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Zadi Medmar

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Zadi Medmar AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Zadi Medmar
Tier: D
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 19 - April 24th
Nationality: Balbadd
Race: Human
Specialization: Intelligence - Strength Magic

Zadi Medmar JudalTab_zpsa330a902
Zadi is a quiet person most of the time, but if you were to strike up a conversation, he would gladly join in. He is usually silly and nonsensical, making him either very likable or very annoying, as in unlikable. He does, however, keep to himself, so you would have to start the conversation, for if you don't, Zadi might start either awkwardly starting and then looking away or blab on and on about nonsense. Zadi is a nice person, too. He will help those in need, like great and disastrous need. Not something like a crying child that lost his or her toy. No no no. Zadi thinks there should be a balance between happiness and unhappiness, so a lost toy would eventually be made up with a new one, just not by Zadi's doing. All around, Zadi is a wonderful person to be around if you yourself are a nice person. If you are evil or just strict, you will hate Zadi's casual attitude. Oh yeah, he's also very casual. Not lazy, he'll do things when he must, but not if he doesn't have to. He takes longs walks from time to time, then sleeps off the exhaustion the rest of the day. Casual, relaxed, and in the moment type of guy.


  • Peace and Prosperity: Who doesn't? Well, psychopaths, sure, but not Zadi! He loves peace and prosperity due to the happiness it brings to the masses of the world
  • Balance: Zadi likes a good scale. Personally, Zadi believes that life should stay perfectly balanced in one way or another. In this case, Zadi thinks the ideas of happiness and unhappiness should stay balanced, equally among all peoples of the world. Without unhappiness, what would happiness be?


  • The Ocean: Zadi just can't stand the empty look the ocean gives him. Just too large and empty from the looks of things.
  • Pure Order: Things such as hierarchy, race, clan, religion, and caste don't compute with Zadi's inner workings. Zadi dislikes the idea of Pure Order due to the strict uncontrollable limits it puts on imagination and thinking.

Chaos is Zadi's one and only fear. When confronted with the choice with order or chaos...Zadi would always pick order, even though he isn't a big fan of order. Chaos isn't necessarily "no order" but rather a conglomeration of evil, hatred, and disdain...or at least to Zadi it is. Zadi just can't stand the sight or sounds of chaos. When seeing chaos on a large scale, he will freeze up, unable to move, only thinking of ways to get out, run away, and never come back to such horror!

Balance is what keeps the world steady and out of chaos! Zadi is a man of peace and prosperity, and currently, the balance of the world is perfect, and Zadi wishes to keep the scale of life that way. He doesn't want one country to conquer another nor does he want one nation to join with another. However, if a nation were to stay the same in the one aspect that Zadi wishes to keep balanced the most, which would be happiness, then Zadi wouldn't mind a change or two. In general, Zadi Medmar wishes to "balance on Earth" so to speak.

Zadi Medmar ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Ivan Karelin ~ Tiger & Bunny
Weight: 158 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Purple
Height: 5'11"
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: N/A
Zadi usually wears exotic clothes from far off lands. He finds the clothes lying around and gets them washed, unless they are relatively clean. Anyway, such garments include but are not limited to kimono, jackets, casual pants, and underwear. Now a "jacket" is a strange article of clothing that Zadi recently discovered while walking around the harbors of Balbadd. The one that he found was purple, a strange color to begin with, but he liked the style and started wearing "jackets". However, he usually sticks with Zou related clothing, usually kimono and the like. Now as for a battle stance...he doesn't really have one. When and if Zadi battles, he sort of just stands and waits for something to happen. Not that wouldn't be willing to make the first move, but he usually is second to act.

Zadi Medmar YunanTab_zpsba28a063
Zadi Medmar's History:
Zadi was born to a middle-class family in a relatively nice area of Balbadd near the ports. There was crime from time to time, but petty things like robbery and whatnot.

