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Name: Lexiara
Tier: D-Tier
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 15 (June 4)
Nationality: Balbadd
Race: Human
Specialization: Dexterity

Personality: Lexiara is a calm, sweet girl who adores being around other people. She is happiest when in wooded areas as the natural surroundings remind her of home and family. While it takes much to anger her, once provoked, she becomes stern and forceful. She is not likely, even in anger, to have tantrums and always thrives to assume the best of people. When in large, crowded areas, she tends to seek out those around her age. She loves helping out those in need and tends to put others before herself. She finds it easy to connect with others and wants to bring a smile to every face she meets. Though she occasionally becomes lonely in her travels, she enjoys the solitary time as an opportunity to connect with her surroundings and to establish her sense of self. Her time with her adopted family taught her to always be kind and generous to those around her and to look beyond a person’s lineage or history to see who they are now. She does not tend to see gender, race, or religion when she meets a new individual and loves to learn everything she can about them, which some feels makes her nosy. She loves to cook and care for others and will take any opportunity to do so.

Likes: Lexiara likes cooking. Preparing and serving a meal reminds her of being with her adopted family and the amount of time spent bonding over shared meals. She also enjoys stargazing. Nothing was more calming than laying back on a field of grass and staring up at the endless night sky.

Dislikes: She dislikes the idea and practice of slavery. She feels that every living creature has a right to be free in the world. She also dislikes shoes, much preferring to wander around in bare feet to better connect with the environment.

Phobias: Lexiara has a fear of cages or being confined. Many of her adopted family had been taken by slave drivers and she hated the idea that they were stuck in a cage or in chains. She fears that she may come to the same fate and the very idea strikes terror into her heart.

She also has a fear of ships. Though she has no aversions to smaller floating crafts, such as rafts or river boats, she has no idea how something so large could float without falling beneath the waves and does not trust the boat not to sink.

Lexiara also fears very loud noises, such as thunder or fireworks. She fears it is an omen of horrible things to come and when an especially strong storm blows in, she can often be found whimpering under shelter, praying for the din to pass.

Aspirations: Lexiara is driven by the desire to spread good throughout the world, feeling it is her destiny to help others and share the beauty in all things. Though she knew the world was riddled with evil and depravity, she wholeheartedly believes there existed good in everyone, if you dig deep enough.

She also finds herself driven by the desire to find the people that had captured her adopted family and hopefully find where the other members of her family had been taken. Though it was a somewhat selfish desire, she wanted nothing more than to see her family free and wandering through the forest again.

Another driving desire was to learn all she could about the world around her, her ever-curious mind racing to absorb as much information as she could about the world and people around her, hoping that this knowledge will give her other opportunities to help as many people as possible.

Face-Claim: Misaki Ryuudou - Neko☆Koi ! ~ Nekogami-sama to Nekomimi no Tatari ~
Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Purple
Height: 5 ft 2 in
Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Traits: Lexiara comes from an area where animal traits, such as ears, tails or markings, are not unusual and she has been blessed with two tawny feline ears and a slender tail, as well as a smattering of leopard spots across her face.

Appearance: Lexiara has very long blonde hair that falls in gentle waves down past her waist. She tends to keep it pulled back with a ribbon or in a braid when she travels. She has deep purple eyes with a hint of feline sharpness to them. Atop her head are perched two delicate, tawny feline ears. Though she can hide them, it takes a lot of work and creative hair styles to do so. The faint leopard marks across her face blend into her feature well, though they darken with too much time in the sun. Her fair skin is fairly smooth with very few scars or marks aside from those on her face. She has a slender tail which requires she either wear a dress or alter her pants to be comfortable. She often prefers to wear dresses for simplicity sake and for the freedom of movement they offer. She is lightly toned and slender and makes every effort to stay in good shape.

History: At the tender age of two, Lexiara’s birth parents were killed by hunters that plagued the area. Those with her animal features were often hunted by people wanting slaves, pets, or just a trophy. By luck or chance, she had been playing in the forest and did not witness the assault on her parents nor was she discovered by the hunters. She wandered the forest for over a day, searching for her parents when she happened upon another tribe, which took her in upon discovering her alone. Though this tribe had canine features, she was too young to truly notice the difference until she was older. The tribe that took her in, the Ookami, were very kind and friendly people, never treating her differently than any other member of the tribe, despite being adopted.

For several years, she traveled with her new family, learning from their natural way of living and growing up with the other children in the tribe. Her adopted parents, Sarcane and Fiona, had one child of their own, Onyx, who treated her like a little sister, complete with pestering and over-protectiveness. They would often go on “adventures” in the wooded areas, playing hide-and-seek or seeing who could be the quietest and sneak up on the woodland creatures. As they got older, they were trained in different hunting methods and their father would allow them to journey with him on his trading days to Balbadd so that they could experience the difference in cultures.

Though she found the city fascinating, she often worried about the odd looks most of the citizens gave her due to her unusual features, though being with Onyx and their father helped to ease the discomfort. After a few visits, she learned to ignore the stares and began a more earnest exploration of the capitol city. Her favorite area was the market, where the smell of exotic foods drifted by and offered temptation. Occasionally, she could convince her father to give her a small amount of money so she could try some of the delicacies available. Inevitably, Onyx always came by to swipe some of her goodies, but she never truly minded.

When she was 14, she and Onyx were racing ahead of the caravan when the sound of shouts and cries drew their attention. Running back, it did not take long to see the caravan surrounded by hunters with large cages and their tribe being heartlessly prodded into them. Onyx gave her a look of fear and anger, ordering her to run as far and as fast as she could. Despite her desire to go and help her family, the look in Onyx’s eyes told her not to argue and so she ran.

Role-Play Sample:
Lexiara giggled as she chased Onyx through the underbrush, her older brother much faster than her. She managed to catch up to the older boy when he paused at a stream for a drink, the high ledge betraying her in a flurry of limbs and tail as she tumbled down the incline and threw her into her brother. They both crashed into the stream, soaking them to the bone as she gave out a cry. The fall had not been a gentle one and one of her knees was bleeding.

Onyx wasted no time in checking over the toddler, quickly finding the cut on her knee and rolling his eyes at her.

“Tsk, hush now, you baby, it’s just a cut. You are going to wake the whole forest with your caterwauling!”

Chastised, she tried to stop her crying, her bottom lip quivering and tears still falling from her pretty purple eyes, but a hiccupping sob escaped her lips. Onyx gave a loving sigh and dragged them both from the stream, hefting the tiny girl in his arms with a smile.

“Don’t worry, tiny tot, big brother has you and the mean old hill won’t hurt you again.”

The reassuring words made her smile and she bounced happily in his arms, her scraped knee all but forgotten and he toted her back to the camp for dinner.

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Thank you all, for everything.

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