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GodSpeed [Training/Solo]

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“Faster!.........Faster!!” Could be heard a man yanking up in the midst of the desert. The red haired man that spoke wore a large black cloak that hid almost all of his body. He wore a nice pair of sandals and held a large sword sheathed by his hip. Qahir yelled arbitrarily at the poor young man that now ran in the middle of nowhere. The day had been a really long one, and they had been at it for even more time than the sun rays. Farah, the new found student of the legendary traveler Qahir was now undergoing a so-called “special training”. It had all begun the day before, after Farah and Qahir decided to visit a bar for some student-teacher “bondage”. Both Fanalis were competitive to death, and it hadn’t been much by the time when both had engaged into a drinking contest. Although Qahir was older than Farah and by consequence, more mature, the hot bloodedness inside his Fanalis genes were as sharp as those of a young man like Farah. They surely made a lively couple, and the bar was witness of one of the most impressive drinking contests of the century. However, if something this was deemed to bring was that ever familiar state of drunkenness that both were experts on. “B..baaah!! I-hip… I can’t beeklieeve data I haave s-hip…su..such a pathethitc dr-drinker of a ma… of a masta” The young adventurer could count this night as one of the worst drunkenness ones he’d ever had in his entire life, and just hearing him trying to speak would bring a chuckle to anyone’s face. “I—I… Haaave toold you a nmilzillion timees yoouurr st…st-st… still mone hundrtnet yeers ttoo y..yo-young to ch-allenge mee, or eveen caatch.. up to mee-” Qahir replied as pathetically as Farah had first insinuated him. “Bb-baahh! I-…I! can maa-ke you bi-bitee.. teh dust inn a..ny race! Yor oold boounes wo.... won’t ee,,even leet you pro..orperly s—sspriint oo…oold man!” Farah made a declaration of war that night, and first thing they did first hour in the morning the next way (and after taking at least the most critically cares for the hangover) was to hold a race to see which of them was faster. The result was just as the expected. Farah was left behind even at the beginning stages of the race. Before he could even reach the first curve, Qahir was already in the path between the second and the third turn. Farah was midway by the time his master had already crossed the finish line. As a punishment, Farah was forced to begin with strength exercising in that moment. Thinking of ways to enjoy this, Qahir grabbed a large flat stone he found between the numerous rocks that had served as turn signals in their race. He sat on it slowly as he looked over to Farah. “Carry it” The red haired man looked reluctantly at his master at first, but he knew it was serious business when he externalized his internal dominance energy, something he had taught Farah a couple of weeks ago. Struggling to stand the weight of the rock combined with the own weight of his master, Farah was forced to run throughout the race circuit. “RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!” barked Qahir as a defeated Farah helplessly obeyed, pondering in his mind over and over again the events of the race. How in the world had Qahir crushed him so badly? He was by no means slow, and that included the fact that he was a Fanalis! How had he been defeated so mercilessly? ”FASTER FASTER FASTER!” Farah grumbled as his master continued to mercilessly order him. The red haired young was sure he had found a way to increase the weight he was carrying in one form or another. The stone was so much heavier than when he begun this seemingly endless task.

After an hour passed, so did Farah. He couldn’t move a single inch more, and his legs, arms and back wouldn’t respond at him in the least. He stumbled to the ground after lowering the large flat rock with Qahir above. He was completely exhausted and defeated. “You know how pathetic you look in that shape don’t you?” remarked cruelly the master with a smirk. Farah was too tired to even try to defend, and even less reply. “Now… stand up! The first part of the training is complete!” Farah rose a brow with this comment. Training? What was Qahir talking about? What in the hell was he training in this moments now? “I’m pretty sure your pathetic brains didn’t manage to figure out how I defeated you, so that’s why I’m instead teaching you how.” Farah wasn’t even offended by the comment, since he in fact, was right. “The hell are you talking about?” managed to sprout Farah as he gasped trying to recover his breath. “It is called “Godspeed” an ability that increases one’s own moving capabilities.” Farah was now really interested, and the fatigue seemed to instantly fade away. Was he hearing right? Was there in fact a way to increase your own speed? “How is that even possible??” He asked at his master. “Ha Ha! I knew you’d like the idea…. However, I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen the trick behind it… and I wouldn’t even be surprised if you’d knew how you do it actually” Qahir looked at Farah with eyes of insinuation. “GOD DAMN IT! JUST TELL ME ALREADY!” Exploded Farah, anxious, excited and enraged by all the mysteriousness of the matter. Qahir simply burst into laughter before regaining his composure a couple of seconds after. “Through Magoi Manipulation, the power to alter and control the flow of energy inside your own body” It hit Farah like a lightning bolt. He indeed knew what Magoi Manipulation was, and indeed had seen it and practiced it first hand too. He had grown in the Coliseum as a fighter, and in one or other moment of his life the famed and revered Yambala warriors had taught him the principles of it.

