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Name: Kirby
Tier: D
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Unknown
Age + Birthdate: 17,
Nationality: Heliohapt
Race: Halfling Fanalis
Specialization: Strength

Personality: Kirby is a very curious individual, and wants to learn the many things out there in life that can be learned. He is easily satisfied with a spattering of knowledge over various subjects, and can thus seem to have a very short attention span even with his seemingly deep curiosity. The only thing that seems to hold his attention for a good length of time is the talk of weapons, fighting and warfare. Kirby feels strongly about promises, and would do anything in his power to make sure that promises are kept. When he is confronted with a problem he will tackle it with the most efficient way he can think of, preferring not to use tactics and strategy. Kirby, in general, likes others for their uniqueness. So long as he is not given reason otherwise, Kirby will treat others with kindness expected from a friend. Should Kirby have reason to dislike someone, he would only speak to them if it were necessary, and even then it would be short and tone-neutral. Should someone attempt to start a fight with him, he would respond in kind and take measures to handle his opponent in a like manner that they seemed to have for him. Kirby does sometimes overreact, depending on the circumstances he is in.

Warfare. Kirby is fascinated at what the efforts and results of warfare can accomplish. Anything from weapons to battle tactics and strategy. They all interest Kirby, who enjoys the pursuit of such knowledge and skill.

People. The interactions between people and their different specialties and areas of expertise are an interesting subject to Kirby. This actually ties into his like for warfare, as the possibilities for different specialists comes into play for strategy and tactics, making the interactions between multiple people a malleable thing, subject to change.

Beautiful craftsmanship. As a blacksmith's apprentice, Kirby has learned the principles of smithing and how to determine the different types of beauty that come from the craft. He appreciates and enjoys the sight of well crafted objects.

Strong leadership. Those with strong leadership have Kirby's respect; leadership itself is the potential people have to lead soldiers, citizens and country alike.

Showmanship. Kirby likes showmanship and respects the impressions that it gives off on people.

Oath Breakers. Kirby has a strong belief in the keeping of promises. This doesn't simply stop at verbal promises made between individuals, but contractual promises and social promises of a leader to look out for his group. As such, those who scorn this and those that break such promises either intentionally or through neglect tend to get on Kirby's bad side.

Fear. Kirby is the kind of man who takes life head-on, and isn't afraid of challenges. There isn't much he's specifically afraid of, but if pressed he would admit that if he ever encountered something that truly caused fear within him, that it would paralyze him. As such, his greatest fear is in the existence of a paralyzing fear.

Weaklings. While Kirby isn't terrified of them specifically, he fears that he may some day go overboard when solving a problem that he has come across. The ease at which a person dies is a touchy subject for Kirby. This includes any friends or allies he may have.

Aspirations: Kirby has had peculiar dreams from a young age. These dreams always place him in strange places he could never believe were real, but they all shared a theme; he led a troop of men in these dreams called the Kirby Mercenaries. These dreams have always been vivid, as if he were living them. The rush and thrill of leading a group of such mercenaries has grown on him, and has made a lasting impression. Kirby would like nothing more than to create an elite group of mercenaries to lead in a fight, yet he knows that the journey to that goal would take time. His dreams showed him the possibilities, and it's his ultimate goal to follow those very dreams.

Face-Claim: The Fighter - By Heise (Heise is an amazing artist, check out their profile on Deviant Art)
Weight: 90 kg
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Red
Height: 6'0" (182 cm)
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits:
Kirby sometimes has a strange aura about him, as if he does not belong. As if he is something 'other'.
Appearance: Kirby is a very muscular individual. He has worked hard to achieve his current body, using heavy weights to assist him. He wears leather armor on his core body and his legs to allow for dexterous movements. Over the top of the armor he wears clothing from Zou, a silk suit that is fairly expensive. On his arms, Kirby has a pair of hard leather gauntlets. Kirby can often be seen with his weapon strapped to his back. He walks with a straight back, and is most often seen with a serious face. His smile, however, is quick to come while talking about something he enjoys.

When he was younger, Kirby used to be an orphan. Never truly knowing who his parents were had never bothered him; he felt like had he known who his parents were, it still would have felt like he didn't fit in. Perhaps this was a selfish feeling that he had, however it was what he felt nonetheless.

If there was anything about his past that particularly stood out, it would be that he has had strange dreams since he was born. Dreams of outlandish worlds and outlandish creatures spattered his imagination as he slept. These dreams differed in both setting, and in view point, but they all had a pivotal thing in common; in all of his dreams, he was a man either leading a band of others, or he was working towards the goal of creating that very band. These dreams came often, and were quite vivid, almost to the point where he could feel the pain of being hit by an opponent, or of his blade - or spear, or glaive... whatever weapon he was using at the time in his dream - slicing through the flesh of an opponent. In most of his dreams, he was armed with several weapons and quite proficient in all of them. Their work ranged from fighting strange creatures with tentacle-like faces, all the to suppressing rebellions and fighting off enigmatic magicians.

Kirby took a great liking to those dreams, believing them to be something he should aim for. When he became old enough and learned to read, he started reading what he could on fighting and warfare. He soon began working at a local blacksmith's forge, though it was very much different from what he thought it would be. They mostly made tools for everyday things, though occasionally Kirby would have the opportunity to assist his Master in the creation of a blade or other tool. It was through continued work that he had finally created a weapon of his own. A spear, of sorts. He informed his master of his intent to train out in The Desert of Forgotten Souls. His master attempted to stop him from leaving, as the deserts were unforgiving and dangerous, however Kirby would not be stopped from his quest. He had been working his spearmanship for some time, and even recalled times in his dreams where he had seen techniques that looked simple enough to replicate in real life.

And so Kirby struck out at the young age of 17 in order to chase his dreams and become the captain of a mercenary band.

Role-Play Sample:
Kirby grunted. He had found a place to live out in The Desert of Forgotten Souls. It was an oasis, some kilometers out from the city he had grown up in. Out here, it was a rough living. Kirby didn't come unprepared; he had listened to travelers, since he was young, and had learned what kind of things could be eaten out here. What was poisonous, what was venomous and what to do in the event you cannot find water.

His camp, too, was a simple one. A shelter made of cloth and stakes driven into the ground, supported by wooden poles. Kirby had set up his training location, and would learn spearmanship through hard training and real life experience. His adventure had just begun.

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