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Street Rats [Solo/Request]

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It was a new day, and a new day implied new opportunities of work. Farah wondered what this day would bring to him. Either way, it had the looks of a good one. After a couple of days in Heliohapt looking for jobs, he knew the local government always had some errands for a man such as himself. He immediately directed towards the government district, looking for the city watch’s headquarters Farah entered the large building as soon as he spotted it. The day was dry, and the hotness of the sun rose the temperature. It was refreshing to enter the cooled building. However, Farah had matters to discuss, and not a single second to loose. “Any work a man such as myself could help with?” he said at the secretary that worked behind her desk. She didn’t reply, but instead settled by skeptically looking up to observe Farah. The fact that he had the so famous Red hair he did managed to convince the woman to not think twice about hiring him.   “Here in the city watch things have been getting a little bit tough. We’re far too stretched to deal with the common matters. There’s been a band of thieves of around five people that have managed to steal every night from the town’s merchants. Track them down and dismantle their nightly runs.” The indifference in the woman’s words was almost intimidating. However, he shook that thought off as he signed the contract of agreement.

He left the place immediately to search the location of the thieves. He asked throughout town for sightings and information regarding the bad doers. Many of the townsmen had been victims f their stealing and with each person Farah visited, he was closer to catching the criminals. After a while, Farah spotted a hideout hidden between the slums of Heliohapt. All the information he had gathered that day lead to that same place. He didn’t hesitated even for a moment as he made his way into the place. Farah went down a set of stairs into the darkness to come out in a lit room. Standing there, questioning what the hell was going on with the intruder, stood five thieves that matched the descriptions perfectly. “Well, seems today you die…”

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This was just starting to get too repetitive. Why did all of his requests involve defeating a band of thieves as generic as these? Farah simply chuckled at the thought. It actually was a funny irony. If all the thieves he’d defeated in the course of these last days united they would actually for a pretty huge den. Nevertheless, he had long lost hope for the chance to have a good battle against them. Before he had encountered all these bands of thieves doing bad deeds around and interfering with his pay, the red haired fanalis really hoped they would pose as entertainment for him. However, he now knew that was not going to happen at all. Instead he simply sighed irritated as he prepared to take these stealers down. Farah dashed at them before they could even react. He was a fanalis, and as such his physical attributes were heightened beyond human capabilities. From what he could see from the hair of the enemies, none of them stood a chance against him. There were 5 thieves, completely concealing themselves in black. However, the distance between the enemies and Farah was short, and now it was inexistent after his initial dash. The poor guy that had the bad luck to be Farah’s first victim didn’t even have time to react and rise his blade. In an instant, his skull was crushed by a powerful knee kick at his face. The bones in his face cracked and broke with a loud sound that was audible even to 100 meters away. The skin, torn down by the full force of the attack barely clung to the deformed facial features of the man. As he fell to the ground, Farah used his powerful feet to propel himself towards the next thieve that looked horrified the poor remains of his partner. He gulped as a grappling arm made contact with his throat. The speed added to the natural strength of the Fanalis was enough to break the neck from its place into a loud crack. Only a small spit of blood let out the body, as the consciousness of the second thieve faded to nothingness. By this time, the three remaining enemies had taken up arms and circled Farah. The redling simply smirked as he unsheathed Kaysir Al-Fiqar. The first attack came from behind, but Farah was able to block it with a back guard. As the downward attack stopped by the black, Farah quickly spun and slashed the thief’s belly. He didn’t die however, and the second and third thieves attacked Farah simultaneously. The red haired man blocked the first attack and lowered his body to avoid the third. Rising after lowering, he slashed the knee of the second with an upward slash, tilting his head to avoid a thrust from the side by the first one. The blade grazed Farah’s cheek, but missed its target. The thief that was slashed in the knee fell to the ground by the sudden loss of force. Farah swept kicked the floor to manage to make the man that missed the thrust fall to the ground. Using the momentum of the spin, Farah powerfully kicked the man in the ribcage before he touched the ground, managing to send him flying back rapidly. He impacted with the body of the last standing thief and made both of them fall down to the ground. However, by this moment, the human projectile was now dead. As he slowly walked towards the one alive, he sliced the throat of the invalidated man trying to stand up. Farah saw the last thief pleading for mercy, but didn’t feel a thing. He killed the man with a swift single slash, beheading it…

The thieves were done for, and Farah had completed his job. He must have been getting good at dispatching thieves.

Kaysir Al-Fiqar:

Street Rats [Solo/Request] ObW6Hmq
Name: Kaysir Al-Fiqar "Destiny's Victor"
Tier: D-Tier
Type: Sword
Appearance: Kaysir Al-Fiqar is a masterfully forged long curved sword, falling into the classification of scimitar. The hilt is 30 cm. long whereas the blade itself extends up to 1.20 m. of length, being thin of width in overall, not widder than 6 cm. Kaysir Al-Fiqar's has a beautifully decorated hilt showing the mastery of metalwork done during its creation.

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