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The Secrets of the Rukh Compass "The King Of Legends?" Solo/Plot

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After assuming command of the Nagi Orai and becoming a Black King, Lagi took it upon himself to find out if he could master the mysteries of the Rukh Compass. It’s reckoned to their fates, destiny, or their utmost desires, but the compass kept changing in different directions charges at any applied time. What could this possibly mean though? Wasn’t Lagi supposed to be looking for El Drago? Wasn’t El Drago the source of power that Lagi can use to shape his destiny?” Could there be more than one thing that I can look for? Is there more than one source of power that I can use?” Of course, there was more than one source of power that could be used, it’s just that El Drago only portrayed to one aspect of his lifetime, and it portrayed to the El Nagi Clan. There could be much more that’s in store for Lagi, the black king whose wheels of fate keep turning.  One day, the Rukh compass pointed in a particular direction and continued on that point for a time being. It didn’t move at all, which made Lagi curious enough to check it out himself.  “Let’s go Zygus! Orie!” Lagi would say as he hops on Zygus and Orie enters Lagi’s body. They flew off into the direction of where the Rukh Compass pointed,  it was assured that it would be something of Lagi’s interest if he headed over there.

When Lagi flew over towards the outskirts of Reim, he saw a small sanctuary that looked like to be surrounded by a strange kind of energy. “Hmm?” Lagi kicked the side of  Zygus  for him to land and walked inside of the small sanctuary.  It was a majestic place that appeared like the inside of a commode room, it was pretty much similar to the Djinn throne room but different in  a sensation. “What is this place…” Lagi was too busy looking around while he was mounted on Zygus that he didn’t notice that there was a small throne with someone sitting on it.  “Yawn…..  Some other brave soul? Or some other fool?” Zygus turned around in high alert as he turned over to the mysterious individual that got off of his small throne. “Man? King Candidate? Yes, but no….. Black…. Much blacker than the sky….  Black Rukh? You are an interesting one…..” This man seemed off, and Lagi couldn’t really tell what it was. His mere presence brought about a pressure in the room,  it was causing a little bit tough to breathe, was this guy that powerful?

The Secrets of the Rukh Compass "The King Of Legends?" Solo/Plot Kingdom-hearts-39142-kingdom-hearts-big

“My name is Alkian, and this place is a pretty hard to find unless you have a Rukh compass, stumbled upon it by accident….. Have an impressive  Rukh… or you are simply a king candidate. Even better, you are a strong tamer in search of a legend beast “ Alkian was wearing a black  vest with a golden gauntlet of some kind. His pants were brown, somewhat of an attire that you would pick up  from the rich royals in the streets of Reim. “ What are you, what is this place?!” Lagi shouted out, it was difficult to retain his cool in the presence of this strange person.  

“This place is one of my sanctuaries, and I am the king of legends. I have conquered every single legend beast known to man out of pure sport. My impressive feats with some beasts have grant me amazing capabilities, i even surpass my life expectancy as i see fit.” This was  too much for Lagi to process, this man is the greatest dominance user in the world? Why did you bring me here?“ Alkain only laughed out loud when Lagi asked those questions. “The correct query is…. Why are you here? The Rukh compasses brought you here, yes? One of your deepest desires is within my possession, so it’s obviously power you require. You want a Legend Beast? El DRago Perhaps? I locked him away, that one is a troublesome beast.  Exercise you really like to stand as an object lesson that even black Rukh can stand as a representation of your clan's will? Interesting…… Find me again, and i'll accept your challenge to achieve my blessing as the king of legends.” With that, the entire place disappeared, leaving Lagi and Zygus surrounded by nothing more than ruins. “The king of legend….” Who was this man? Is he really that powerful? “…” Lagi looked at the Rukh compass as it spun again, it seems like he was met with one of  many options for his conquest, El Drago was not his sole business.


The Secrets of the Rukh Compass "The King Of Legends?" Solo/Plot CrChE3t

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