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Not Quick Enough [Train]

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Azix Niraj

Azix Niraj
Azix leaned right letting Grimwald's fist whirl past his ear, taking a step around the man. Grimwald grunted and charged forward again with an uppercut. Azix moved to leap around the fist, but Grimwald was too fast. His fist hit Azix's shoulder, sending the Kouen flying back to land on the deck of the ship. He landed with a spin and bounced twice.

Grimwald laughed, "You've got to be quicker than that, boy." He motioned for Azix to get up and try again.

Azix got to his feet, letting his body relax, keeping an eye on Grimwald's movements. Grimwald stepped forward, swinging his right fist towards Azix's chest. Stepping to the right to avoid the thrust, he noticed his mistake. Grimwald feinted with his right and swung wide with his left, connecting to Azix's skull. Falling to the ground, dazed, Azix groaned.

Grimwald stood above Azix and nudge him with his boot, "Alright, you need to be quicker. Stand up!"

Azix stood up, rubbing his head and nodded to his teacher. With a quick motion, Grimwald charged towards Azix, kicking off the ground and landing at his side. His movement seemed blurred as he kicked off again landing behind Azix. Whirling around, Azix faced his teacher and nodded that he understood. Grimwald kicked forward at ten meters per second, throwing a wide right hook at Azix.

Exhaling, Azix leaped to the right of Grimwald at eight meters per second. As he landed he leaped again around the man's back. He smirked, throwing a quick punch to Grimwald's back. He was surprised as Grimwald whirled around counter-clockwise with his arm extended. His arm his Azix's left side, knocking him to the ground in mid-swing.

With a roar of laughter, Grimwald slapped his chest, "No youngin' like you is going to surprise me." He reached out his hand to Azix with a smile.

His ego bruised, he accepted the hand while he rolled his eyes. Grimwald led Azix off the ship and onto the dock of the port town they were anchored at. Grimwald started jogging, Azix joining him in the exercise, through the town and into the countryside. A few minutes out of town they came to a fence surrounding a pasture of cows. Grimwald leaped over the fence at a corner with a quick burst of speed, landed and promptly leaped over the other part of the fence.

Without hesitation, Azix gained some speed and leapt over the fence at twelve meters per second. He sank into the landing, using the momentum to push into the air again, over the other fence. He landed behind Grimwald with a huff.

Grimwald smiled, "That was nice, now let's do it some more." He started running again, leaping back and forth over the fence, heading further away from the town. Azix groaned, but followed his teacher's example. They followed the fence, hopping zig-zag back and forth over it until the end. By the time they were done, they had worked up a heavy sweat and were winded.

Azix sat on the ground and took the time to calm his breathing. After a few minutes rest, Grimwald had caught his breath and motioned for them to head back to town, repeating the exercise again. Azix sat up and ran ahead of the man, eager to get it over with and began the long process all over again. Back and forth over the fence they went, as Azix grew his leaps lost their speed and height. By the end, he had clipped his foot on the fence and tripped onto the ground, hitting his head with a smack against the hard earth.

Grimwald picked him up, "Alright, that's enough for today. Let's get some grub!"


Name: Sakeru
Tier: C-Tier
Cost: 20 stamina
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Supplementary
Range: 20 meters
Duration: 1 post
Cool-Down: 3 posts
Description: With a burst of speed, Azix makes two ten meter leaps at fifteen meters per second. With each leap he can choose a direction.


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