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Lance Knighthunter (NEW)

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Lance Knighthunter

Lance Knighthunter
Lance Knighthunter (NEW)  Byakur10

Name: Lance Knighthunter
Tier: D-Teir  [Novice].
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 20, 8/20
Nationality: Balbadd
Race: Human
Specialization: Intelligence, Heat magic

Personality: Lance can be known as rude, merciless, uncaring, and just plain Psychotic. When he is out of battle he is usually tries to stay low and tries to be unseen by the public. He is very unforgiving and if you do something to make him mad he will most likely hold a grudge forever.

Lance is the type of guy to also back stab people if they trust him to much and will usually lead them places so he can have protection then leave them there defenseless.

When around big bodies of water Lance is more nervous than most because he cant swim. When people ask him about it though he will usually make up an excuse as to why he cant swim or get in just to hide the fact that he cant swim.

Lance is pretty much a selfish person who doesn't share anything unless you are a close friend of his and that is hard to achieve with him. You have to either save him from something or just spend a lot of time with him for him to even think about becoming your friend.

If someone makes him mad he will try to kill them without mercy. He will show the world that he is strong and before fighting he says stuff like "Come and I will show you a sight that you have never seen before!" and then attack them. He is very cocky about his strength and that may cause him troubles in the future.

In battle though Lance is ruthless and will not stop until someone is beaten or surrendered.

Destruction/Death: Just the smell of chaos and blood makes him excited and happy.
Gold and Treasure: He desires to be powerful and he sees one of the ways to do that is by getting rich.
Drinking: He drinks a lot of alchohal for the pure pleasure of enjoying it.
Strength: He doesnt care about other people strength because at first they are all weak to him. He cares about his own strength.

Happiness: He hates it when people see the good in life and when they are happy. He only cares about his happiness and his only.
Loud Children: He hates the annoying, Loud, Window shattering, and Obnoxious type of children. Quiet children he is fine with.
Weakness: Lance hates it when he shows weakness to anyone or anything.

Water: Not like bathing or drinking water but more along the lines of big bodies of water like rivers or Oceans. Lance does not know how to swim and will start to get nervous whenever he is near a river or ocean. If he is on a boat he will stay in a closed space or in the middle of the boat in fear that he may fall off the edge and into the Ocean. It is something that he is ashamed about and will most likely not talk to someone about it unless they are really close to him.

Making the world fear him: Lance has lived a life of slavery and pain for almost all of his life. He wants to make the world pay for what it did to him and will kill everyone and everything that stands in his way of becoming the strongest, richest, and most powerful man alive. He believes that he will achieve this goal one day and wont stop until he does. He will even put his life on the line to fight for this goal.

Face-Claim: Byakuran from Reborn
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Purple
Height: 6"1
Rukh Alignment: Black Rukh
Special Traits: N/A
Appearance: Lance has two different outfits: He usually wears a black jacket with a white under shirt along with some blue jeans. Then he also has an outfit that he wears on occasions which is a white suit with his collar covering his neck along with white pants.

He carries his staff on his back just in case he ever needs it. He has his hands either moving freely or stuffed in his pockets most of the time and is always either looking off ito the distance, Has his eyes ahead and watching where he is going or he is staring at the ground.

History: Lance was born into poverty and slavery. His mom had gotten killed by their owner the day he was born and he himself was taken in as a slave in her place. He got beat almost everyday and he never got a break. Everyday it was work after work and he hated it. He begged his master to let him rest but the answer was always no and then got beat for asking.

When he was five an old man came up to him and gave him a sort of staff. The staff was black and it looked cool so he happily took it. His master only let him keep the staff on one condition: He used it for work. He was put to killing people with his new found magic staff and the strange thing is he quite enjoyed the death that he was dishing out. The feeling made him want more power, more freedom....

It would be a few years of the work before he finally stood up and killed his master. He felt true strength for the first time and that wasn't the last time he felt strength like that. After he killed his master he used his power to set free all of the slaves that he could and helped them escape.

He ran for what seemed forever until he reached a caravan with a man on it. He faked being hurt and made the man feel sympathy for him. The man helped him on the boat and took him to Heliohapt upon request. The man and his crew took care of him for the next few days until they got to Heliohapt. Once they got there however, instead of Lance thanking them or paying them he destroyed the caravan and killed everyone in it before running off and hiding somewhere.

He ran into an alleyway and saw some homeless kids laying on the ground. He sat down next to one of them and quickly became their friends. He had a new family and he would lead them onto stealing and killing just like him. He had the most fun in his life for the next few years of his life until the kids were killed because of their actions and his staff broke in the process. The world had killed his only family he ever had and he was going to make them pay. He would stay there for a few more years until he finnaly got a new staff and gained enough strength to continue onwards.

Role-Play Sample: Lance ran as fast he could through the streets of Balbaad trying to get away from the people chasing him. The wind raced fast him and through his hair as he ran. The world around him would be almost like a blur and he was running until he could breath anymore. Eventually he would reach a caravan with a couple of guys in it. He slit his leg open with his finger nails and winced "S... Sir.... P... Please Help...." He muttered as he limped over to the caravan. The man just smiled at him and nodded as they helped him up to bandage him up. He acted nice for the next few days as then men fed him and cared for him.

Once they reached Heliohapt however, Lance would hop up the caravan and grab his staff of his back before shooting a single fire ball and destroying the small caravan and everything in it. Lance walked away laughing "See you on the other side!" he said as he walked off into the distance.

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Hello Lance, I'll be modding your app now!

1. There's no such thing called "Shadow Magic". That's an advanced type. Here's the rules and choices for you elements :

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Lance Knighthunter

Lance Knighthunter
Aright bump. Thanks


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Thank you all, for everything.

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