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Orphans Touring the City- D-tier [job/solo]

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Job Name: Lonely Orphans (Repeat)
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: All Major Cities
Job Rewards: 50 XP/ 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: The kids in the orphange are sad and lonely. Visit them and cheer them up! Laugh, sing dance, tell them stories, whatever. If you give them a good time you'll be rewarded.

Lexi hummed softly as she slipped down the streets, taking a day off from her hunting and prying for information to take a chance to see the city. The expansive city was fairly thrumming with excitement over the festival and she couldn’t help but share in the smiles the citizens were granting her. She loved happy occasions and being around so many people. It was not long before she stumbled across an orphanage, children looking dejected and morose in the otherwise cheerful surroundings.

The sight of so many sad children made her frown before an idea bloomed. Who better to show her the city than children, and surely they would welcome the opportunity to escape the confines of the orphanage for a short time. Her mind set, she made her way to the entrance of the orphanage, immediately noting the exhausted appearance of the matron of the establishment.

“Excuse me, ma’am? Would you mind terribly if I took several of the children on a small field trip?” she asked, rushing to explain at the suspicious look of the Matron. “You see, I am new to the area, I came over here from Balbadd. And while I know how to get to the necessities in the city, I would like someone from around here to show me the sights. And I wouldn’t feel right to just take one or two of them, it wouldn’t be fair. I promise you, I will return them all in one piece, and it will give you a chance to rest.”

The Matron pondered the proposal for a minute, wanting to take a chance at some rest but not wanting the children to come to harm. The young woman looked friendly and trustworthy, but she wanted some assurances. “If you leave your pack here, you may let them take you on a tour. But only once they arrive back safely will you get your pack back!”

Lexiara gave a brilliant smile and nodded enthusiastically, shrugging out of her pack without a second thought, though she did pocket a few coins. “I promise, ma’am, I will return them all safe and sound!” With a skip in her step, she headed back outside as the Matron gathered up a couple of orphans from inside before following her outside. The Matron spoke softly to the orphans, explaining that the young woman wanted them to show her around the city and that they best behave themselves. A few of their faces brightened and one girl of about six eagerly grabbed Lexi’s hand and began dragging her down the road. The rest of the orphans quickly caught up, each of them trying to talk over the others to decide their next destination.





The day was filled with laughter and skipping as the gaggle of orphans showed her their favorite parts of the city. The large fountain in one of the squares seemed to be especially popular and several of them climbed over the edge to flounder in the shallow water. In one of the market areas, it seemed each of the vendors offered something sweet, cold, or both. Carefully counting out the meager coins she had brought along, she was able to afford a small baked treat for each of them, the vendor taking pity on the tiny, dirty faces and giving her a reduced rate so they could each have something of their own. From there, she was dragged through a massive garden and she giggled brightly as several of the orphans tried to sneak flowers into her hair and clothes. A quick game of tag was cut short when one of the younger boys fell and scraped his knee.

Lexi looked to the sky, noticing that the sun was just beginning to dip at the horizon, darkness beginning to creep slowly across the sky. It seemed it was time to wrap up her “tour” and herd her gaggle back to the orphanage. Some pouted, a couple clung to her hands, but most of them headed back without a murmur. As they came into sight of the orphanage, she saw the Matron standing at the door, looking worried until a couple of the children ran up to her, chattering excitedly about their adventure with the pretty young woman.

“Safe and sound, though I am afraid this little one scraped his knee during a game of tag,” she said brightly, hefting the boy to her hip, his injury long forgotten. She handed the boy over to the Matron and ushered the remaining children through the door, making sure to do a head count to ensure she hadn’t lost anyone.

“I thank you, young lady. It was nice to have a rest and the children are happier than they have been in a long while. Please, stop by whenever you would like, it seems some of them have fallen in love with you.”

Lexi gave a wide grin and nodded, assuring the woman she would be back soon to play with the children, before lifting her pack back to her shoulder and heading in the direction of her camp. She had found several new areas of the city with the children’s help and she counted the day a success.



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