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Dawn Of Magic: Woven Fates

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Dawn of Magic: Woven Fates

Dawn Of Magic: Woven Fates MfM6Laf

This will be the sites first official main plot event. There are three plot trees in both countries and each have their own story built off the characters currently in them. It is optional to participate but skipping the event make mean missing out on great plot development for your character as well as prizes.


  • All Main Plot threads are [Kill-Viable] however this does not mean staff will be trying to kill you off. It is simply a risk they will always carry even if only dialogue is planned.
  • If someone has not posted in 48 hours they can be skipped. This applies to the event runner as well.
  • If someone is skipped, they will take any damage that was coming at them and will be allowed to begin posting again at any time should they return.
  • Staff will not post in the event threads more than once per day. This is to both preserve our sanity and keep one person from getting too far ahead of anyone else.
  • The event thread will not count towards your number of total threads however if you are participating in one you must remain in the country it is taking place in until you are done with the event.
  • Exiting the event must be done IC and must make sense. If you are locked in a room you would have to escape before exiting the event thread.

Event Links
Current Events

Previous Dawn of Magic Event

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Dawn of Magic: Woven Fates
Synopsis of the Events

Festival of the Broken Sun

  • The beloved Pharaoh has died, crushed under rubble and choking on a manjuu.
  • A Black Djinn appeared and a mysterious man attempted to approach it before being fended off.
  • During the Great Slave Auction, a group of individuals freed many slaves and most are still free. It is likely there are many efforts to reclaim the escaped slaves.
  • As a result of the Great Slave Auction, many slaves are looking for safe passage from the country.
  • In the aftermath of the Dark Demi-Djinn destroying several parts of the city, large groups of citizens became more pious after seeing the faces of their ‘Gods’ descending upon the city.
  • The new prince, who has been traveling, has returned to the city to claim his birthright.
  • Rumors are now floating around on who is to blame for this series of disastrous events.

Eve of Chaos and Freedom

  • The capital city, Remano, was overrun with mercenaries with magic tools.
  • Zou forces invaded with an army of prisoners and a small group of Elite Zou Soldiers.
  • The Fanalis Corp and their beloved leader, Octavius Flavius, were wiped out by a mysterious magician.
  • The Emperor and the Usurper, Zhi, were both killed.
  • Lagi El Nagi has taken the throne and there is much social unrest over his rule being tied to Zou.
  • Asisiak the Destroyer, Chieftain of the Imuchakk, has made a treaty with Zou and her people have a minor presence in Reim.
  • A small rebellion of the citizens has taken place and was violently put down by King El Nagi.
  • Several Generals of the military were taken captive by the remaining members of the Brotherhood of Ash but were rescued by King El Nagi.
  • Due to the use of a weather control magic tool by the Kou forces, an unnatural blizzard swept across a swath of the country.

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