Zadi’s parents, like any good character’s parents, died due to a disease that Zadi had also gotten. However, Zadi didn’t die due to his parents concentrating all their remaining life into getting a cure for Zadi. After the cure was procured, Zadi’s parents left him at the age of 10 years old.

Zadi then started to live on his own. No home, just wandering around like an aimless bullet with legs. In order to keep himself fed and clothed and sheltered in the house his parents left him, Zadi had to do odd-jobs, usually helping with dock-work. Things that sailors didn’t feel like doing after a long journey. This in turn got Zadi talking to strangers form far off lands, getting many wonderful ideas into his head.

Zadi eventually met a stranger that happened to be staying a while in Balbadd. He never gave Zadi a name, but he did give Zadi more than just knowledge and stories from the outside world. Zadi was given the gift of the magician. Well, Zadi had always been favored by the Rukh a little, so being a magician was in his destiny, so to speak. All Zadi had to do was listen to what the stranger had to say for three years, starting at the age of 15.

During those three years, Zadi learned all sorts of fantastical things about the Rukh, the Empires and Nations of the world, the conflict, the sadness, and most of all…the happiness that the world had to offer. Zadi did learn how magic worked, but the testing and experimenting with spells was up to Zadi. The stranger only ever taught Zadi how to feel the Rukh and harness their power. Getting the power into the form of a spell was, as stated before, Zadi’s job. However, Zadi couldn’t do more than feel the Rukh, but he did see the stranger cast a few small tricks every now and again. Luckily for Zadi, he deciphered that casting magic spells required an item to manipulate the Rukh through.

Having found out that he needed a staff or a wand in order to manipulate the form of the Rukh, Zadi, after the stranger left for another journey, went and looked for a staff. A wand was a girl’s toy, in Zadi’s opinion, and so he had intensely focused on getting his own staff. Days and weeks passed until Zadi finally found a whole staff leaning all by itself. Zadi didn’t want to steal anything more than clothes, so he waited for a week before finding out that the staff didn’t belong to anyone. With convenience on his side, Zadi grabbed the staff started to cast his own spells which brings Zadi’s current age to 19 years old, present day.

Role-Play Sample:
It was a long and hot day for Zadi. Nothing around Balbadd was getting done cause there was nothing to get done in the first place. There were no people moving fast enough to get excited. Nobody running or jumping. It was just too brutal of a day outside. Zadi Medmar was getting a little impatient with all this patience in the people of Balbadd. Nothing was happening nor was there every going to at least.

"Guess it's time to take a walk...again...and then a nap...again..."

With his pink-colored kimono, Zadi made how way through the city of Balbadd, on alleyway at a time. He wanted to get as tired as possible so that when it came time for his nap, he would be too exhausted to wake up from the hot sun's rays. Step by step, foot by foot, Zadi and his precious staff walked all day long, unable to get over the heat and fall asleep. Ha! That rhymed! Yeah, I, the narrator of Zadi's life, will be breaking the fourth wall, or whatever wall there is in Zadi's life that separate you, the reader, form speaking directly to me. The Internet? Na! Space and time? Maybe. Anyway, Zadi was getting tired and in no mood the stop now.

"Friggin hooooot! Gotta find a place out of the sun. My home is too hot, ports are too hot, the straw beds are too hot...everything is just too HOT!"

In the end, Zadi did give up and just made his way home. It ended up being nightfall when he got there...therefore he fell over, staff crashing next to him, and fell asleep on the cold, dirt floor of his usual living space to rest for the next walk, the next day~

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All in all a very nice app. There's few mistakes, and the ones that are present are small grammatical errors. Now, sadly your app isn't really what we're looking for when it comes to the C-Tier instant rank up at the same time. It seems kind of..."casual", but that's not really a bad thing persay, just something we don't expect in a "high-quality" application.

Really the only problem I see is that you're short on words for appearance. You need 100 words for the appearance section, and by my count you're at 94. So just add at least 6 more words and then bump!


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Hahaha! Yeah, I wasn't expecting to get anything, just wanted to try XD

Anyway, bump~


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