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Breaking Free[Solo]

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"Come on, you pathetic oaf, get them in the caravan, we have to make Reim by nightfall." The blood stained, spiked whip cracked off of the giant's bare back, his long blue hair a contrast to the red liquid running down his back from the open wounds that his hair so sneakily hid. The man was an Imuchakk, a great hunter from the North, possessing great strength, but little speed. His entire village had been razed to the ground in the night, killing everyone except from the young giant, who had been captured and enslaved. He had been the weakest looking of all the Imuchakk, and Imuchakk slaves always brought in loads of money, simply because of how few of them there were. Humans and Fanalis were more common slaves, but Imuchakk, with their monstrous strength and weaponry, they were always hard to both capture, and keep locked down. But this slave master had managed it somehow: to capture an Imuchakk and, even rarer, make him work, as he loaded in the prisoners and their cages into the caravans for movement to Reim, where the slavers would pick up more slaves before continuing on to Heliohapt, for the Great Slave Market, where they planned to sell all of their Fanalis, Humans and the single Imuchakk, the pride of the slave trade.

The Imuchakk's name was Jarrah, and he had always been, despite his giant form and strength, a scholar more than a fighter. he had always wanted to travel around the world, understand the cultures. Balbadd, Reim, Magnostadt, all very different places. All places Jarrah wished he could visit, but not like this. Not as a slave, but as a free man. That was how he was brought up. Freedom is the gift offered to all, if one has the strength to reach out and grab it. Jarrah didn't like killing, he didn't like death or sorrow or suffering or pain. All he wanted was to be free, free from the slavers and free to do his own thing, whether it be travel, fall in love, maybe conquer a dungeon along the way. But with his hair, with his race and his prestige, he wasn't going to be safe from slavery. They would always be after him, no matter where he went. That is why he stayed. Where he was, he didn't have to hurt anyone, and he could help protect the less strong slaves, the humans and Fanalis. Being an Imuchakk meant that Jarrah was a big target, and he was more than willing to take the beatings so that they did not have to. His scars were becoming more and more prominent as more and more were etched onto his flesh, but still he endured. So long as he could help the others, he would stay, how could he know what was to come...

Reim, the city of industry, full of innovation and the future or technology. Jarrah had always wanted to visit this glorious city, to see how everything worked with the mechanical side of the city, despite the fact that he had never understood engineering. He didn't care that he was here as a slave, the place brought him great joy. Here he was, living out his dream. Not as free as he would have hoped, but that was only temporary, he would see the great sites of Reim today, regardless of what his 'masters' had in store for him. Jarrah was so excited that his slave master, decided to lock him down. He sent ten of his strongest men to pin down the great Imuchakk, before locking him in chains and throwing him into one of their cells. A dark room in a nondescript building in Reim, a cage where Jarrah was alone, stuck in the dark, chained to the floor so he couldn't escape. That was the biggest mistake. For the Imuchakk, freedom was everything, they were brought up in the outside, they lived and breathed the outside air, and it was their hunting ground. If you were to take away that freedom, you unleashed a beast. A cornered animal, when threatened, became a fearsome predator. Jarrah was the animal, and he was cornered.

Breaking the chains holding him down was easy for someone with his strength, as they were made for a Fanalis slave, a weaker prey. Slavers and slaves shouted at Jarrah, asking and commanding him to be calm, but their words fell on deaf ears. Jarrah heard nothing from them, he had no control over his body any more. His eyes were white, and he saw nothing. He was roaring and punching everything, breaking bars, bones and the building. He punched a hole in the wall of his own cage, smashing it and revealing the sunlight of the new day. The warmth of the sun caressed Jarrah's skin, and the breeze of the low wind filled him with the outdoors, snapping him out of his stupor and bringing him back into the world. Looking around where he was, he saw only the sun and the city. But then, he fell. Behind him, he heard the snap of an arrow being loosed from a bow, the force knocking him from the building towards the ground, unconscious, the arrow protruding from his back, another scar to add to the back.

Jarrah woke later that day, exactly where he was. It didn't surprise him much. People always wanted to help, but rarely were they actually strong enough to move him, so he had laid there, for at least half a day. When he woke, he found that the arrow had at least been removed, and it was now sitting next to him, lying there, its tip stained with Jarrah's blood. He sat up, straining to move his muscles but managing, and picked up the arrow, looking at it. He then rubbed his hand from the top of his head all the way down his hair, the one reason people sought out after him. He broke off the tip of the arrow, and used it to cut off the majority of his hair. As it fell, it revealed Jarrah's scars. It felt strangely freeing to the Imuchakk, as he stood up, walked back into the building he had fallen out of mere moments ago as it felt. Of course it was empty, the slavers would have already started off to Heliohapt, but they had left Jarrah's axe, his Rampaging Unicorn Axe, the pride of his people. He found his old tattered clothes, his hakama pants and jacket, and put them on, before tying his axe behind his back, and setting out into Reim. He was free from the slavers, and now it was time for him to live, something he couldn't wait to start.


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