“You already finished the primary part of this training. Strengthening the body.” Qahir made a small pause for Farah to process the information. This meant the previous running with him in the rock had all been part of a strengthening training? “If one attempts the use of this technique with a weak body, the strength and highly aggressive power of ki rotation inside would tear it to pieces.” He once again took a pause as a processing Farah looked at him with big, interested eyes. “…Hence we’ve just have some strengthening training.” Qahir smirked as Farah laughed. “Either way, from now on we’ll practice magoi manipulation every day until you’re as good as any Yambala at it." Farah nodded in agreement as he looked forward to his new training. Day after day he was forced by Qahir to concentrate and practice the basics of Magoi Manipulation. This wasn’t as difficult as it seemed, since he had, although little, knowledge about this technique. “Yambala use it to imbue ki into their weapons and attacks… Imbue your legs and whole body instead!!” The struggle was real for Farah. The extensive time lapse trying to master magoi manipulation in the form of “Godspeed” strained his body. He could feel the ki slowly hurting his system from the inside the more he practiced, but he knew this was just a normal thing. On the other hand he was starting to get the nick of it. Another week passed, and Farah was now able to control the flow of ki throughout his body in a stable way. “Very good… Now you race against me once more.” replied Qahir as he patted the back of the young Fanalis. Both of them moved to the starting line and at the mark of three ran like if hells chased him. Farah tried to maintain the stable flow of ki he had built before the race began as he ran. However, he was completely taken off guard. He couldn’t actually believe his training had made such a difference. He moved way faster than their first race, heck even twice as fast! No even more! He now raced toe to toe next to Qahir, getting the advantage in some turns just to lose it in the next. In the final spring however, Qahir’s speed drastically increased once more, leaving him behind for good again. What? Had all his training been for naught? Farah reached the finish line disconsolate. However, Qahir simply laughed at the crushed expression in his face as he patted his back. “It seems you have successfully mastered Godspeed” Qahir looked away as he placed both hands in his pockets, walking away from the place. ”I think we should call this a day” Farah wasn’t in the mood to call it for a day yet… How after he had crushed him once more in the last straight? Before he could reply in discordance, Qahir turned back once more as he threw something at Farah. “Here… This will be of use in due time” Farah caught the object with a questioning look. What in the world was this? It was the size of a baseball, and glowed in a yellow light that reflected that of the suns’. It was a beautiful gem indeed…But what was it? “Johnatan’s Topaz of Righteousness… Ahh what a beautiful trinket..” said Qahir as he now left the site for good, walking away from the place. Farah stood on his place immobile however. It seemed that this mysterious gem was something to look forward to, in ways Farah didn’t even imagine at that moment….

Name: Godspeed [Magoi Manipulation]
Tier: A
Cost: 40/20 Sustain
Weapon Type: N/A
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Duration: 5
Cool-Down: 14 posts
Description: By manipulating the flow of Magoi in ones own body, the user becomes capable of achieving unbelievable speeds. Furthermore, the presence of Johnatan's Topaz of Righteousness increases this capabilities even more. The user is able to move constantly at 37 m/s for as much as 5 posts.
[1661/1500] Godspeed [A-Tier] Trained!

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