time that he was 17, he felt like he was ready to act his own way. Although his loyalty was still to the Fanalis corps, he requested a leave of access, granted by his master, who by that time had become more like a father to him, and pushed him on his way. 

Two years later, and he has already tracked down and killed five of his ten slave-masters. Only half way there, but considering how hard it is to track down someone like that, it's a miracle he's made it this far. He still has a long way to go.

Role-Play Sample:
 It was strange, perhaps, that every time that he went out looking for a job he always seemed to end up getting stiffed with something boring and dull, like clearing a library and finding a "magic carp that would cure all ails" and other things like that. However, when he was out on the town just trying to have a nice night, then things started exploding. It was that very reason that he was currently on the rooftops, chasing after some little kid who was running in front of him, giggling like an idiot. How did it come to this, he wondered.

Around half an hour earlier, he had stepped out of his house to go find something interesting to do. It shouldn't be that hard, this was an entire village full of people and all he had to do was go to a few ale-houses, maybe one of the ones that weren't actually trying to capture him for the slavemoney, he could have a pretty nice evening if he got lucky. Well, if he was lucky, not if he got lucky, he corrected himself with a blush. Now, to get on and do what he had consigned himself to doing.

Alek had only walked past maybe five alleyways before he heard the sound of gas being exhaled... no, not like that, stupid reader, get your mind out of the gutter. He turned his head and looked into the alleyway with confusion, wondering exactly what it was that he was missing here. It wasn't too hard to see, even in the dim limelight of the streets, he could see a group of young men who were smoking... god knows what, but it was wrapped up like a cigarette. He had no idea what these idiots were doing, but it wasn't his business and he didn't want to be part of it.

Walking into the alleyway behind him, he cleared his throat before waiting to get an answer back, even just a semi-coordinated sentence would be appreciated from these idiots.  However, instead he almost got a brick to the forehead as one of the boys tossed it and began to run. Maybe out of fear of being caught... doing whatever it was they were doing, or maybe out of sheer hatred of his people. The more he thought about it, it was probably the latter.

Oh he's not getting away that easily, Alek thought with irritation at this boy's 'racism', especially not after throwing a brick at my head. Tearing down the alleyway after him, they continued their chase until the boy showed some sort of magical prowess by floating his ass up in the air. Damned kids, always making everything so much more difficult than it needs to be.

So, here we are, back at where this story started, Alek's feet beating a rapid rhythm across the rooftops of the city as he chased down the young reprobate. So, blinded by a desire to get back at him for some imagined crime, he leaped forwards, his arms grappling around the boy's waist and catching him... only to be caught, in turn, by the force of gravity. Turns out the little skill he had in magic was not enough to sustain the weight of two fully grown men.

Well, at least I'm going to die like I lived.. as a hot mess.

Honestly... the impact hurt a lot less than he had expected. He had anticipated broken bones at least, more like death since they'd just fallen from a two story height. However, it seemed the Fanalis blood really did save him from becoming little more than a smear on the concrete. Unfortunately for the gravity mage, the boy could not say the same. 

Grimacing slightly at the sight of the boy, he could only imagine how many bones were broken by looking at the boy. It was the kind of thing that any normal person shouldn't have to look at. Admittedly, he'd seen that kind of thing a lot since he'd been taken, but... he was sure there was a good explanation for why this felt much worse, but he couldn't think of it. It sure as hell wasn't his fault. 

"You okay?" the answer was obvious, and yet some sort of compunction made him ask. Like it would be rude not to. 
"I... can't... feel my organs." A raised eyebrow, a stunned silence for a couple of seconds, before another question was asked.
"Can you usually?"
".... fair point."

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For Likes: Fighting's coding is messed up.

If your killing people in the name of vengeance it is safe to say your Rukh Alignment should have some hints of black in it. Its not necessarily depraved, but just a few black Rukh here and there.

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There we go, minor edits done.


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