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Ignorance is Bliss [Training/Solo]

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Altair Loros

Altair Loros
Altair returned to the library the next day to study yet another new Life Spell for his arsenal.  But this time he had something very specific in mind.  He was studying to create a spell of intricate power, and subtle strength.  He began reading books on the human body, and specifically about the nervous system.  He looked into the pain response.  He observed the various types of pain receptors, and noticed that pain could be stopped in two ways.  The first, meant actually stopping the signal from being sent to  the brain that the body was being hurt.  Altair thought that could be dangerous, as it meant that you would never know that you were struck.  So he opted for the second approach, stopping the response from leaving the brain.  In this way, the pain response would be received, but would not be implemented, allowing Altair more control over his state of being.  Altair began to craft the formula for his spell immediately, but had a peculiar time getting the commands right.  The first time he tried it, he accidentally stopped all signals of movement from being sent to his brain, causing him to fall over!  He got up and tried again and again, until he finally got it right.  Now came the scary part.  The test.  Altair took a slender silver knife from his bag and touched it to his skin.  He took a breath, and then made a quick light cut.  He was instantly aware that he was cut, but instead of pain, he only felt a slight pressure upon the wound.  Perfect.  This was exactly the kind of thing he would need when confronted with the later stages of the dungeon.



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